Jul 14, 2017

Enter to Win the Ultimate Entertainment Pack

Enter to Win the Ultimate Entertainment Pack

We want to see what you’re doing outdoors this summer! Submit a photo of you and your family and friends enjoying life outdoors. You could win the Ultimate Entertainment Pack, from DISHForMyRV.com valued at over $1,500, which includes a brand new KICKER Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker!

Upload your photo between NOW and July 31, 2017.

Winner selection will be at random from all qualified entries. 
Additional entries will be given for each vote received so share with your friends!

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5 Reasons Every RV Family Needs an FMCA Membership

Countless readers have shared with us exactly why they love being a part of certain RV membership groups - and Family Motor Coach Association memberships were one of the most frequently recommended! With such an awesome resource at hand for family RV travelers, we’ve rounded up a list of the top 5 reasons why you should join FMCA today.

1. Make tons of friends and join a welcoming, vibrant RV community.

The FMCA is all about catering to RV families, and the members of this organization are just that - one big family! Make more friends at numerous campgrounds, receive assistance from fellow members as part of the ‘Stoppin’ Spots’ program, and spot fellow FMCA members on the road with the custom membership license plates provided. There are even countless meet-and-greets held across the country every year, where you can bond with other members, and some where you can tour new RV models, learn about new updates in the industry and shop the best of travel-essential items, all on-site. Plus, don’t forget to attend their much-anticipated 97th International Convention and RV Expo in Perry, Georgia, March 15 through 18, 2018, and the 98th International Convention and RV Expo in Gillette, Wyoming, July 18 through 21, 2018.

2. Save tons of money.

With FMCA, the options are practically endless when it comes to savings programs -- and not just on RV maintenance! Just a few of FMCA’s discount programs include, but are not limited to:

Tire Savings Program
Discounts at numerous campgrounds
Passport America
Office Depot/OfficeMax
Blue Beacon Truck Washes
Costco Wholesale
Car Rentals
UPS Shipping
Sam’s Club 
Free classified ads
Recruitment rewards for signing up new members
DakotaPost mail forwarding discounts 
Unbeatable insurance rates
Windshield replacement program

3. Travel with peace of mind knowing you’re automatically covered by FMCAssist Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance.

As a complimentary emergency medical evacuation and repatriation program, there are no special fees or signups required for this potentially life-saving service. Coverage is available 100+ miles from your home, and includes return of not only your RV, but also your dependents, pets, and more. The best part? Even if you’re not RVing at the time of an emergency, you’re covered - travel situations via car, plane, ship, or motorcycle are all included.

4. Roadside problems = no problem for FMCA members.

For just a $109 a year, American and Canadian FMCA members can receive roadside assistance including towing, jump starts, tire changes, lockout assistance, and vehicle fluid delivery. Mobile mechanics are also available, along with numerous other services.

5. Complimentary Subscription to Family Motor Coaching Magazine

FMCA members get free, full access to this go-to motorhome lifestyle magazine, and are able to receive both print and digital editions every month. The resource includes tons of valuable articles on RVing, including maintenance and how-to guides, travel features, industry news, classifieds, and even a calendar of upcoming FMCA rallies throughout the year.

And these aren’t the only benefits and perks to joining FMCA, either! 
With so many positives, what’s stopping you from joining? 
Click here to join the FMCA family and save with a special RV Trader discount code!

Are you an FMCA member already? 
What’s your favorite part about being a part of the community? 
Comment and let us know!

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These Mountain Ranges Will Leave You Speechless on Your Next Roadtrip

Did You Know? 
National Mountain Climbing Day is Tuesday, August 1st! 

To celebrate this incredible part of the great outdoors and, of course, National Mountain Climbing Day itself, we’ve compiled a list of some truly unbelievable peaks you’ve got to see - and maybe even try climbing one day! Have you ever RV’d to any of these mountains before? Comment and let us know and tag us in your pictures - you just might get featured on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages!


Location: California
Highest Elevation: 14,497 ft.

The highest point in both the United States and the Sierra Nevada,  Mount Whitney is known by many hikers as one of the steepest, most difficult ranges to climb in the continental United States.


Location: Washington
Highest Elevation: 14,411 ft.

The highest point in the Pacific Northwest region, this location is home to one of the most potentially dangerous volcanoes in the world. un fact: the mountain was actually temporarily renamed Mt. Seattle Seahawks for one month in 2014 until the end of Super Bowl XLVIII.


Location: Colorado
Highest Elevation: 14,259 ft.

Located along the Rocky Mountains, Longs Peak is considered one of Colorado’s most frequented locations for mountain climbers. The Keyhole route is the most popular, and is often crowded -- but most highly recommended, as the rest of the routes are often far too challenging for novice climbers.


Location: Oregon
Highest Elevation: 11,239 ft.

With a partially active volcano, Mount Hood is one of Oregon’s most popular peaks, overlooking miles of lush green forests. he highest peaks aren’t recommended for beginners, but if you can make it up there the picturesque views are something you need to see in person at some point in your life.


Location: California
Highest Elevation: 8,839 ft.

Located in the Yosemite Valley, Half Dome Mountain is actually exactly what it sounds like - an enormous, granite dome that formed into a peculiar shape over time. Hikes on the Dome are extremely popular and permits to climb it are distributed through a lottery system.


Image Credit: New York Times / Ethan Todras-Whitehill

Location: Washington (North Cascades National Park)
Highest Elevation: 6,102 ft.

Nestled in the northern Cascades, this gorgeous peak is surrounded by acres upon acres of healthy greenery, the peak itself is largely desolate, mostly populated only be gravel and rocky terrain.


Location: Maine (Baxter State Park)
Highest Elevation: 5,269

Named by the Penobscot Indians, this peak’s name literally translates to “The Great Mountain.” 
It even has a musical claim to fame, having inspired a piano sonata. 


Image: Roadtrippers
Location: Virginia (Shenandoah Valley National Park)
Highest Elevation: 4,011

Settled atop a peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains, ‘Stony Man’ has been a popular photo stop for tourists for years. If you do reach the top, the grandeur of the Shenandoah Valley might leave you speechless, so be sure to take a picture and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Have you hiked any of these mountains before, or RV’d to visit them or their surrounding areas?

What mountain range inspired you the most? 
Comment and let us know!
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Jul 13, 2017

These Bad Weather RV Safety Tips Could Save Your Life During a Storm

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for roadtripping, and for good reason. The sunshine and warm weather can inspire the wanderlust in all of us, but this season is also one of the most likely to spurn dangerous storms and crazy weather out of nowhere. Traveling and being away from home during poor weather conditions can already be a dangerous situation - but RVing in a storm is in a ballpark all its own. 

That being said, these storms often take us by surprise while we’re enjoying our vacations, so being fully prepared for them and knowing what steps to take in emergency situations is the only way to travel with the utmost peace of mind. Check out these tips for RVing in bad weather, and you’ll be fully set for a safe vacation in no time.

  • Tune into local news stations, and know what county you’re traveling through. Many weather alerts are released by county, and guessing your area can turn into a serious poker game when it comes to maintaining the utmost safety for those in your RV.

  • Be aware of local shelters and have evacuation routes mapped out, so you’re well prepared ahead of time if a storm pops up out of nowhere

  • Be ready to go when a tornado watch is issued, but be well prepared before that. Winds greater than 30mph can cause severe damage to motorhomes, especially with awnings and slideouts extended. Be sure to secure these and have your unit stabilized if a tornado is even remotely possible.

  • In cases of flooding, don’t try to cross water higher than your ankles, and never try to drive through water of questionable depths. As a popular safety saying goes, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

  • Have safety and weather apps downloaded to your phone, such as NOAA Radio, NOAA Weather Alerts, and the Weather Channel. Be sure to enable audio alerts, so you don’t only find out about a tornado or oncoming storm when you remember to check your phone - because by then, it might be too late.

  • With this, keeping your phone charged is obviously a must. But ‘having it charged’ at the moment isn’t enough. Invest in a mobile battery pack that will provide a healthy number of additional battery hours, and have it charged and reserved for emergencies so you’re prepared whenever you might need it. This way, even when you lose power, you’ll always have a means of communication at your fingertips.

  • Keep extra flashlights and headlights in your mobile home at all times, and be sure to check the bulbs before heading out on a trip.

  • Never, ever, ever try to outrun a storm. Even when it may seem easy to do, the worst storms often happen out of nowhere and can accelerate quickly, covering distances at speeds surpassing that of your vehicle. 

  • Be sure you have sufficient insurance to cover your home on wheels. When worse comes to worst, you want to have the peace of mind knowing that you took care of everything you could before crazy weather caused damage to your unit. You can find a number of resources for insurance options by visiting RV Trader’s insurance resource page.

  • Above all else, stay calm, and don’t panic. Keeping your cool will help you make the best decisions for both your own safety and that of those traveling with you. 

Armed with the above tips and tools, you can rest assured knowing you know what to do if bad weather does surprise you on a road trip this year.

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You’ve Got to Try These RV and Camping-Friendly Recipes to Believe Them

Recently, we’ve received a ton of questions about the best RV-friendly recipes for roadtrips - 
and there were so many good options, it was hard to choose at first! Not to worry, though. 
We’ve conjured up a list of some of the top-rated recipes and how-to’s for your next adventure that are easy, fun to make and way more scrumptious than anything you could make at home. 

Check out these on-the-road go-to’s, and tell us which ones will you be trying this summer.

Rise and shine! 
These renowned breakfast recipes will get your group up and sitting around the campfire in no time.

Image: Key Ingredient

Image: Betty Crocker

Image: Almost Supermom

Image: Cupcake Diaries

Image: Zac.com

Image: Chowhound

Image: Tastes Better From Scratch

Image: The Year in Food

From campfire nachos to walking tacos, we’ve got the best of the basics to the most creative ideas ever to serve your group. Whether for lunch, dinner, or some meal in between, your traveling companions are sure to be excited by with these recipes.

Image: Lauren Greutman

Image: Brit.co

Image: Fresh Off the Grid

Image: Frugal Coupon Living

Image: Taste of Home

Image: Gimme Some Oven

Image: Whole and Heavenly Oven

Image: Fresh Off the Grid

Image: To and Fro Blog

Image: Bon Appetit

Image: Bon Appetit

Just need something small? No problem. 

These simple side dishes and scrumptious snacks are ideal for roadtrips.

Image: Dirty Gourmet

Image: Bon Appetit

Image: Pinterest

Image: RD.com

Image: MasterCook.com

Image: Twin Dragonfly Designs

Image: Fantabulosity.com

Image: Live Eat Learn

Image: Huffington Post

Image: Savory Pantry Blog

What’s a camping vacation without a few cocktails?

These are just a few of our favorite, ridiculously easy ideas for drink recipes to try this summer.

Image: Around My Family Table

Image: FarmWifeDrinks.com

Image: TrekSW.com

Image: Rare.US

Image: PlainChicken.com

Image: Katokula.blogspot

Image: Huffington Post

Not everyone likes the taste of alcohol, and the kids need some fun beverages, too! 

Here are a couple favorites so they can enjoy the fireside fun as well. 

Image: Culinary Hill

Image: Onion Rings and Things

Image: This Mama's Life

These sweet endings are the perfect way to wind down a long day of adventure and good times. 

The only question left: which ones will you try?

Image: Taste of Home

Image: AllRecipes

Image: Fresh Off the Grid

Image: Comfy in the Kitchen

Image: Andreas Recipes

Image: Bon Appetit

There you have it, folks: just a few of our favorite campfire and RV-friendly recipes to try on your RVcation this year. Which ones are you most stoked to try? Do you have go-to recipes you always take with you on the road? Comment and let us know - we just might feature them!
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