Apr 14, 2017

Keep America Beautiful Month: How to care for the environment while on the road this April

Did you know that April is Keep America Beautiful Month?

Did you know that April is Keep America Beautiful Month?

Here at RV Trader, we’re committed to helping you make the most of RVing, whether that means getting the most bang for your buck during the purchase process or uncovering the best tips and tricks for the on-the-go RV lifestyle. This month, we’re providing you with a few key strategies you can use to protect the beautiful scenery around us while enjoying it on the road, in celebration of the meaning behind the Keep America Beautiful campaign and its mission: to end littering, improve recycling, and beautify communities.

-Try dry camping. While it can definitely feel much more primitive and more like “traditional” camping, giving your unit some time off from hook-ups might be exactly what you need to unplug- and obviously as a much lesser effect on the environment.

-Consider solar panels. These easy-to-use panels absorb the sun’s rays and convert the light to energy, providing you with a power source even in the most remote areas without the excessive use of traditional electricity.

-Know best practices for waste disposal. A few tips RVers tend to use: dispose of human waste in catholes at least 300 ft. from bodies of water, preferably in catholes at least 8 inches into the ground.

-Invest in a good water filtration system. Doing so will not only save you money in terms of laying off bottled water, but will also the amount of physical waste you produce.

-Teach children to turn off the water when brushing teeth, scrubbing hands, etc. They may not see it as a huge deal at first, but little by little, every drop adds up!

-Keep campfires clean and local. Avoid burning plastics or non-wooden objects, and aim to only use wood harvested from the local environment, as certain pesky insects could be attracted to the flame and interrupt the balance of the ecosystem.

There are also a number of specific actions you can take to support the Keep America Beautiful Campaign as a whole. Just of few of these ideas specifically applicable to RVers include:

-Participate in the Great American Cleanup. Using their website, you can search Keep America Beautiful’s list of affiliate cleanup programs to find specific locations where you could participate with the program. The great part about this for RVers? No matter where you are, you can use the affiliate search tool to identify the program nearest you at any time, and see what you can do to help each community as you roadtrip.

-Share pictures of your group taking care of the environment and surrounding communities while roadtripping on social media pages. Use hashtags such as #cleanYOURblock, #GreatAmericanCleanup, and #KeepAmericaBeautiful to showcase how taking care of the environment truly can be done from anywhere - even on the road. These types of photos inspire others to join in the mission of Keep America Beautiful and gets them excited to pay mind to the benefits of the helping the natural world as well.

-Consider donating to Keep America Beautiful, as well as their thousands of communities across the country as you travel in your RV. Little by little, small contributions can turn into a huge impact. If you’re hitting the roads and traveling throughout the nation anyway, why not showcase your commitment over time to protecting environments all across the country?

National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel Blog recently noted that Rich Luhr, blogger and publisher of Airstream Life magazine, phrased the environmentally friendly side of RVing perfectly:

RVs may have the reputation of being gas-guzzlers on the road...but when they stop moving, they’re exemplary models of conservation.

According to Luhr, many of us go RVing to unplug from our typical day-to-day...why not use this mindset to unplug from excessive consumption of energy and technology, too?

Check out the Keep America Beautiful website to find out more ways you can conserve, protect, and beautify every environment around - no matter where in the world you are.

What are some ways you like to keep your RV adventures nature-friendly?

Comment and let us know!
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Winnebago Promotion Extends Diesel Pusher Warranty

For anyone who has been thinking about a new Class A diesel, now is the time to close the deal on the Winnebago diesel pusher of your dreams.

Winnebago has just announced "Carefree Diesel Days," a new promotion that extends the warranty on its entire diesel pusher lineup to three years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Eligible units must be purchased between February 27, 2017 and August 31, 2017 to qualify for the extended coverage.

Whether you're buying outright or trading in a Winnebago or other brand of RV, simply visit your nearby dealer, make your best deal on a new, previously unregistered Winnebago diesel pusher, then enjoy extended warranty coverage for up to three years or 100,000 miles.

To learn more, see your nearest Winnebago dealer; you can also find program details here.

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Fitness on the Go: Workouts to do on the road

We all know exercising and keeping fit while on the road can be difficult, especially when you’re confined to the close quarters of a motorhome. But it doesn’t have to be difficult - with the right workouts on hand, making time for fitness will be a breeze. Here are 5 go-to routines for working out when actually ‘hitting the gym’ isn’t an option.

  • HIIT Cardio Circuits. High intensity intervals, mixed with short breaks, are one of the best methods for getting your heart rate up in a short amount of time. Rather than jogging for your whole workout, try sprinting for 1 minute, walking slowly for 2, sprinting again, etc. - continuously for 15-20 minutes. It might seem long at first, but your metabolic rate will skyrocket, making this short series even more effective than a 45 minute run.
  • ‘Countdown’ Conditioning Routines. Rather than simply alternating between pushups and squats, try combining 3-5 different exercises, counting down as you go. For example: 25 squats, 15 situps, 10 pushups, 24 squats, 14 sit-ups, 9 push-ups, and so on. The constant variation will keep your mind from becoming weary and distracted, and by the end of the workout, you’ll have done more than you realized in just 15 minutes!
  • Try stationary activities when you can’t run or take up much space. On the road and bored? Try a wall sit and plank variation, hold a wall sit for 1 minute, then hold the plank for one minute, continuing until you’ve reached 5 minutes for each exercise. You’ll be surprised how time flies when your legs and abs are on fire!
  • Take advantage of your time. Don’t use small windows of time as an excuse not to workout on your trip. Instead, use that time and choose one thing to do each day! Even if you only do a small series of crunch variations, using the little time you have each and every day will make all the difference in the long run.
  • Make it a game. Especially helpful if you’re traveling with young kids, turning exercise into something fun and different will encourage your group to want to stay fit, not avoid it! Try a simple trivia or guessing game, having someone do 10 pushups if they answer incorrectly; or, turn planks into a contest, seeing who can hold their form the longest. With a competitive drive and fun spin on working out, you’ll be able to stick to your fitness grind no matter where you travel!

What are some of your favorite workouts to do while on the road? Do you have specific plans and strategies for staying fit while on a roadtrip? Comment and let us know!

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Boondocking: What it is, and an Exclusive RV Trader Partner Discount Code

You may have heard the term “boondocking” before, but what exactly is it?

BoondockersWelcomeAdvert (1) (1).jpg
While many established campgrounds or parks tend to charge a fee for overnight parking, but have you ever considered parking just slightly outside the campsite, perhaps a mile or two away? While it may sound a bit counterintuitive at first, the best places to camp out for free overnight actually aren’t always located on these bigger developments. Setting in stone a specific definition for what boondocking is exactly can be a bit challenging, but a number of free camping locations have been associated with boondocking, including personal property of other generous RVers, truck stops, and any location lacking physical hookups.

While you won’t be provided with all the amenities you likely would at established campgrounds when boondocking, the perks are obvious: between saving money on parking fees to gaining a more ‘primitive’ camping experience, even if you only boondock for one or two days out of a roadtrip, you can be sure you can comfortably and safely boondock if the right resources are on hand.

Boondockers Welcome is a community providing RVers with listings of hundreds of people willing to allow fellow campers to boondock on their property for free. An excellent resource if you’re considering giving boondocking a try.Becoming a member of Boondockers Welcome grants you access to hundreds of locations and member profiles, as well as the opportunity to list your own property as available for other RVers.

Boondockers Welcome is now offering readers an exclusive discount. If you’re interested in joining this engaged and helpful community, membership is simple: property owners who can offer occasional overnight parking to fellow RVers should join as a host member and enter the coupon code RVTRADER50 to save 50% on their membership package. Those who cannot offer a parking location are welcome to join as a guest-only member and  save 10% with the code RVTRADER10.

Are you ready to boondock?
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