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Buying an RV is a huge, exciting purchase that gives buyers the opportunity to take their home on the road while experiencing the world in a whole new way. But sometimes the road can get lonely, and it’s often difficult to meet people while traveling - and that’s where RVillage comes in. RVillage is a free social network platform specifically designed to help RVers connect with one another while traveling. Founded in 2015 by Curtis Coleman, RVillage has continued to grow with more than 100,000 users currently and a new member joining roughly every 3 to 5 minutes! 

RVIllage Founder, Curtis Coleman

Since the site was built for RVers by RVers, it’s easy to set your location through the site so you can immediately see other RVers who are close by, communicate with them, and meet up with them along your route. Another amazing feature RVillage offers members is the opportunity to join one of their 3,000+ crowdsourced groups on their site. These groups range from RVers who are into boondocking, full-timers, LGBT RVers, RVers who like crafting, motorcycling, hobby-related groups - the list goes on and on. There’s a group for everyone on RVillage, and if you don’t find one that fits your needs, you have the option to create your own. RVillage is truly what you make it, and the platform is an excellent way to connect with RVers from across the country and world. 

RVillage Explore Map - Current Location

You might be wondering, is RVillage just for people who own RVs? No! RVillage is a place for RV owners, enthusiasts, and dreamers. The site is a great place to conduct research and ask other RVers questions. After all, the best place to get information is from each other, so if you’re in the market to buy an RV, RVillage has thousands of people on their site that know the process and can help you along your own buying journey.

When you sign up to join RVillage you’ll immediately receive access to all of the 3,000+ crowdsourced groups mentioned above and you can start connecting with nearby RVers right away. We know safety is a huge concern when joining new platforms, but RVillage takes that stress away because they are committed to keeping your information safe and private on their site. In fact, there is no personally identifiable information required to sign up other than a username and an email address - it’s so easy.

RVillage - Explore Map Route

For more information or to join the “RVillagers”, as they like to call themselves, visit: Once you get familiar with the RVillage website, you can then download the RVillage APP for iOS or Android as it will make more sense for you and you can begin making those important connections along your way.

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