Crazy Creative RV & Camping Hacks

There’s nothing we love more than a good hack. Usually, they are so simple, but so smart that they make us jealous we didn’t think of them first. But - let me tell you - the list of hacks we’ve compiled below has us green with envy - these truly are the best of the best.

Doritos make the best fire starters. As surprising as it may sound - there really isn’t a better fire starter out there than a good old bag of Doritos - and the best part? There’s literally nothing to it! Pick up your favorite - or maybe least favorite - bag at the grocery store, light one corner on fire, and watch it burn. But there’s a catch - it’s actually necessary to get the Doritos brand. Apparently it has something to do with their fat content. This is one of our favorites - but definitely slightly concerning if you’re a Doritos lover because once you see how long these burn, you might lose your appetite. 

Make a zipline for your dog. We, like many RVers, are big time dog people - so we’re all about anything we can do to make our pup’s trip more comfortable. And making them a zipline, instead of tying them out, gives them way more freedom to enjoy their interesting, new surroundings. And, like the Doritos, this is another super easy trick. You just need a piece of rope and some carabiners to attach their leashes to it. From there - find some trees a decent distance apart to tie the rope to and hitch Fido on up. He’ll be much happier being able to wander back and forth freely - but you’ll still have peace of mind knowing he’s not going to take off on you.

Sage bundles repel mosquitos. We hate mosquitos. They are the fastest way we can think of to drive even the most tolerant RVer back inside. So this hack is definitely worth a try. This particular article says that you can also throw some lavender and mint in there - but the majority of reading we did specifically called out the sage - so if you add nothing else, make sure to have that. You can hang these outside of your camper or put them in your fire - either way, they seem like an essential way to keep the ultimate pest away.

Turn an acorn cap into a whistle. This is a great hack - and the link shows you exactly how to do it, step by step. Thankfully, there are plenty of acorns to practice on out in the woods - so even if it takes you a few tries to get it right, this is sure to come in handy - and hopefully, you will only need to use this for fun.

Ok - so tell us the truth. Had you heard of these before? We hope there were at least a few that surprised you and will make their way into your bag of tricks as you head out on your next great adventure.
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  1. I don't know about the acorn whistle but the rest of the hacks are something to try.

  2. Charlotte7:41 PM

    We learned, while paddle-fishing in Montana, that the smell of vanilla deters gnats.. it's great, you can even tie one of those tree air freshners on you cap and ward off the little pests.

  3. I would be concerned about lighting plastic on fire, (bag for Doritos), very polluting, wouldn’t want to inhale that.

    1. How about taking the Doritos out if the bag first.

    2. Nobody said light the bag. .

    3. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Pick up your favorite - or maybe least favorite - bag at the grocery store, light one corner on fire, and watch it burn.

  4. Acorn whistle, I learned that when I was a kid back in the 70's,
    Anything bug repellent related is interesting, when it works. Doritos as fire starter, I wasn't aware.

    I am always looking for new ideas to use while camping.

  5. I hate to waste Doritos. I'll stick with cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly (vaseline).


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