RV Reno: Tips for Flipping Older Trailers into Refurbished Masterpieces

Rather than buying a brand new RV, have you thought about purchasing an older unit and remodeling it with a custom design tailored to your preferences and style? While this may seem intimidating in terms of scope and scale, RV renovation projects can actually be some of the most fulfilling. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out these prime examples of how motivated, creative RVers have completely redone their motorhomes to fit exactly the look and feel they’re looking for.

While a number of great updates have been made to this unit, the privacy and airy feel provided by the window curtain is a great touch.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors that stand out against freshly polished aluminum.

Sometimes, too much patterning on furniture can become less of a decorative accent and more of a distraction from the ‘hominess’ of the rest of the RV. Keeping patterns minimal and bright helps keep the space from seeming aged and crowded.

Similarly, furniture doesn’t need to be expensively reupholstered to provide a fresh and simplistic feel. You can easily purchase a quilt or coverall to quickly drape over a couch or chair, and ta-dah - a seemingly brand new seating area is ready to be decorated with accent pieces.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit by contrasting light, muted tones with bright and colorful ones. Doing so creates a more centralized, positive feel to your motorhome, and can cause anyone who enters your vehicle to feel a number of ways - for example, turquoise for relaxed, yellow for energized, or deep red for comfortable.

Similarly, there’s no need to choose between painting all your furnishings a single neutral color. Placing darker tones on grounded/lower pieces and brighter, more airy colors on pieces towards the ceiling provide a feeling of upward expansion, making the space appear to have much more headspace than it actually does.

Yet another way to add more life and vibrancy to your unit: update those lighting fixtures! Acquiring more simplistic or modern-looking appliances for your lights and contrasting the types of lighting (for example, warmer-toned bulbs) tends to add dimension, making your mobile home seem just as accommodating as a traditional home.

We love a number of things about this unit but the thing we love most? The added warmth from a centralized feux fire heater! Who said you couldn’t bring the comfort of a cozy, warming fireplace on the road?

Believe it or not, having solid-colored, muted walls doesn’t mean you have to incorporate heavily decorated bedding. In fact, keeping your comforter singularly toned as well and playing with fabrics, textures, and varying patterns or colors on your throw pillows can draw eyes toward the top of the bed, lengthening the amount of space your sleeping area appears to have.

If you’re into rustic, vintage vibes, you may want to leave certain features in their older, more aged state. For example, paint your heart out on your walls and drawers, but let the drawer pulls and handles contrast with these new features by maintaining their old-school vibe.

Have you ever tried or considered redesigning an older trailer? If you had the time and resources, how would you like to “flip” your RV? Comment and let us know, and submit photos to for the chance to get featured!
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  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Too bad you can't spell simple words ... it's "ta da", not "ta dah" and it's "faux", not "feux".

  2. Anonymous9:37 PM

    rnt wee piky

  3. Where can you not camp with an older camper? We have been running into campgrounds that will not let older campers make a reservation, say must be under 15 years old. All are private campgrounds.


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