Glamping 101: Your guide to the ultimate experience

It’s pretty simple: 

Glamorous + Camping = Glamping!

But...what exactly does that mean? Why would anyone that wants to go camping want the experience to be glamorous? Well, we’re here to explain it to you- and also to show you some of the most incredible examples of RV glamping ever to grace the world wide web.

      Image source: PPL Motorhomes / RVNana

According to the top-ranked "," the word 'glamping' itself hadn't really been used often until the early 2000s. Originating in Europe -- and slowly creeping its way to the North American continent as well -- the trend has taken the world by storm, in just the past 5 years. Some people seem to view the glamping movement as camping for 'those who don't really want to camp,' but in reality, it's just a different type of camping that melds a desire for thrilling outdoor escapism with the connotations of a relaxing, luxurious retreat.

Forget traditional pop-up tents filled with sleeping bags. When it comes to glamping, you’ll find an array of different shelter types, ranging from yurts and safari tents to conestoga wagons and teepees. But the best type of glamping, in our opinion? Trailer glamping!

Having become particularly popular in the American RV world, we’ve curated another Pinterest board of some of the most incredible glamping ideas we’ve ever seen. From fitting trailer ‘fine cooking’ recipes to creating incomparable ambiance with string-lantern lighting and flipping the sleeper section of your camper into a remodeled, relaxing retreat...glamping ideas truly don’t run low here. Take a look!

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Have you ever tried glamping? Do you want to show off your own glamping routines? Tag us in photos on Pinterest and Instagram for the chance to get featured on our page.
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