Dec 21, 2017

Inside Games for Winter Weather

One great thing about summertime is that when the little ones start to get restless - you can send them outside to hunt for bugs, run around, or just generally entertain themselves. But the colder winter weather can throw a wrench in that - so to make sure you survive the “inside months” with your sanity, we’ve put together a list of easy games. They don’t require too many supplies and you can whip them out at a moment's notice for a little family fun (we’ve also put them in order of least amount of supplies needed to most amount of supplies needed - just for fun).

Flying School

So this is really a two-part activity. First, you can spend time making the perfect paper airplane and then you can compete to see who can get the most points in flying school. As you can see - materials are minimal, just a few pieces of computer paper and one larger piece of construction paper and you are all set.

Target Golf

Another equally easy project - take any old box and cut various size windows in the front of it, labeling each one with a different point system. If you don’t happen to have golf clubs on hand - you could easily turn this into a ball rolling game that would provide just as much competition and fun.

Saran Wrap Ball

This one requires a little more pre-planning, but nothing a trip to the Dollar Store or a local convenience or grocery store couldn’t quickly fix. Basically, you start with a prize and some saran wrap - and you just start wrapping, stuffing more candy and toys between the layers of saran wrap. Once you have a decent size ball - hand it over to the little ones to unravel. Each time they reach a treat - they pass the ball onto someone else, until all the prizes are gone. How fun does this one sound?!?

Marble Race Track

So depending on what supplies you have left over from summer, you might not need to get anything for this - but you have to have a pool noodle. Once you have that - this is a super easy project. Cut the noodle in half and put one end on a higher surface . Next you need to connect it to a show box at the bottom - and send the marbles flying down.

Laundry Basket Skee Ball

If you have multiple laundry baskets hanging around - this game requires nearly no additional supplies. You will have to make a launch ramp - but it’s as simple as cutting open a cereal box to curve inside a shoe box. Once that’s done - set the baskets up at varying lengths and go for it!

Honestly, as we were writing this - we realized these games could be just as much for adults - and we may or may not be getting ready to play Flying School as we speak. So regardless of who you choose to play them with - we hope you enjoy!
Trader Online Web Developer