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There is always new and exciting stuff happening in the RV industry - and so you can spend more time enjoying your RV, and less time scouring the headlines for updates - we’ve dug into the latest and greatest RV news you need to know. So, here we go - your May RV news fix has arrived. Check out the latest headlines below.

Retro Inspired Camper is Coming to the U.S 
The Barefoot Caravan, a popular European camper, is set to come to North America by 2020. The egg-like trailer is roughly 16-feet long and features a compact living space that sleeps two. The retro design includes a small kitchen area, bathroom, and a seating area that transforms into a 6x6 ft. bed - which is a lot to fit into a small space; but despite that, the camper’s interior is reported to feel surprisingly spacious, with windows all the way around letting in wonderful natural light. You may want to see this camper for yourself - but unfortunately, we still have a while to go before the Spring 2020 launch. Read More.

Thor is Partnering With KOA to 'Clean Up America’
Thor recently announced their partnership with Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) to enlist the help of RVers and campers in cleaning up public lands. They are asking campers to take a bag with them when they go off a campground and fill it up with any trash they might come upon. Bob Martin, president and CEO of Thor, stated, “While people are enjoying our country’s parks and national landmarks, we wanted to inspire them to help keep these places beautiful for current and future campers.” We couldn’t agree with that sentiment more and encourage all RVers and campers to keep our plant clean and do your part in picking up trash while you travel. Read More.

Glamping Company Wants to Build a 55-unit Airstream Hotel in Joshua Tree 
AutoCamp, a San Francisco-based business, is toying with the idea of building a hotel-campsite made out of 55 Airstream trailers on the edge of Joshua Tree. AutoCamp has already built similar “hotels” in other areas of California that include outdoor fire pits and heated furniture. There is a lot of opportunity at Joshua Tree considering the national park had a record-setting year in 2018 - more than 3 million people visited the park. The locals are worried that the hotel could take away from the charm and peacefulness of the area - so we are curious to see if this hotel park will be created. Read More.

Dynamo Introduces All-Aluminum Truck Camper Frame 
This truck camper is giving us serious Airstream vibes. The start-up, Dynamo Truck Camper Extreme (TCX), a subsidiary of Silver Streak LLC, just revealed a weld-free, aluminum truck camper frame. The company will be taking orders for their semi-custom campers this month. The frame of the truck camper weighs 440 pounds and the dry weight will be only 1,200 pounds once the camper is complete. Read More.

There you have it! You’re all caught up on the latest and greatest news from the RV world. Stay tuned for our next RV News Fix in June. Let us know what you thought about these stories in the comments below.
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