9 Incredible RV Getaways to Visit for Memorial Day this Year

One of the best parts about RVing is the ability to go anywhere in the country from the comfort of your home - and the possibilities are, quite literally, limitless. 

Memorial Day is one weekend RVers tend to plan mini vacations -- and if you’ve been trying to figure out a great new place to visit this year, look no further. We’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite destinations to celebrate this patriotic weekend and launch of summer - check them out!

West Palm Beach, Florida 

Image: Palm Beach RV Parks

Trip Ideas and Attractions to Visit:
McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary 
Okeeheelee Park
Mounts Botanical Garden
Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society
160+ golf courses
Yesteryear village
Peanut Island
Loggerhead MarineLife Center
Palm Beach Spring Art Festival

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Image: Golden Isles

Trip Ideas and Attractions to Visit:

Georgia Sea Turtle Center
Bicycle Rental Programs
4-H Tidelands Nature Center
Bird Watching
Camp Jekyll
Waterside Horseback Riding
Jekyll Island Golf Club
Skating Village
Summer Waves Waterpark 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Image: Knight Foundation

Trip Ideas and Attractions to Visit:
Penn's Landing Waterfront Day
Blue Cross RiverRink Summer Fest
Independence National Historic Park
National Constitution Center
HoagieNation Festival at Festival Pier
Laurel Hill Memorial Day Parade
Longwood Gardens Fireworks and Fountains Show
Rooftop Beer Garden at Cira Green
Grand Railway at Morris Arboretum
Phillies Game (Citizens Bank Park)

Nashville, Tennessee 

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 1.42.29 PM.png
Image: Grand Ole RV Resort

Trip Ideas and Attractions to Visit:
SuperCool Fun Fest (Cumberland Park)
Nashville National Cemetery
Memorial Day Dog Dash 5k
Cheekwood International Playhouses
Nashville Zoo (try Zoovie Nights!)
Country Music Hall of Fame / Grand Ole Opry
Kidsville at the Parthenon
Wine, Dine and Nine Golf Series
Belle Meade Plantation / Belmont Mansion
Nashville Showboat Lunch/Dinner

Salem, Massachusetts 

Image: Bob's Pixels

Trip Ideas and Attractions to Visit:
Salem Haunt and History Night Walking Tour
Peabody Essex Museum
Derby Wharf Light Station
Pickering Wharf
Salem Ferry
Salem Maritime National Historic Site
New England Pirate Museum
Ye Olde Pepper Companie
Stickworks Statue

San Francisco, California 

(Try: Petaluma KOA)

Trip Ideas and Attractions to Visit:

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
Harrison Street Carnaval
Treasure Island Flea Marketplace
Golden Gate Park Band Concert
USS San Francisco Memorial
Presidio Memorial Day Commemoration
USS Hornet Memorial Day Ceremony
San Francisco Giants Game (AT&T Park)
Aquarium of the Bay

Jacksonville, Florida 

Image: Visit Jacksonville

Trip Ideas and Attractions to Visit:

Wine & Canvas Memorial Day Paint
K9s for Warriors Paws 4 Vets 5k and 1 Mile Fun Run
Riverside & Avondale Historica District / Arts Market
Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary / Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens
Fort Caroline National Memorial
Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park
Cataway Island Preserve
Hands On Children's Museum
EverBank Field
Budweiser Brewery Tours

Historic Triangle, Virginia 

Image: Vacations Made Easy

Trip Ideas and Attractions to Visit:
Busch Gardens / BG Food and Wine Festival
Virginia Arts Festival (Williamsburg )
Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Procession
Jamestown Beach
Movies Under the Stars
Virginia Living Museum
Yorktown Waterman's Museum Music Jamboree
Revolution Golf and Grille (2017 Grand Opening)
Jamestown Settlement / Yorktown Battlefield

Mackinac Island, Michigan 

Image: Travel & Leisure


Trip Ideas and Attractions to Visit:
Mackinac Legends and Lore Nature Trek
Mission Point Observation Tower and Exhibits
Island Bike Rentals
Fort Mackinac
Arch Walk
Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory
Historic Downtown Mackinac
Grand Hotel Stable Horses & Carriage Tours
Great Turtle Kayak Tours
Wawashkamo Golf Club
Murdick's Fudge

Do you have plans for an RVcation Memorial Day weekend this year? Where are you headed? What are your favorite places to visit on long weekends like these? Comment and let us know!

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Genius RV Storage Ideas You've Got to See

When we started hearing from members of our RV Trader family that they were curious about storage tips and tricks, we weren’t surprised. RVs are already relatively confined spaces so finding efficient ways to store and organize your belongings can be a challenge. To help you brainstorm, we compiled a Pinterest board with some of the most genius RV storage ideas we’ve ever seen! Click below to see them:

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RV Reno: Tips for Flipping Older Trailers into Refurbished Masterpieces

Rather than buying a brand new RV, have you thought about purchasing an older unit and remodeling it with a custom design tailored to your preferences and style? While this may seem intimidating in terms of scope and scale, RV renovation projects can actually be some of the most fulfilling. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out these prime examples of how motivated, creative RVers have completely redone their motorhomes to fit exactly the look and feel they’re looking for.

While a number of great updates have been made to this unit, the privacy and airy feel provided by the window curtain is a great touch.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors that stand out against freshly polished aluminum.

Sometimes, too much patterning on furniture can become less of a decorative accent and more of a distraction from the ‘hominess’ of the rest of the RV. Keeping patterns minimal and bright helps keep the space from seeming aged and crowded.

Similarly, furniture doesn’t need to be expensively reupholstered to provide a fresh and simplistic feel. You can easily purchase a quilt or coverall to quickly drape over a couch or chair, and ta-dah - a seemingly brand new seating area is ready to be decorated with accent pieces.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit by contrasting light, muted tones with bright and colorful ones. Doing so creates a more centralized, positive feel to your motorhome, and can cause anyone who enters your vehicle to feel a number of ways - for example, turquoise for relaxed, yellow for energized, or deep red for comfortable.

Similarly, there’s no need to choose between painting all your furnishings a single neutral color. Placing darker tones on grounded/lower pieces and brighter, more airy colors on pieces towards the ceiling provide a feeling of upward expansion, making the space appear to have much more headspace than it actually does.

Yet another way to add more life and vibrancy to your unit: update those lighting fixtures! Acquiring more simplistic or modern-looking appliances for your lights and contrasting the types of lighting (for example, warmer-toned bulbs) tends to add dimension, making your mobile home seem just as accommodating as a traditional home.

We love a number of things about this unit but the thing we love most? The added warmth from a centralized feux fire heater! Who said you couldn’t bring the comfort of a cozy, warming fireplace on the road?

Believe it or not, having solid-colored, muted walls doesn’t mean you have to incorporate heavily decorated bedding. In fact, keeping your comforter singularly toned as well and playing with fabrics, textures, and varying patterns or colors on your throw pillows can draw eyes toward the top of the bed, lengthening the amount of space your sleeping area appears to have.

If you’re into rustic, vintage vibes, you may want to leave certain features in their older, more aged state. For example, paint your heart out on your walls and drawers, but let the drawer pulls and handles contrast with these new features by maintaining their old-school vibe.

Have you ever tried or considered redesigning an older trailer? If you had the time and resources, how would you like to “flip” your RV? Comment and let us know, and submit photos to rv.trader.social@gmail.com for the chance to get featured!
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Believe it - These 5 businesses all operate out of RVs

Small Business Week Special:
Believe it - These 5 businesses all operate out of RVs

In honor of April’s recent Small Business Week, we’re rounding up a new series and heading into the month of May with a special focus on small businesses curated by genius entrepreneurs- and best of all, they are each all fully functioning out of campers, trailers, and motorhomes. Check out these incredible RV businesses- you just might not believe they’re real at first.

Katy McLaughlin, a hairdresser based out of Katy, Texas, is just one example of how anyone can turn a small business dream into a reality if they invest the resources and continue to fuel their dreams. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, McLaughlin was a pretty normal kid, playing sports, attending college, and just being an American teenager- however, she notes that she always tended to enjoy doing her teammates’ hair than actually engaging in most of the athletic activities. It was a sign early on that signaled her love of hairdressing.

Having moved back to the town of Katy (which, yes, she was named after), where her family had sentimental roots, McLaughlin looked at her husband one day, and expressed an interest in opening her own hair salon out of an RV. While her husband, an industrial construction project manager, looked at her like she was crazy, he told her to configure a plan. After writing up construction estimates, market research stats, and a full five year plan, her husband was all in.

While the renovation of the infant business was still in the works, photos of its incredible reconstruction were leaked online- and went viral almost instantly. The young entrepreneur began receiving countless calls to schedule appointments, and her business was off to the races. But what makes McLaughlin most proud of her business isn’t the shimmering metallics or teal accent decor in her renovated trailer, but her ability to use her new business to help people in need.

In the state of Texas, if clients can’t make it into the salon, it’s legal for hairdressers and beauticians to engage in appointments at homes or residencies, so she loves traveling to do hair for people who are sick or injured- individuals who otherwise would never be able to make it into a salon or spa to experience beauty treatments.

The business is truly both a creative and feel-good endeavor, so it goes without saying that we had to include Hair & There Mobile Salon in our 2017 Small Business Week feature!

If you’re looking for a way to mix up cocktail hour or open bar vibes at your next big event, Sweet Water Caravan is a ‘mobile bar-for-hire’ that’s sure to blow your mind. Founded by Krissy Widuck and based out of Canton, Ohio, the cocktail caravan is operated out of a renovated Vintage Scotty Camper from the late 1960s, bringing incredible whimsy to any event taking place outdoors.

Between the business’ provisions of copper mugs and yard games to fit the mood, the Midwestern small business is taking a number of event management markets by storm- particularly the wedding industry.

“We believe any event bar is a focal point, a gathering spot for guests to mingle,” the group’s website notes. “Why not give them something to remember?”

With the exception of shots, Sweet Water Caravan will serve essentially any drinks provided to them by the event hosts, including cocktails, beer, wine, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages, too.
And don’t worry about boring black outfits with this festive team- their website notes that the servers come “dressed to fit the era of the caravan,” so suspenders on men and cocktail dresses on gals will liven up the experience all the more.

It seems we’d be amiss if we didn’t include a business having something to do with animals in our Small Business Week piece, and we didn’t have to look far - Its a Dogs Life Spaw made us fall in love with their mission of providing a traveling, tail-wag worthy grooming experience for West Coast pups! Kristi, creator of the ‘Spaw,” has loved animals as long as she can remember. No matter what the situation, every time she saw a stray dog, she brought it home with her. Over the course of her lifetime, she’s owned and raised a number of other pets, including horses and exotic species.

It didn’t take her long to realize that her passions were driving her to commit to a future of full-time employment with pets.

More than anything, Kristi loves spending time with individual pets, getting to know their unique personalities, characteristics, and tendencies. Her website reflects her feelings that “All pets are truly a special soul that deserves nothing but the best.”

Having graduated from a licensed academy of pet grooming and styling from Amber Lewin, a master certified groomer, Kristi is well-taught in not only styling, but also CPR and first aid. She presents with IPG (International Professional Groomer) certification, and notes that her philosophy is to “treat all her clients as if they were her own pet.”

The Spaw itself is state-of-the-art, and comes fully equipped with warm water, climate-controlled mani areas, and top-of-line amenities with zero cages or crates. It’s designed to provide not only a bathing experience, but a relaxation, stress-relieving (“Spaw”) experience for the animals, too, so the open, comfortable environment makes for just that.

What do you get when you mix burgers with classic Winnebago vibes? Winneburger, of course. Based out of Montreal, the Winneburger is a fully-equipped travelling kitchen, operated by the popular local restaurant Nouveau Palais.

Functioning out of a 1980’s revamped Winnebago, it is designed to blend vintage vibes and decor with modern, freshly produced grub.

Always including a veggie-friendly option with their meals, their goal is to provide all customers with a memorable, unique cuisine experience.

Owners Gita Seaton, Mary Martha Campbell and Jacques Seguin are the seasoned chefs and restaurant business experts behind the small business, and noted a few key go-to items on the Winneburger’s menu, including kettle chips, homemade lemonade and iced tea, and ‘old-fashioned’ milkshakes.

Their famed, sweet challah buns make their burgers famous, and nothing probably compares to these key dishes, such as the Mushroom Burger (imagine a breaded, fried Portabello cap- stuffed to the brim with cheese, then placed on a challah bun) with all the fixings.

In need of a photographer for your event? Why not mix it up, and rent out the Airstream Photo Booth, curated by creative entrepreneurs Yvonne and Chris Johnson?
Based out of the Austin, TX area, the couple are both experienced in the wedding photography industry, and noticed something popular developing in the industry: rentable photo booths. Hoping to offer an individualized spin on this trend, they aligned this interest with Texas’ popular affinity for Airstreams.
Switching up the traditional backdrop of large events, regardless of whether it be a wedding or festival, the Airstream Photo Booth experience comes fully equipped with fun, engaging props for dress-up, and the company offers both a full-size Airstream and smaller sized ‘Bambi’ trailer for smaller-scale events.

With so many creative, ingenious business developers entrepreneurs now operating countless small businesses out of their campers and motorhomes, these are just a few stories of courageous entrepreneurs that have made it big with their RVs.
What are some other small businesses you know of that are operated out of trailers? Would you ever consider developing a small business startup in your own camper?
Comment and let us know- your ideas could get featured in our #SmallBusinessSaturday series!
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