RV Staycations as a Cure for Coronavirus Blues

By: Megan Glenn

Stay-at-home orders, self-isolation, quarantine, are pretty much daily words on the news, and the practice of them has us all wanting to file emancipation orders from our families, ourselves... our furniture. So why not try something new?

That RV is sitting in the driveway and the weather is warming up. Isn’t this when you’d usually hit the road? Well, pack your gear, buy some delicious road treats, layout your itinerary, and stay at home.

An Easy Pill to Swallow

Vacationing is a state of mind, and you don’t have to be on the road to “be on the road.” Whether you stay right in your own yard or travel a short way down the road, a local RV staycation may be just what the doctor ordered to give you that sense of change and adventure your life has been lacking lately. And staycations will save you money on gas and camping fees, save you time you can spend on activities, and perhaps offer you a new perspective of the place in which you live.

And even as the pandemic passes, staycationing offers you the safety of a space you know is clean and contained, but with the freedom to do the things you want to do. Who wants to risk being stuck on a cruise line or crammed in a plane when you can feel the safe surround of your own RV.

Up the Excitement

To make your staycation a true getaway, you need to get into the right frame of mind. Start by creating hype around the event. Set a date and put it on your calendar so that you can count down to the big day. Make plans with your family so that you have an agenda of things to do while you’re “away.” You might even come up with a theme for your staycation so that it truly feels like you’re getting away from the usual.

As you plan your “trip,” research local things to do the way you would if you were in someplace new. You might think you know the local area, but you could be surprised by the things-to-do you’ll find. You can even look into local lakes, parks, and other venues that would allow you to relocate a short way from home. Research local hikes and other recreational activities and look into tourist packages for your area.

Finally, make an agreement with yourself and your family to unplug. Put those devices aside, stop checking texts and emails, and let this truly be time away from work and home obligations. One last suggestion that will make this the real deal is to take lots of pictures.

A Healthy Regimen

You’re probably wondering what an RV staycation can possibly offer you that you haven’t already done in your local area. Here are a few ideas that can make your “trip” feel like an adventure.
  • Set up camp: put up a tent or canopy, set out camp chairs, make a fire ring, and spread out a fancy picnic to make this feel like a trip into the wild. You might even look for local camping spots on the water to enhance the effect.
  • Plan a game tournament or a movie marathon: board games, video games, or even fun lawn games, such as cornhole or ladder ball, can make for an eventful day. You can even make brackets and offer prizes to the winner. Or if you’d rather settle in and relax, pick a favorite movie combo or binge-watch a series. Be sure, of course, to provide plenty of popcorn and boxes of candy.
  • Treat yourself: Why not use the money you’re saving on gas to go to that restaurant you always wanted to try but seemed too expensive? How about an at-home spa day?
  • Have themed food nights: If you want that sense of travel, try different themed food nights--Korean BBQ, French cassoulet, Italian gnocchi. Make every night feel like you’ve journeyed to a different country. Or for a fun activity and less cooking, choose a style of food and taste test. Who has the best pizza in town? Where do you find the tastiest fries? Which tacos are the best - hard-shelled, soft-shelled, street tacos? Order out, set up a chart and let the tasting begin.
  • Take an online cooking course - while we’re on the subject of food, why not teach yourself something new and try your chops back in the RV. Check online offerings that will expand your culinary horizons and make your staycation feel truly exotic.
Coronavirus doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything. During this trying time and the recovery time in the months to come, we have to maintain our mental health as well as our physical health. For those who are lucky enough to own an RV (or want to rent one), the staycation may be just the thing to get your health back on track.
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