These RVs Will Make You Say “Wait..what?”

RVs come in all different shapes and sizes - from big to small, square to curved - but no matter what shape RV you prefer...but none seem to compare to these strange and hilarious trailer setups we’ve found floating around the internet. You’ve honestly got to see them to believe them, so we’ve rounded up the top 16 motorhomes that have just made us say “...What is going on here?” 

Take a look! 

Image: RV 123

Well...that’s one way to tow a pull-behind.

Image: DIY RV

We don’t know if this started as a bus or a tank, but now it’s definitely something unique. 
Used for what, we couldn’t tell you.

Image: Pinterest

The tiny home craze is going viral these days, 
but this might be the most extreme version we’ve ever seen.

Image: Flickr

Apparently National Watermelon Day was last week… 
Looks like someone maybe got a little too carried away?

At first glance, we thought this was just a plane chopped in half without wings...
but alas, it’s a motorhome on the inside. Interesting idea...

Image: Co.Design

Well, if you’re afraid of heights, we apologize for showing you this. 

Image: Pinterest

Looks like someone wanted a Volkswagen, but definitely needed a lot more room...

Image: Pinterest
Now that is the definition of luxury...
this is honestly probably nicer inside than a lot of good-sized homes these days.

Image: UK Hippy
What do you think - the first ever RV?

Image: My RV Parks
There’s a cow on top of this motorhome. We’re not sure why, but there is one.

Image: DIY RV
“If maintenance wasn’t an issue…” DIY RV honestly described this perfectly.

Image: DIY RV
A tiny RV for your junior campers? We’ve honestly never seen anything like least one as realistic looking as this one. Would you buy it for your kids?

Image: The Meta Picture
We knew the Mystery Machine was real...

Image: RV 123
This is super cool and all, but we think this guy may have misinterpreted what their friends meant when they said “You’re an RVer? You should consider a houseboat too!”

Image: RV 123 least it’s cutting down on carbon emissions and gas expenses, are we right?

Image: Pinterest
The new definition of an “RV park?” We know this isn’t just one RV, but we couldn't’ help but share this restructured neighborhood of RVs. Between a mobile home apartment complex, a trailer jungle gym, 
and a surprisingly nice display of thrown-away units, this might be one of the coolest ‘trailer park’ setups we’ve seen in a long time.

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  1. "Why is there a cow on this rv?"...Because Burning Man. You can tell from the background.


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