Sep 19, 2019

Painting an RV: Part I

Renovating an RV has become an increasingly popular challenge in recent years. A simple search of the “RVrenovation” hashtag on Instagram will instantly yield photos of thousands of brightly-colored, modernly-designed units all over the world.

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FMCA Tech Tip: Disaster-Proof RVing for Hurricane Season and Beyond

Are you prepared for an emergency while RVing? Unfortunately, September’s history as an active month for hurricanes reminds RVers of the importance of being prepared. Read FMCA’s tips to prepare yourself for emergencies and natural disasters while RVing.

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Where Can I Buy an RV Warranty?

You have options when it comes to where you can purchase an RV. The primary two choices are RVs bought directly through a private party, or from the lot of a dealership. Both buying options have pros and cons, and the correct venue for purchase will depend on your needs as a traveler. Subsequently, the options to protect your new rig will differ depending on who supplies your coverage.

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