Oct 18, 2018

Tech Tip: Choosing the Best RV Exterior Care Products

Did you catch our article last month about maintaining your RV’s exterior? FMCA and the “RV Doctor” Gary Bunzer are here to help you find the perfect products for your RV.

Five Conditions That Affect Product Performance
Did that polish work great for you, living in a colder climate, but not so great for your friend who lives on the beach? Simply put, some exterior products simply work better in different conditions.

There are five factors to consider when choosing a product to maintain your RV’s exterior:

Variations in temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and even the proximity of the sun can have an effect on how well a certain product will perform.

Whether the RV spends an abundance of time parked in an industrial area, a wilderness area, the city, or out in the country can have a significant impact.

Air quality, in particular, can have an impact. How much smog or airborne pollutants are present in the air?

Age of the RV
Certainly, the older the RV, the more chance of it sustaining a deeper level of oxidation.

Amount of effort exerted during the cleaning process
The elbow grease you employ when using a particular product may be directly proportional to your success.

Five Steps to Choose the Perfect Product for Your RV

Know Your Material 
First of all, be sure you know the type of material you are attempting to protect or restore. Some products, when applied to an incompatible surface, may actually cause more damage than any pre-existing condition. For instance, never use petroleum products or wax on vinyl stripes or design elements.

Read the Label
Second, read the label carefully and follow the directions explicitly before applying the product. Understand the supplier probably knows more about its product than you do. It can be difficult to succumb to “reading the directions,” but in this case, it is the best advice.

Try the product on an inconspicuous location first. See whether you can obtain a small sample of the surface you wish to clean, polish, wax, or otherwise protect or restore and test the product on that piece. If that’s not possible, try the product in an area that is hidden or not readily visible, such as inside a wheel well, behind a bumper, etc. Better to discover its effectiveness, or lack of, prior to slathering it on the entire sidewall.

Pick a Reputable Brand
Stick with a reputable brand name. Check for contact information printed on the label or container. Notable product suppliers will have their address, phone number, and website info prominently placed on the product. The good companies will have a toll-free phone number. Any reputable firm will welcome feedback, whether pro or con. 

Don’t mix!
This is your RV, not a cocktail. DO NOT MIX PRODUCTS! Find the preventive maintenance products that work best for you and stick with them. Avoid switching products every time you hear of something new. If your travel habits or home base changes, then it may be necessary to switch to a different product; however, until one no longer works for you, staying loyal will have a positive outcome most of the time.

Take it from the experts – maintaining your RV’s exterior surfaces can be a challenge if the products you choose don’t have the intended results. Hopefully these tips will help you maintain that showroom look for many years or at least reap the return on your investment come trade-in time.

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Venture RV Unveils Stratus Trailer at Open House - Venture RV recently unveiled their new Stratus lightweight travel trailer at this year’s RV Open House. The new Stratus interior was designed to have a more urban/sleek vibe. The model is available in six floor plans and starts at 4,500 pounds and 24 feet. All floor plans include a sizable pantry, an eight-cubic-foot refrigerator, and a 60 in. by 80 in. queen mattress upgrade. The Stratus is also dog-friendly with a doggie dish cubby and dual-purpose Venture bottle opener/doggie tie down. You’ll want to see this new unit for yourself. Read More

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Winegard Introduces Connected App for Easy Access - We’ll admit it, we still love the option of taking technology on the road with us and Winegard is making it easier. Winegard, a leader in the design and manufacturing of quality antenna products, recently announced the release of the Winegard Connected app that is compatible with 4G LTE hotspots and WiFi range extenders. The app was designed to ensure a simple setup and consistent operation across all of Winegard’s connectivity products - no network setup required. With the app, you’ll be able to easily connect with friends and family on the road, just like you would be able to do at home. Read More.

Are Celebrities Driving Up Airstream’s Sales? - Forbes recently reported that the iconic silver-bullet-silhouette recreational vehicle was recently mentioned on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Matthew McConaughey was a guest on the show and shared that he took his family on a wilderness trip in their Airstream. Airstream’s CEO said that conversation was organic and they do love the association, but their products are for everyone - not just celebrities. The company’s growth is record-setting, with a 24% growth year-over-year, and think the celebrity acknowledgment can’t hurt! Read More.

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