How To Customize Your RV To Be More Energy Efficient

RVs provide an excellent means of cost-effective travel. Whether you are living in your RV or taking your recreational vehicle out for an adventure, energy efficiency is a must.

With optimization in mind, we bring you some of the best tips and tricks on how to retrofit your RV to maximize energy efficiency on the road.

Before Customizing

Before we jump into the physical alterations we can make to our RVs; we should consider all the things we can do to optimize our energy usage beforehand. Taking these factors into consideration, we begin to improve the baseline energy efficiency of our RVs.

Creating a Schedule for Routine Maintenance
RV upkeep and maintenance go hand in hand with energy-efficient travel. RV fuel efficiency is dependent upon regular maintenance, and the absence of regularly scheduled check-ups can lead to large tabs at the pump.

Make use of apps like the free RV Owner App that allows you to keep track of your RV’s last tune-up and stay on top of your next recommended service appointment.

Checking Tire Pressure
Did you know that a tire in good condition can lose one to two pounds of pressure every month? Studies show that almost half of RV owners go an average of up to six months without checking their tire pressure.

Low tire pressure will not only reduce the number of miles you get for the gallon but also put you and all of your passengers at risk of a dangerous tire blowout. Make sure to check your tire pressure regularly and do your best to distribute RV weight evenly between all four tires so that you do not put any undue strain on one tire over the others.

Optimizing Heating and Insulation
One of the best ways to increase energy efficiency is to make sure that your RV is well insulated. Keeping an RV cool in the summer and warm in the winter can be difficult when your RV is not adequately sealed and insulated.

Here are some easy ways to address potential issues with heating and insulation.
  • Sealing Vents and Windows - Rather than letting your air conditioning or heating seep out of your RV, take the time to seal up any vents or windows to increase overall energy efficiency. You can use EternaBond Roof Repair Tape to seal the seams of your vents and windows, ensuring that your RV is impervious to the elements.You can also consider installing double pane glass windows and glazing them to reduce any heat or cold coming into or escaping out of your RV. Adding a digital thermostat to your RV’s central air system will allow you to control the temperature of your ride down to the degree. 
  • Insulating Water Pipes - RVs use a lot of energy, heating your water supply. Consider how much energy you might be wasting pumping hot water through tubing that is not adequately insulated. By adding a layer of pipe wrap or insulation to the lines that get your water from the heater to the faucet, you can cut down on the time and energy your RV would otherwise exhaust. Consider purchasing a solar shower for the summer months to eliminate any unnecessary water waste and energy usage.
Optimizing Electrical Utility
RVs use a lot of electricity, but savvy travelers will always find ways to reduce and eliminate unnecessary electrical costs. Consider turning off your power inverter while on shorter trips or utilizing alternative power supplies to get all the juice you need for your gadgets.

Installing Solar Panels
One of the best ways to customize your RV for optimal energy efficiency is by installing solar panel roofing. You might not always have access to a direct power source, and solar panels will allow you to take your RV anywhere that has a decent amount of sunlight. Solar panel installation may seem costly and confusing at first glance.

When you consider the amount of electricity and generator fuel, you would otherwise spend powering your RV, you may realize that solar panels are just the thing you need for your next getaway. Link your solar panels up to backup batteries and turn that passive solar gain into a constant source of power.

Final Thoughts
There is no end to the number of cost-effective alterations that you can make on your RV. We have gone into just a few of the ways that you can customize your RV to be more energy-efficient, and most of the methods are cost-effective and easy to do on your own.

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