Nov 14, 2019

FMCA Tech Tip: Cold-Weather Camping Tips

Not all RVers go into hibernation or head for warmer climates. Some embrace the winter weather and plan activities that involve RV trips. Sledding, skiing, winter hiking… All of these are more pleasant when you know that you have a warm RV waiting for you at the end of the day’s adventure. However, some special preparations and precautions need to be taken. Here a few tips for winter RV trips.
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RV Renovations: Backsplash Installation

Renovating an RV is an incredibly demanding yet rewarding process. Many people want to enjoy the RV lifestyle but are turned off by older, outdated interiors. For them, remodeling has become a way to create the homey and personalized space of their dreams in a home on wheels. Previously, we discussed the first two steps in the renovation process: painting and adding in new flooring. Once you have completed these two steps, you will be ready to move onto the next step: adding in a backsplash (or two!).

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Nov 13, 2019

RV Flooring Swap

Traveling in an RV is a fun experience that anyone of any age or background can enjoy. There’s nothing like road tripping with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more at your constant disposal, and more people than ever are hitting the road to see just what it’s all about. But what happens when you want to buy an RV, but you don’t care for the interior style? Your best solution is to take on some renovations.

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13 Tips for Avoiding Scams When Buying Online

As the leading online marketplace for buying and selling RVs, RV Trader understands just how useful the Internet can be in finding your next recreational vehicle. However, it is essential that online shoppers always be on the lookout for scams. Spikes in scams occur around the holidays in retail, but they can happen all year round. Because we always want our customers to be safe, we’ve put together a list of 13 tips for avoiding scams when buying online.

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FMCA Tech Tip: Purging RV Propane Containers

When one or more of a motorhome’s gas-burning appliances exhibit strange, random, or difficult-to-diagnose problems, it may signal the need to purge the propane container. Brand-new propane containers also must be purged properly before being filled for the first time. So what is purging? Does it apply to all RV propane containers? How do you know if your container needs such a service? And who can do it?

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