Feb 10, 2017

Every True RVer Should be Following these Blogs

Teresa and Derek made up an adorable little clan with their daughter and Husky, and really do prove that a simple life doesn't have to mean a boring one. As campground managers during the warmer months, the family is able to take to the road the rest of the year and use this time to do what they love most - explore, adventure, and really experience the joys of traveling.

These airstream-loving folks post some incredibly inspiring features on their travels in their made-over 1963 Airstream, which they gutted and transformed in 2005, as well as their most recent unit, a 2012 Airstream Flying Cloud. In total, between these two units, the traveling pair have spent 2,641 days living the Airstream life. From tech upgrades to newly visited locations, you’ve got to stay up-to-date with these folks if you truly call yourself an Airstream fan!

Michael Boyink and his family of four started the journey as fulltime RVers in 2010. Why? As he explains in his blog introduction, their blog - documenting their adventures and experiences on the road - is for any family who feels like they’ve “achieved the American dream, but found that it’s actually an exhausting, unfulfilling lie.”

Combatting the assumption that families have to look and thrive a certain way to be happy and all-American, this inspiring site provides a blog, podcast, and numerous resources to help families work toward a similar source of fulfillment through travel and exploration. What more could we want in a blog?

Self-denoted as a website “by RVers, for Rvers,” this useful site provides a niche web locale for RVers of any age or experience to read reviews, news, and helpful hints on both the RV lifestyle and what’s new in the industry. Lifestyle blogs with motivational quotes are fun and incredibly inspiring, but without sites likes these, RVing wouldn’t be possible in the first place! Definitely one you’ll want out -- probably on a regular basis, too!

When this couple originally met and decided to start traveling the country together, they were self-described as young and energetic, on a mission to visit as many “out of the way places” and National Parks as humanly possible. 
Fast forward 11 years, and the two are still at it- who knew when they put their ‘9-5 lifestyle’ on hold that they’d never return to it again...and, with this, who could’ve ever guessed that it would work out well for someone? 

The two are a living testament to the true value and rewards behind following your dreams, daring to take the road less traveled, and not letting age or traditional American occupations keep you from adventure and discovery. With a Class-C Motorhome, the couple post articles and photos to their blog that are sure to help motivate you to do the same. Are you ready to stop making excuses and start your own adventure? Because, trust us...they’re ready to see you do it.

Shannon and Brian definitely aren’t your ordinary couple. Describing themselves as “runaways from the corporate world,” the two didn’t start traveling immediately super young, but also aren’t retirees with nothing to do. Addicted to travel and adventure, the pair decided to stop making themselves miserable behind cubicles and made the move to start getting out and experiencing the world.

The plan is to keep traveling indefinitely - exploring new places, pushing boundaries, and experiencing what the world has to offer.
With that as a mission, why not visit everywhere once?
Talk about living a dream.

Hudson and Emily are a 25-year-old husband and wife - but they're anything but your average American couple. They both have Masters degrees in Business Administration. Both of them love to travel and adventure the world. And, believe it or not, they recently quit their "American dream" jobs in the greater DC area to pursue their true American dream of traveling the country in an RV together.

Our goal is to encourage people to think about the stories they want to tell someday - and then go out and live them.
This year, the couple is setting out on their mission to travel the country...we seriously can’t wait to read all about their explorations. Check ‘em out!

Jason and Nikki Wynn describe themselves as “a couple of perpetual travelers, RVers, sailors, and modern day documentarians.” Their adventures are noted to be of the “wear-your-shoes-out” style, and we couldn’t be more fascinated. As urban career-oriented professionals in Dallas, TX years ago, they felt something was missing from their life. They followed their ache for adventure and embarked on a never-ending journey to explore the outdoors - suddenly, the felt everything start to fall into place. Not only does their blog provide you with fun and inspirational travel stories and RV experiences, but also supplies refreshing commentary on how to visit the places you travel to like a local - and with that, how to support the local community all the while. 

Talk about community-building goals!

Featured on the Today Show as well as numerous niche and local news stations, the Kellogg family has a story that’s one for the books. Made up of two adventure-loving parents and a clan 12 kids strong, they literally explain themselves as “A badass family of adrenaline junkies.” About five years ago, when their home was submerged under water, they literally sold everything they own, bought an RV, and set out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Having visited almost every state and traveling over 85,000 miles thus far, the group has turned a vacation into a lifetime of adventure. Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg were over the ‘American dream’ of working 9-5. They were done living for the weekends. And they were certainly done waiting around for retirement to show up for their adventures to start. Follow them for daily inspiration on travel, family, and numerous outdoor activities like kayaking- they’re sure not to disappoint!

As this adorable group’s About section would have it, this family of 5 lives an outdoorsy, nomadic lifestyle that synthesizes an awe-inspiring balance of thirst for adventure and simplistic living. Traveling Fulltime in an Airstream, these bloggers embrace travel and outdoor living to the fullest extent. Think it’s impossible to do with three kids under 15? Think again!

This site is an incredible one to use as both a lifestyle and informational reference for all of your on-the-go and maintenance needs! Fully focused on helping you keep your RV and tip-top shape and giving you the best tips and tricks for making your travels enjoyable, you’d be a miss if you didn’t have this one bookmarked on Google or saved to your desktop.

Diana Tolerico has been fulltime RVing for 17 years, and could definitely be described as a pro boondocker. She’s traveled to some of the coolest, most unique spots we’ve ever seen people RV to, the most recent being Quartzsite.

Native to the Western United States, all of her electronics are solely charged through solar panels. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly blog to follow to inspire you to both travel without holding back and how to do so while being responsible with the natural world around you, this woman’s website is the one for you.

“Jim and Chris Guld are Geeks on Tour, and they like to learn.” This is literally how this couple’s blog is introduced - funny, right? If you’re looking for a place to learn all about the best RV management, repair and update methods as well as numerous tutorials, this is one site you’ve definitely got to add to your subscription list.

Utilizing technology for numerous topics including maps, blogs, and photos, the amount of information you can learn from them is quite honestly boundless. Check out their weekly newsletter for some great tips and tricks on a regular basis!

All the blogs we’ve mentioned in this post are incredible in their own regard, and all are more than inspiring! However, if you really are interested in fully engaging in the RV lifestyle and starting your own journey as a Fulltime RVer, Fulltime Families is the one must-have link that should be saved to your desktop.

Kimberly Travaglino, founder of FtF, is an author, radio show host, publisher, blogger, AND roadschool mom, who describes herself as “an all around busy gypsy.” But that’s the beauty of the Fulltimer RVer - when you’re on the road, the business you experience becomes so much less mundane, and so much more motivating and fulfilling.

Sign up to become a Fulltime Families RVer, and you’ll get access to countless resources and advice on how to start your journey, including:

  • Moving out of your home
  • Figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of 
  • Finding a way to fund your travels
  • Setting up a “roadschool” program for your kids
  • Finding internet while on the road
  • Selecting your ‘domicile,’ or they area/region/unit that you view and regard as your true, permanent home
  • How to deal with negative nancys, criticism and nay-sayers
  • Preparing your children and family for the adventures of a lifetime that are about to begin
  • Ready to hit the road? Take that first step and get on their email list- we promise, you won’t regret it!

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