Vintage RVs We Love

New RVs are great - they come with fabulous new technology, and I swear - some of them look like luxury mansions! But, you can’t deny that vintage RVs have a certain allure to them too - and when they’ve been remodeled to bring together their vintage style with a modern design - well, to be honest, we’re in love. We’ve found five vintage RVs (ok - ones from 2006, so maybe not super vintage) that combine the best of both worlds.

Starting with the pop of green in the awning that carries through to the counters inside - the minimalist design in this unit feels like the design meant for the all-chrome Airstream. We are also impressed that they managed to get two twin beds in here - as well as a work space. Sleek and streamlined. 

The outside of this unit definitely leaves something to the imagination - but once you open that front door, the white walls and light blue accents give this unit a wonderfully light and airy feel. We love the full sized shower and ample seating space.

The combination of black, red, and metallics in this unit make it feel like a luxury apartment. By using the same tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom - there’s a nice continuity throughout - and for those who might want to work on the road, this unit also has a great work area, complete with huge windows perfect for bringing the outside indoors.

Full of warm colors and interesting fabrics - this unit has a fun and eclectic vibe to it. We love the shape of the kitchen - and can completely imagine having friends or family pull up a stool while we cook or enjoy a late afternoon cocktail. We don’t get to see the bedroom or bathroom in this one, but we have high hopes that they are just as nice as the main space.

The back half of this RV is completely updated - with beautiful grey cabinets, light countertops, and funky accent colors - but the front half still needs a little work. But this could be the perfect first unit to try your hand at flipping - all you have to do is finish the great work that’s already been started.

If you are looking to flip a vintage RV of your own from start to finish - we think this one would be perfect! The outside looks like it’s in great condition - and you could even paint the cabinets to keep costs down! Add in some nice new fabric and you’ll be well on your way. 

Some things, actually, most things, get better with age - and we certainly think these RVs did. We didn’t get to see them in their heyday - but we love where they’ve ended up.

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  1. The 1997 Safari Trek,Is a fantastic RV,if youre looking for a great RV,check it out.

  2. I have to say the greatest Vintage RV I've seen out there is the renovation of a Flixable. Check them out here:

  3. Anonymous12:26 PM

    want a VERY clean, VERY dependable, VINTAGE 23' motor home with 67k miles? it is fully restored 2 original AND is an XC runner. we have been thru MAJOR mts. across the usa, 3 below 0 weather, 2 hurricanes & crossed the desert twice, lived in it 3 yrs & am only selling due 2 a family illness. call 302 894 2566 for pics and info. leave a CLEAR vm.


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