Experience the Wonders of Southern Utah

Craving an adventure that includes spectacular national parks, breathtaking scenery, and some of the country’s best hiking trails? Sounds like Utah might be the place for you! The state is home to a whopping five national parks, that are often referred to as the “Mighty Five”, and for good reason. These parks are absolutely stunning and are located fairly close together - making them perfect road trip pit stops. Check out what each of these famous destinations has to offer!

Zion National Park - Zion is actually Utah’s first, and most visited, national park. It's known for its red walls of sandstone surrounding the park as well as its jaw-dropping views. Zion is a hiker’s paradise with a large variety of trails ranging from easy family hikes to more difficult options. You won’t want to miss two of Zion’s most popular trails - Angels Landing and The Narrows. Angels Landing is considered one of Zion’s more strenuous hikes, but the views are worth every second. This hike is not for the faint of heart or those with a fear of heights, considering it has extremely steep and narrow trails. But, if you're looking for a thrilling experience - Angels Landing might be for you. The Narrows is another great option if you want to see and experience the crystal clear water of the Virgin River, which runs right through the center of Zion. Be sure to pack your waterproof shoes while hiking The Narrows - you’ll be actually walking through the river during this hike - a great way to cool off! In Zion, there’s truly something for everyone.

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Bryce Canyon National Park - Bryce Canyon is home to some of the most beautiful sandstone cliffs years in the making. People come from around the world to see the park’s famous hoodoos, which are tall pillars of rock created by erosion. The hoodoos at Bryce Canyon are pinkish-orange in color and range from 5 to 150 ft. tall, often leaving travelers awestruck as the shadows change their colors throughout the day. While most of the other parks are warmer in summer months, you’ll want to remember to bring a jacket to Bryce Canyon due to the park’s high elevation (8,000 ft.). There’s so much to do at Bryce Canyon from hiking, to horseback riding, to skiing and snowboarding in the winter months - this park is sure to leave you feeling amazed and entertained. 

Image: Visit Utah

Canyonlands National Park - Canyonlands is Utah’s largest national park and has sweeping views as far as the eye can see. This park is the perfect stop for folks looking for the feeling of peacefulness and seclusion. Canyonlands is divided into three distinct districts: the Island in the Sky, the Needles, and the Maze (it’s important to note that each district has its own separate park entrance). Islands in the Sky is the most easily accessible district and the panoramic views of miles and miles of canyons are not to be missed. One of the most popular spots at Islands in the Sky is Mesa arch. The trail to Mesa arch is fairly easy while still being breathtaking, making it a great option for beginners or families with small children. 


Capitol Reef National Park - Capitol Reef is one of Utah’s national parks that might be considered a little out of the way for some - but that means fewer crowds to deal with! The park is filled with beautiful cliffs, domes, bridges, and last but not least, rich history. There are a few unique things about Capitol Reef, one being that the park is home to more than 2,500 fruit trees! Visitors are invited to take a walk through the orchards (that were originally planted by Mormon pioneers) and enjoy some freshly picked fruit. Sounds delicious after a long hike! Fremont Petroglyphs are another historical highlight of the park. You can still easily see the etchings from the Fremont people who lived in the area nearly 1,000 years ago. 


Arches National Park - This park is famous for - you guessed it - it’s arches. This national park is home to more than 2,000 stunning natural sandstone arches that you have to see to believe. The most famous and popular arch in the park is Delicate Arch. This particular arch is featured on Utah’s license plate and people come from all over the world to take in its massive beauty. But arches aren’t the only thing you’ll find at this park - there are a variety of stunning geological formations sure to take your breath away. Arches also has tons of hiking trails for all ability levels, making this another a great park for families!


There you have it! Now you can see why Utah has some of the most visited national parks in the United States. So, get packing and don’t forget your camera - your Utah adventure awaits!
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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    We are going to be traveling in a few months and we have a Aframe popup camper we are Senior citizens due we need a pass if so how would we a pass for the parks in differt States?? What does cost at these parks?

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    would have been nice if it had anything to do with RV's

    1. Anonymous4:08 PM

      Don't you like to visit these places with your RV?

    2. Anonymous10:08 PM

      Yes,lol, agreed!! No mention of RV or camp spots...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. $80 lifetime pass, plus a $10 handling fee. (Please note that the price of the lifetime Senior Pass increased to $80 on August 28, 2017.) Also, a new $20 annual Senior Pass became available at the same time.

  5. If you plan to RV in these parks, book well in advance as they stay full. There are towns nearby with commercial RV Parks as well. It is difficult to get into Arches RV Park.

  6. when you think you couldnt top the view at that moment , drive or hike another mile and you will smile, tearup alittle and not just say OMG but THANKYOU GOD

  7. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Don’t plan on stopping in Zion because there are signs saying all the lots are full - and they were! Lovely to drive through. Many tour choices.


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