Unexpectedly Cool Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Accessories! We love them and even though one big perk of RVing is having everything you need right there in one neat package - there are always fun and unique things that can add to the experience. These particular accessories aren’t run of the mill - and might not be a must have - but they certainly piqued our interest.

#1: Waterproof Socks 

These are one item you don’t think you need - until you really need them. And depending on your plans - maybe hiking through a river or getting caught in a rainstorm - these could be a must to any outdoorsy trip. 

#2: A Cooler to Beat All Others

This thing literally has it all. It’s a cooler - but it does so much more than that - it has a cutting board, a radio, AND a blender. Pack this bad boy up and you are good for a day at the beach, by the lake, or just hanging at the campground. We know you have a fridge in your rig - but this is just too cool to pass up.

#3: A Wearable Sleeping Bag

Again - this is not something we would have thought of - but ultimately love. This would be perfect for a night sitting outside the rig, enjoying a campfire. This is basically a full body down coat - and we love that it keeps your feet free so you can get up if you need. 

#4: A Collapsible Hot Tub

Ok - we realize this is a bit extravagant - but we couldn’t leave it off the list. It’s just too amazing. This takes your RVing experience to a whole new level. Without water - the tub and heating coil are only fifty pounds, so very portable - and you could set this up literally anywhere. Warm weather or cold - this would be a great addition to any rig. 

#5: An Add-A-Room Awning

Not that you don’t have enough space already inside your rig - but this awning will give you some extra privacy, keep the bugs away, and bring the inside, out! This might even be a great place to sleep on a warm evening. 

Bonus #6: Aquaglide Inflatable Swim Platform

This is a bonus item since summer is still a few months away - but it doesn’t hurt to dream about the warmer months, right? Tie this to a tree near a lake or stake it to the beach - and you have a great place to float while dangling your feet in the water to keep cool. We just love how much space it has!

Like we said - you might not need all of these - but you have to admit they are pretty awesome. Maybe one or two would be worth a splurge?
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  1. I would run, not walk, away from Coolest Cooler. I'm one of the fortunate few kickstarter backers that actually received their cooler, but years after they got funded many others have not.


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