Jan 14, 2017

15 Reasons You Need to be at This Year’s Florida RV SuperShow

Are you signed up to attend this year's Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Florida?
After reading this article, you'll definitely want to make sure you are!
Here are our top 15 reasons you've got to be there for the 2017 show!

1. It's Florida. With RVs. In the middle of January. You do the math.

Image via Odyssey

The show is formally recognized as the largest RV show in the country. With over 63,000 in attendance in past years, you're going to want to buy your tickets ASAP before they sell out!

Image via PRNewswire

3. From choosing the right RV to a tour of must-see places, an extensive list of seminars will be hosted at the show this year! Check out this list for more info!

4. It’s great for the kids - over the weekend, they show will even have a huge Kids Zone, with everything from free bounces houses, a rock climbing wall, face painting, games and more!

4. Camping World reps and inventory will be there. And honestly, the name here says it all. But if you needed an explanation as to what exactly Camping World is (bless your souls if you've never heard of it), here's a bit of a quick rundown: with parts and accessories from over 80 locations nationwide, you can be sure this place has got you covered.

5. The show is on the Florida State Fairgrounds - a 330 acre complex you've got to see to believe. We'll just leave a sampling below...we think you can get the picture (enormous + sunny weather = one incredible place for an RV show). And we all know fairgrounds = awesome fairground food, from corn dogs to sausage and peppers and more!

Image via TBO

6. On the SuperShow's website, you can request the Official RVer's Guide to Florida - yes, that's right, there's an official one that you really do need in your life...especially if you're going to this show. After all, if you're making a trip out of coming to this event, why not hit the ground running with plans for campgrounds, resource centers, and interesting places to visit with your RV? Oh, and the guide? Completely free. Bonus points everywhere for this show!

7. It's very realistically possible that you may run into some RV "Social Media Royalty" while at the show. Don't know what we're talking about? If you haven't checked out the countless RV-enthusiast channels on YouTube, you're missing out. One of our favorite lifestyle vlogger families, We're the Russos, posted a video and blog post about the show last year; this year, Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi from RV Family Travel Atlas (RVFTA) will be in attendance, as well as Keith and Tia Sims from Soulful RV Family!

8. Don't forget the city this show is being held in - Tampa, Florida. Know what else is in Tampa, Florida? Busch Gardens Tampa. And the Florida Aquarium. And countless other attractions. Do we really need to give you any more excuses for the vacation of a lifetime? Click here to check out resources on finding even more to do in the area surrounding Florida State Fairgrounds!
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Image via Lennar.com

9. Looking to go dry camping (no hookups) while you're here? Only $20 a night. Boom. No picture needed. For a show in such high demand, this is honestly a great price rate.

10. Can we talk about the tiny home craze? Basically, people who love tiny homes love them for the same reason so many of us love RV's...they are literally compact, miniature homes. Well...except ours move. On wheels. With a lot less hassle. But still, it's incredible to see how much convenience, high-rated technology, and pristine organization can be constructed to fit into one little box of a house. Some of them are very easily towable, too, of course! Last year, some were featured at the show. We're crossing our fingers that we get to see a few while we're there this year.

11. We all know that vacations are only made better by pets if they're well behaved. That's why at this SuperShow, mild-tempered dogs are completely welcome! So bring along Fido to see if he likes the RV you're eyeing for your next trip! Who knows...maybe there'll even be some little pupster mini-RV doghouses for sale! Keep on the lookout, because although rare, when we see these, we can't help but want to snatch them up!

12. On one last travel note, why not check out local campgrounds and actually really go RVing while you're down there? Unfamiliar with the Florida area? Fear not- you can find a directory on the website, select a region of Florida, and view countless different options for campgrounds to visit while you're in the Sunshine State!

13. You'll see a ton of affordable options for sale at the show, but while you're there...don't resist the urge to check out the unbelievable new luxury RV models. Some of them really are the stuff of dreams, if you ask us.

Image via Photo News 247

14. This reason? Largely obvious...forget searching all over the Internet to find one dealer with your dream RV. There are going to be so many at this show, you're bound to find exactly what you're looking for! All you'll need to worry about is staying hydrated, energized, and getting to see every one of the incredible recreational vehicles for show at this event like no other.

15. This video of a walking tour of the show back in 2015. If you aren't yet convinced, this is all the proof you need as to why you've got to be at this year's Florida RV SuperShow! Check out the full list of vendors, guests, distributors featured seminars and more by clicking here!


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Jan 12, 2017

Winnebago raises the bar on corrosion protection

When it comes to corrosion, it’s often what you can’t see that counts.  For many years, Winnebago motorhomes have used an electrocoating process to coat key steel components inside and out with electrostatically applied paint, helping protect those nooks and crannies from rust-causing moisture and road salt.

Not long ago, the company updated its e-coating process, bringing a new $7-million system online.  Featuring a total of 10 immersion stages, the new system utilizes huge tanks to clean and degrease, prep and coat critical steel components.  As part of the processthese components are charged with a negative electrical charge, which attracts the positively charged protective coating, causing it to be deposited uniformly onto the metal.

Treated components are then baked in a 400-degree oven until the coating is fully cured and hardened.  Once cooled, the parts become part of Winnebago’s just-in-time assembly process, and are ultimately used to build the Winnebago coaches you see on the road and at Winnebago dealerships nationwide.

You can see the process in action here

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Healthy RV-cations: Are they really possible?

Well, to keep things short - the answer's yes!

However, what's so critically important for all RVers to keep in mind when it comes to health and fitness in relation to vacationing is the actual nature of "our type" of vacation. Yes, many RV enthusiasts take week long to multiple week long vacations - sometimes, RV bloggers even travel the country for months at a time to document their experiences. Yet, the amazing thing about having an RV is gaining the ability to go on multiple short "vacation bursts" - weekend getaways or trips only a few days long in length, allowing us to escape from our busy everyday lives for at least a short period of time.

These short types of vacations certainly have their advantages - when you take a long trip, for example, you're obviously more likely to spend loads more money on food, souvenirs, adventures, tours, etc. However, when you only have a limited amount of time to explore a very specific area (or even just relax in a remote location of your choice), you're forced to take the time you have and dedicate it to just that - being in the place you are for the time you have.

What do we mean by this in relation to health, though?

It's easy to immediately assume that smaller vacations produce lesser opportunities to gain weight, or shorter periods of time to "relax and not workout." After all, we're removed from typical responsibility and everyday routines for smaller periods of time, so our indulgences shouldn't really have that significant of an impact..... right?


Well, sort of.

Here's the deal with RV vacations - which do tend to be smaller in length this time of year, compared to those we tend to take in the summer (when the weather is much milder and enjoyable in more places across the country). Recreational Vehicles are an impressive investment financially - people don't buy one and plan on only using it once or twice. They want to use it to go on trips with the people their care about, for any vacation they can - small or large, far away or nearby their homes.

But the thing about RVers? 

RVers are adventurers.

RVers are fun-loving.

And RVers honestly so often just want a chance to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the time they have to travel with their family whenever they possibly can.

While non-RVers might go on 1-3 long-winded vacations a year, it's pretty clear that most RVers are known to go on nearly countless trips a year in their vehicle. They use them for these types of vacations, and then they use them to attend the alumni tailgates at their Alma Mater's football tailgates. They use them to visit county fairs, trade shows, community meet-ups, and so much more.

As RVers, the fact of the matter is that we actually allow ourselves to vacation more than many non-RVers do. As much as we'd love to say that this means we save the thousands of extra calories that week-long vacations can pack onto our bodies, it's not necessarily true. Let's be honest with ourselves here - so many of us love the outdoors, adventure, and being active. But that doesn't mean we want to get up at 6am and train for a 5k along the creek or mountainside on our vacation days. It also doesn't mean we don't eat out a ton, or that we don't visit new bars and restaurants and try new recipes that are - well - definitely American, but perhaps not as figure-friendly as we'd like this time of year (also, let's face it...most RV's don't allow for significantly 'gourmet' levels of cooking).

This time of year is the time we pay much more attention to things we want to change in our lives: our bodies, our thoughts, the way we respond to things that happen around us, and so much more. So, it's critical for us to realize two things. Firstly, vacations shouldn't be a time that you either do or don't plan and eat healthy meals, or when you can or can't proactively exercise and workout. The fact of the matter is, you can and will do both - depending on what vacation you're on, what time of year it is, and a number of other variables. So don't hate yourself for eating that barbecue sandwich and bag of potato chips, and don't argue with your spouse over whether or not to cook asparagus tomorrow night when you're only away for a night. Over-thinking 'healthy' on vacation is a concept so many of us still have to master - both RVers and non-RVers.

Secondly, think about it this way: It's only hard if you tell yourself it's hard. 

This year, try to take some time to think about small changes you can make to edit the way you experience your trips together. Rather than saying you're going to get up and run a mile every morning, plan adventures with your family that promote fitness more than other activities you might choose. Go to that cookout, but beforehand, hike up that mountain you've been wanting to peak since you found your favorite hookup spot. Watch a movie on the big blow-up screen with the other RVers, but play a game of water polo or basketball at the nearby court first.

Before we start telling ourselves we need to change dramatically, it's crucial that we realize the actual essence of our culture as 'RV people.' As we said before, we're the adventurers. We're the people who value family, who know the importance of escaping 'real life' every now and then, and we're the people who believe in enjoying every moment with fulfilling experiences that only come from travel, the outdoors, and a breath of fresh air away from home - whether that be 5 miles or 500 miles away.

We're already living a lifestyle that's healthy for our minds. It might be hard for your family to eat healthy while on your RV trips, but just remember....everyone feels like it's hard sometimes, whether they're on vacation or not. So take the little steps. View it as an enjoyable process that'll only make your trips more fun and exciting - not something that will put an exhausting damper on your experience.

If you have tips for other RVers on how you like to keep up healthy habits while on the road, please share them with us - we'd love to feature them in a future blog post to show some examples to our RV Trader Family! Send your ideas to rv.trader.social@gmail.com with your first name and where you're from (if you'd like), and you'll get the chance to get featured on our pages!

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Jan 11, 2017

Fulltime Families 7th Annual Family Reunion: Celebration Officially Set for February 2 - 5

Fulltime Families (FtF), the go-to resource for full-time RVers with kids in tow, 
is hosting its highly anticipated winter event, the 7th Annual FtF Family Reunion from 
February 2nd - 5th, 2017!

Presented this year in Tallahassee, Florida, the four-day event will include seminars, educational opportunities, family-friendly fun, countless chances to connect with like-minded families! This is an RVer's premier opportunity to learn more about the incredible experiences that the full-time RVing lifestyle can and does bring to so many lives.

Be forewarned, though...the event sells out quickly! 

Reserve your spot below and get the answers to all your questions on the Fulltime Families event website - you don't want to miss out on this event like no other! 

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Special Report: Airstream & Tommy Bahama Special Edition Trailers Unveiled

Two iconic lifestyle brands - one extraordinary partnership.

Could it get any better than coastal style being enmeshed into a timeless travel icon?

Tommy Bahama and Airstream Inc. have recently collaborated to create the newest Airstream innovation: the Tommy Bahama Special Edition travel trailer and Interstate touring coach.

Sources including Forbes, RV Business and numerous local news outlets recently published news of the partnership, a synopsis of which you can read below- stay tuned for further updates on this luxurious new project!

Photo via GrindTV  Article

Wally Byam, Airstream's founder, was described by CEO Bob Wheeler, was someone who believed vividly in adventure and new experiences. "That same freedom-loving spirit is also deeply woven into the essence of Tommy Bahama," Wheeler said, "and together we are on a mission to inspire travelers to get out there and experience all the road has to offer."

Teasers for the new lines are described on Airstream's website, where those interested can request more information on the upcoming releases:
EVP of Marketing for Tommy Bahama Rob Goldberg noted that Tommy Bahama and airstream both exemplify attitudes reflective of both of relaxation and adventure with highlights of coastal style complementing 'timeless style.' As Goldberg said in a press release, Tommy Bahama sees airstream as the ideal way to turn living life into one long weekend.
With a queen-size bed complete with Tommy Bahama bedding, the trailer can sleep up to four people. At 28 feet long, the touring coach was noted in an RV Business article as being "richly appointed to reflect the Tommy Bahama coastal inspired lifestyle." Depending on which of the two floor plans is selected (Lounge EXT or Grand Tour EXT), the new model can sit between 6 and 9 individuals.

Photo via The Voice Article
Both now available nationwide, the current MSRP on the Airstream Tommy Bahama Special Edition trailer is $114,600, while that of the Interstate touring coach will be $165,050.

Tommy Bahama and Airstream bring iconic quality and comfortable ease together beautifully in the new Special Edition Tommy Bahama Travel Trailer and Touring Coach.
From the travel trailer’s rear hatch to bring in the ocean breeze to the touring coach’s powered wood blinds and Tommy Bahama d├ęcor accents, the new special editions are built for relaxation and adventure.

Want all the updates? Fill out this form to get the latest news and be the first in the know when it comes to this new Tommy Bahama-Airstream partnership!

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