Mar 9, 2020

Boondocking Etiquette

Boondocking is a fun type of camping where RVers ditch the hookups in lieu of beautiful, free campsites that often offer a unique sense of peace and solitude. Now that you have learned the boondocking basics, it’s time to learn a few rules associated with boondocking. Some of these rules are clearly stated, while others remain unspoken, yet equally important. Since there is no one to directly enforce the rules and regulations of boondocking, it is up to individual campers to know and respect them. Follow along with these seven important considerations of boondocking etiquette so that you can be prepared before camping in the wild.

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What to Know Before Buying a Class A RV

Travel is usually at the top of almost anyone’s bucket list, but the cost alone often holds people back. This is where buying an RV can come into the picture. RVs allow travelers to reduce the cost of travel by eliminating the price of a plane ticket, hotel, and the frequency of eating meals out. Because of this, and other reasons, the RV lifestyle has become more and more popular for both travel solutions and for full time living.
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FMCA Tech Tip: Exterior Maintenance

Keep your RV exterior looking its best with these tips from FMCA and the “RV Doctor” Gary Bunzer. Take pride in your home on wheels!

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