Styling an Outdoor RV Space

When camping in their RVs, many people opt to decorate their interior spaces. In many ways, this simple task can help your home away from home to feel more personalized while you are away on vacation. However, many people forget that when decorating an RV, you can also decorate your outdoor space to add to the overall homeyness.

Since your outdoor space can be treated like a front porch, decorating this area can make your RV feel more like home, as well as making it appear more welcoming to guests who stop by. So next time you go camping, instead of just setting up two camp chairs outside, consider the following tips for setting up an outdoor space where you will love to spend time relaxing and recharging.

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1. Roll out your awning

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Extending your awning is one of the easiest things you can do to set up your outdoor space. This involves no additional purchases or packing, since your RV should already come with an attached awning. Just simply set up your awning by extending it manually or electrically, depending on the type of awning you have.

Your awning essentially sets the parameters for the space where you will be adding furniture and decorating. Establishing the exact location of your porch is important because it gives you an idea of what will fit into your porch area and what won’t. Your awning will also provide you with some shade while you are enjoying your outdoor space, so once it is all set up, you are ready to move onto the next step.

2. Invest in some comfy and cute camp chairs

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Camp chairs are essential to any outdoor RV set-up. They are used around the firepit, at outdoor tables, and even just to sit outside and enjoy coffee. While there are a multitude of camp chairs on the market, it is best to invest in some that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. This will help your front porch to look clean and polished. Be sure to find chairs that do not clash with your awning or exterior RV color, as this will give you a cohesive space to add to.

3. Add a table with a tablecloth and clamps

One of the best things about having a cozy outdoor space is the ability to eat outside. Most people prefer to eat at a table, so this is a must when styling your outdoor area. Choose a table large enough for your family as well as any friends who may periodically join you for dinner. Be sure to find a table that can collapse and stow easily for travel. Many people end up selecting six or eight-foot banquet tables that fold in half. This offers plenty of space and durability, while also while packing up easily. 

Once you have selected a table, be sure to pick out a couple of table cloths that match your outdoor colors. These will help to minimize mess, while also adding to the overall homey vibes of your front porch space. Don’t forget clamps to make sure your table cloth doesn’t blow away.

4. Select an outdoor rug

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Once your camp chairs and table are in place, you should add a rug to tie the whole space together. If you have chosen simple chairs and table cloths, you can select a rug with a bolder pattern or color. However, if your chairs and tablecloth are already bright and colorful, consider choosing a more subtle rug to avoid clashing. Be sure to select a rug that is optimized for outdoor use, and ensure that you find one large enough to cover a majority of the space under your awning. This will ensure overall cohesiveness and matching in your outdoor area.

5. Hang some string lighting

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While fairly inexpensive and simple, there is just something about string lighting that really adds to a space. Basic strands of edison bulbs or globe lights pulls everything together under a glowy aura that feels magical and even a bit upscale. Grab a couple of packs of your favorite outdoor string lights, and hang them on your awning in whichever way you think looks best. Some folks hang them around the edges of the awning, while others criss-cross them across the center. Whichever way you choose is sure to look beautiful and really pull everything together. 

6. Add additional decorative accents

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Finally, be sure to add in some fun decor to really spruce things up. This could include anything from a wreath on your front door, to hanging outdoor plants, seasonal flags, a doorstep rug, garden decor, citronella candles (which double as bug repellant), or anything else that matches your space and makes you happy. If you have a hammock or a grill, these also add to the beauty and functionality of your porch area. Remember that less is often more, and a few simple pieces can really go a long way.

RV camping is an excellent way to vacation, and it’s even more enjoyable when your RV truly feels like a home. We hope these easy tips have inspired you to start decorating your patio soon!

Have you decorated your outdoor space? What items and pieces did you use? Feel free to share in the comments below!
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