Jan 17, 2020

Your January RV News Fix

A new year brings new RV headlines and - and as always - we’re here to fill you in on the latest and greatest stories. From new towable units to awesome camper vans at this weekend’s Florida RV Supershow - we’ve got all the news you need to know in this edition of “Your RV News Fix.”

Image: Easy Caravanning

New Pop-Up Camper Can Be Towed by Almost Any Vehicle - If you’re looking to dip your toe into the RV lifestyle, a pop-up camper is a great place to start. Luckily the designs of these popular models are getting better each year. The Dutch startup Easy Caravanning just debuted the TakeOff - a pop-up camper that sets up under one minute. The ease of set up is ideal for first-time RVers and it comes in at just 1,650 pounds - making it easy to tow for most vehicles. The inside is simple but includes the kitchen basics (stove, electric fridge, and sink), a dining area, and an optional annex tent that lets you sleep a family. Pricing starts from $15,000-$21,000. As a startup company, Easy Caravanning will be launching first in the European markets - but if all goes well, they plan on international distribution. We’ll keep you posted.

Image: Airstream

2020 Airstream Classics Might be Nicer Than Your Apartment - The latest design from Airstream has arrived, bringing a lighter and brighter look to RVing. The manufacturer recently announced that the 2020 Airstream Classics will now feature a new “Comfort White” color scheme as opposed to dark wood that is often used in RVs. The 2020 Classics design is beyond sleek with updated brass hardware throughout, and ample use of whites, blacks, and greys in the unit. You could easily style this unit with a modern farmhouse look or coastal chic - or simply leave the Classic as is. We commend Airstream for creating a more modern RV that people of all ages will love.

Image: Winnebago

Winnebago Introduces Solis Camper & HIKE Trailer - The Florida RV Supershow is in full swing and debuts are happening left and right. Speaking of debuts, Winnebago has just revealed their new Solis Camper and HIKE Trailer at the show. The new Solis is a camper van made with a fiberglass pop-top that raises into a sleeping area for two. The van has all-season capabilities and even offers buyers a heated bathroom that doubles as a drying room for wet gear. Russ Garfin, director, product management said, “features on the Solis allow you to easily explore everything from the beach to the ski slopes and locations in-between.” Winnebago also released their new HIKE Travel Trailer. This trailer was designed with offset wheels and off-road tires for rough roads and paths. The HIKE has five different floor plans to choose from so you can be sure to find your perfect fit.

Thor Motor Coach Showcases More Than 80 Models at FL Supershow - Among Thor’s 80 different models at the Florida RV Supershow, there are a few new models to brag on including the Tellaro Class B van. This van is ready for anything with its compact & versatile design, along with modern cabinetry, a pop-top with Sky Bunk, and updated technology. The Venetian F42, a new Class A diesel pusher floor plan, is also on display at the show for the first time ever. This model has dual vanities in the rear master en-suite bathroom, a king bed, and an even electric fireplace. We’re excited to see these models and other units Thor brings to the show.

You are officially caught up on all things RV! Are you at the Florida Supershow this weekend? Have a favorite story? Let us know in the comments below.
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  1. Way over priced. I'll go for a motorhome before I spend that kind of cash for a mini-van. Or, I'll consider the VW bus for 2020. It is awesome. Maybe for one person that has that kind of money to throw away. Mercedes Benz has never impressed me with their vehicles, but they have impressed me with this mini-van.


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