Apr 14, 2017

Boondocking: What it is, and an Exclusive RV Trader Partner Discount Code

You may have heard the term “boondocking” before, but what exactly is it?

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While many established campgrounds or parks tend to charge a fee for overnight parking, but have you ever considered parking just slightly outside the campsite, perhaps a mile or two away? While it may sound a bit counterintuitive at first, the best places to camp out for free overnight actually aren’t always located on these bigger developments. Setting in stone a specific definition for what boondocking is exactly can be a bit challenging, but a number of free camping locations have been associated with boondocking, including personal property of other generous RVers, truck stops, and any location lacking physical hookups.

While you won’t be provided with all the amenities you likely would at established campgrounds when boondocking, the perks are obvious: between saving money on parking fees to gaining a more ‘primitive’ camping experience, even if you only boondock for one or two days out of a roadtrip, you can be sure you can comfortably and safely boondock if the right resources are on hand.

Boondockers Welcome is a community providing RVers with listings of hundreds of people willing to allow fellow campers to boondock on their property for free. An excellent resource if you’re considering giving boondocking a try.Becoming a member of Boondockers Welcome grants you access to hundreds of locations and member profiles, as well as the opportunity to list your own property as available for other RVers.

Boondockers Welcome is now offering readers an exclusive discount. If you’re interested in joining this engaged and helpful community, membership is simple: property owners who can offer occasional overnight parking to fellow RVers should join as a host member and enter the coupon code RVTRADER50 to save 50% on their membership package. Those who cannot offer a parking location are welcome to join as a guest-only member and  save 10% with the code RVTRADER10.

Are you ready to boondock?
Click here to get started.

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