Genius RV Storage Ideas You've Got to See

When we started hearing from members of our RV Trader family that they were curious about storage tips and tricks, we weren’t surprised. RVs are already relatively confined spaces so finding efficient ways to store and organize your belongings can be a challenge. To help you brainstorm, we compiled a Pinterest board with some of the most genius RV storage ideas we’ve ever seen! Click below to see them:

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  1. I would love to see your storage tips but I don't see anything to click on to get me there.

    1. Anonymous11:56 AM

      click where it says follow on pinterest

  2. same here...nothing.

  3. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Uh Hello? No article!
    Someone sure screwed the pooch on this one!

  4. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Click on the square with various pics>

  5. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Hi Everyone

  6. Click below to see them:
    ******There is no link to go to in order to read about storage tips.******

  7. Wow. That is one lame "article" on rv storage.

  8. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Pinterest is a site that allows you to save links to 'other' sites. So click on the picture of all the pictures and it will take you to the group of sites saved. Then find one you want to look at further and select 'visit', this will then take you to the original article/site.


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