Sep 22, 2017

The 65th Annual California RV Show & How to Get There

There are lots of RV shows around the country - but the California RV Show is one that you just cannot miss. It’s coming up in just a few weeks - beginning on October 6th and running until the 15th - so we’ve planned the ultimate California road trip leading you down the coastline to Pomona just in time for the 65th year of the show.

So, without further ado - here is the plan:

First stop - Eureka, which is on the list solely because of its name. Kidding - of course! This great little city is the largest coastal city between Portland and San Francisco - and offers one of the last stretches of coastline, known as the Lost Coast Trail, that is completely undeveloped and only accessible by foot. The trail winds backpackers through tucked-away beaches up to towering vistas that overlook the Pacific Ocean.

Next up - head slightly east to drive on the The Avenue of the Giants, found in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. This 31 miles stretch of two lane road is surrounded by the highest density of truly ginormous redwoods found anywhere in the redwood belt. Throughout the route there are parking areas and picnic sites for taking it all in - and a nearby river makes for a fun pitstop.

Moving down the state - head toward Vallecito, which is home to the largest cave in California, known as Moaning Cavern. This cavern is so big, it could fit the entire Statue of Liberty inside - and, to get into the cave, you can walk down a huge spiral staircase that was installed in the 1900s.

There is time for one more stop before Pomona and that is Ojai. The town itself has a lot to offer - with boutique hotels and shops, a local farmer's market, and great access to hiking that leads you to beautiful waterfalls and hot springs on Matilija Creek.

And finally - on to the main event - the 65th Annual California RV Show. When you arrive in Pomona, you will be greeted by the ferris wheel- which makes the fairgrounds easy to find and is free to ride during the show. Once you get on the fairgrounds - there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied for all 11 days of the show,


This is a star-studded event. To start, Mario Lopez and Jennie Garth will be on site to meet-and-greet their fans and there will be several bands making appearances throughout the event to keep you entertained while you browse. Bands include:
  • Honey Country Band
  • Deja U Too
  • James Resnick Band

The show will have over 60 educational sessions on a number of different topics, including:
  • RV Buying Seminar
  • Campground Desserts 
  • Trailer Driving & Towing
  • RV Maintenance
  • Traveling with Pets
Just to name a few.

… And, of course, RVs - and RV related products - everywhere.

This show has more RVs than you could image - over 1,400 to be exact, including ones from over 25
Southern California dealers - so no matter what type or class you are looking for, you can check it out in person at the event. Often, dealers will have show specials going on to make it worth your while - so make sure to come with that in mind. You may be able to get exactly what you want, for even less than you expected.

If you already have an RV you’re happy with - representatives from the various manufacturers will be on hand to answer any questions you have about your unit - and there are tons of vendors on site selling all kinds of cool RV related products to truly make your RVing experience.

Make sure to get your tickets here as soon as possible and get ready for the RV show of the season. You won’t be sorry.
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