Dec 21, 2017

Inside Games for Winter Weather

One great thing about summertime is that when the little ones start to get restless - you can send them outside to hunt for bugs, run around, or just generally entertain themselves. But the colder winter weather can throw a wrench in that - so to make sure you survive the “inside months” with your sanity, we’ve put together a list of easy games. They don’t require too many supplies and you can whip them out at a moment's notice for a little family fun (we’ve also put them in order of least amount of supplies needed to most amount of supplies needed - just for fun).

Flying School

So this is really a two-part activity. First, you can spend time making the perfect paper airplane and then you can compete to see who can get the most points in flying school. As you can see - materials are minimal, just a few pieces of computer paper and one larger piece of construction paper and you are all set.

Target Golf

Another equally easy project - take any old box and cut various size windows in the front of it, labeling each one with a different point system. If you don’t happen to have golf clubs on hand - you could easily turn this into a ball rolling game that would provide just as much competition and fun.

Saran Wrap Ball

This one requires a little more pre-planning, but nothing a trip to the Dollar Store or a local convenience or grocery store couldn’t quickly fix. Basically, you start with a prize and some saran wrap - and you just start wrapping, stuffing more candy and toys between the layers of saran wrap. Once you have a decent size ball - hand it over to the little ones to unravel. Each time they reach a treat - they pass the ball onto someone else, until all the prizes are gone. How fun does this one sound?!?

Marble Race Track

So depending on what supplies you have left over from summer, you might not need to get anything for this - but you have to have a pool noodle. Once you have that - this is a super easy project. Cut the noodle in half and put one end on a higher surface . Next you need to connect it to a show box at the bottom - and send the marbles flying down.

Laundry Basket Skee Ball

If you have multiple laundry baskets hanging around - this game requires nearly no additional supplies. You will have to make a launch ramp - but it’s as simple as cutting open a cereal box to curve inside a shoe box. Once that’s done - set the baskets up at varying lengths and go for it!

Honestly, as we were writing this - we realized these games could be just as much for adults - and we may or may not be getting ready to play Flying School as we speak. So regardless of who you choose to play them with - we hope you enjoy!
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Nov 17, 2017

More features, fewer choices

More features, fewer choices:

How one team tackled a clean-sheet design challenge


It often seems like the RV industry has a "me-too" complex: If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, a successful new model or floorplan will soon be "flattered" by any number of competitors.

So what happens when a product development team has the opportunity to truly start from scratch? In the case of the team behind Winnebago's new Class A Intent, it can be both freeing and a bit intimidating.

"It was quite a journey," commented Niles Whitehouse, Winnebago Product Manager for Class A gas coaches. "

"We did a lot of research with customers to determine what features are most important to them, and to better understand how they actually use their motorhomes. Our goal was to deliver the best customer experience possible." (See Niles give a walkthrough tour of the Intent here.)

Somewhat surprisingly, one outcome was that Winnebago took a fresh look not only at what they were building, but at how they built it.

"The Intent uses new processes, a new 100% dedicated production line, and what we call a modular approach, where the four floorplans share most of the features in common. In fact, there are very few options available on the Intent," noted Whitehouse.

"All of this lets us build more value in, take some costs out, and pass the savings on to our customers."

The second outcome, of course, is the Intent itself. The Class A gas model is characterized by its sleek appearance, well-thought-out design, and an unexpected wealth of features.

Available only in white ("more visible and reflects more sunlight," noted Product Manager Whitehouse), the Intent gives you a choice of accent stripe color.

The coach is built on Ford's F-53 chassis, and uses Winnebago's proven SuperStructure technology to surround the cab with a sturdy steel framework. That allows the Intent to have slimmer A-pillars, resulting in outstanding visibility through the expansive front windshield.

The cab is also notable for its patented dash with snap-in accessories. An aluminum channel runs along the dash, allowing driver and passenger to place accessories like cupholders and a work station right where they want them. The rear-view monitor even swivels, meaning no more neck craning to see what's going on behind you.

Other shared elements include a walkaround queen bed, exterior entertainment system (under the awning), powered bed over the cab and a sofa and dinette.

And every Intent galley includes the same residential-style refrigerator, microwave, three-burner range/oven, pantry, and double sink set in the spacious countertop.

Another example of the "clean sheet" approach is the LP tank system. Rather than a fixed conventional tank that requires a trip to a propane supplier to fill, the Intent uses up to four easily exchangeable 20-pound propane cylinders, just like the ones used to power barbecue grills.

Additional thoughtful touches include storage compartments below the entry steps, a stand-up desk, and a rear gas fill so it doesn't matter which side of the pump you pull in on.

Every Intent comes with an Onan generator and 1kilowat inverter, and is pre-wired for solar panels. The four floorplans range from 26'10" to 31'10," and feature either dual slideouts or a full-wall driver's-side slide.

It may be a coach with few available options, but the Intent includes a long list of standard features that experienced RVers will recognize and appreciate. You can learn more about the Intent here.

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We think it’s safe to assume you’ve heard of REI, but what we’re curious to know is whether or not you’ve heard of their #OptOutside campaign - and how exactly you plan to respond to it.

November 24, 2017 marks the 3rd year REI will be closed on the notorious Black Friday ‘holiday’ in order to live out the lifestyle they sell. They are encouraging their employees and their customers alike - actually any and all outdoor enthusiasts - to skip the shopping lines and enjoy the great outdoors. This year they are taking it one step further by encouraging you to share your outdoor adventures with the world through their campaign hashtag, #OptOutside.

Trust us, we find the sales following Thanksgiving as tempting as the next person, but not nearly as memorable as the moments we treasure with Mother Nature.

So, what do you say? Will you #OptOutside this year? We plan to.

For tips on some great destinations, check out our Nifty 50 Park List or other dream destinations on Pinterest!
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Unsung Southern Destinations

Head south for some warmer weather this winter!

The winter months bring with them some wonderful things - beautiful snow, hot cocoa by the fire, great holiday celebrations with family and friends - but at after a while, the cold weather can start to wear on us. But thankfully, it’s nothing a little road trip can’t fix! Head to any of these great southern destinations guaranteed to help you thaw out so you can make it through the rest of the winter months. 

1. Greenville, SC
This small town in the Upstate of South Carolina is gaining a reputation as an up-and-comer. Their downtown is cute as a button - with wide streets tree lined streets full of great shops and food choices. Adjacent to downtown, you’ll find Falls Park on the Reedy. This park is famous for its pedestrian suspension bridge that is supported on one side, giving walkers a clear view of the river as they pass. If you’re up for a bit of a longer hike - check out the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The trail is 20 miles long and runs along the Reedy River and through several city parks.

2. Naples, Florida
Snowbirds have the right idea - who wouldn’t want to head to Florida in the middle of the winter? While Naples is known for it’s high-end shopping and beautiful white sand beaches - they also have some amazing ways to get outdoors and enjoy the amazing Florida wildlife. Top on our list would be the Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park that offers great hiking trails, bird watching, and even some fishing spots. Another must see spot is the Naples Botanical Gardens. If you head down there before January 3rd, you can check out their Night Lights in the Gardens display, which - as the name implies - puts the gardens into a spectacular display of lights.

3. Birmingham, Alabama
As the largest city in Alabama - we weren’t expecting Birmingham to have such an extensive nature preserve - but they do, and that’s why they made our list! The Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve has it all - 14 miles of trails to hike, several mining sites that were used in the 1950s, and even a quarry you can check out. Another must-see spot is Railroad park. This 19 acre park in central downtown was developed as a tribute to the city’s history. And if you visit before the end of the year, they have an ice-skating rink that sounds like too much fun.

4. Dawsonville, GA
This town, found slightly northeast of Atlanta, is home to one of the most spectacular state parks we’ve ever visited -- Amicalola Falls State Park. This particular park has too many trails to count, including some that mark the end of the Appalachian Trail. But - our personal favorite - is the one that leads up to the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River - appropriately called Amicalola Falls. If you make it up there - there is a great bridge that walks you across the falls so you can see the water coming and going. The falling water has a magical, ethereal quality that is not to be missed.

5. Chattanooga, TN
Found along the Tennessee River at the bottom of the Appalachian Trail - Chattanooga, TN is home to one of the amazing and incredible, Lookout Mountain. Not only can you see seven - that’s right, SEVEN - different states from the top of this mountain - but it has two other incredible destinations nestled inside it. Hidden in the depths of this mountain is Ruby Falls - America’s largest underground waterfall. The waterfall is often illuminated with interesting colored lights to add to the dramatic effect. As you continue to climb to the top of the mountain - you can make your way through Rock City, which basically looks like a garden paradise. The beautiful, sweeping foliage is a wonderfully stark contrast to the rock formations. Truly incredible.

While we can’t guarantee that all of these destinations will be sporting 70+ degree temperatures, they are sure to be warmer than some of the snowy northern destinations - and hopefully will be enough fun to keep you energized through the spring time!

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Oct 20, 2017

The Growing Market for Off-Road-Capable RVs

The Growing Market for Off-Road-Capable RVs


When it comes to choosing a campsite, most RVers think of a public or private campground: full hookups, maybe a picnic table and a fire ring. Or in a pinch, boondocking at a Walmart.

But there's growing number of RVers who rarely set foot (or tire) in a traditional campground. They prefer the wide-open spaces and night skies of the back country — national forests, Bureau of Land Management lands, national monuments and other far-off-the-beaten-path destinations.

These adventurers are driven partly by youth: According to KOA's 2017 North American Camping Report, millennials make up 38 percent of active campers, and account for half of all new campers since 2016.

“Not only are these younger campers highly social, but they’re also more physically active,” the KOA report says. “More physically active types of recreation are increasing in popularity, with mountain biking, hiking/backpacking, and canoeing/kayaking all gaining since 2014.”

And because they favor remote places often accessible only with four-wheel drive vehicles, a mini-industry has grown up around converting suitable vans and trucks into campers. Depending on the design, specs, and who is doing the conversion, this “upfitting,” can run $50,000 or more—over and above the cost of the vehicle—with a wait time of up to six months, a year, or more.

Now there's another option, as one major RV manufacturer has taken notice of the growing movement. Winnebago has just announced the Revel, a new, full-function compact RV built on the Mercedes-Benz 4WD Sprinter chassis.

With its high ground clearance, beefy stance and no-nonsense interior, it's clear the Revel is not trying to appeal to the traditional RVer. For example, there's no bed in the conventional sense. Rather, a platform bed lowers into the gear storage space once the rig is parked. And while it does have a shower, the Revel's cassette-style toilet eliminates the need for a blackwater holding tank, allowing a larger freshwater tank. Solar panels further hint at the Revel's off-the-grid capabilities.

"Americans are hardwired to explore," noted Russ Garfin, the Winnebago product manager responsible for the Revel. "And there's so much of America waiting to be explored.

"But to really get out there, you've got to change your priorities somewhat. Living space and, to some degree, comfort and convenience, have to take a bit of a back seat to capabilities. If something is not essential, it's certainly going to be looked at very carefully. We even made the coach air conditioning system an option — some people don't feel they need it, and would just as soon have a little more hauling capacity."

While Winnebago hasn't divulged sales goals, it's clear they've put a lot of thought into the rugged little Revel. According to Product Manager Garfin, "It's the most off-road-capable RV we've ever built. We're excited to see where it can go."

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Sep 22, 2017

The 65th Annual California RV Show & How to Get There

There are lots of RV shows around the country - but the California RV Show is one that you just cannot miss. It’s coming up in just a few weeks - beginning on October 6th and running until the 15th - so we’ve planned the ultimate California road trip leading you down the coastline to Pomona just in time for the 65th year of the show.

So, without further ado - here is the plan:

First stop - Eureka, which is on the list solely because of its name. Kidding - of course! This great little city is the largest coastal city between Portland and San Francisco - and offers one of the last stretches of coastline, known as the Lost Coast Trail, that is completely undeveloped and only accessible by foot. The trail winds backpackers through tucked-away beaches up to towering vistas that overlook the Pacific Ocean.

Next up - head slightly east to drive on the The Avenue of the Giants, found in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. This 31 miles stretch of two lane road is surrounded by the highest density of truly ginormous redwoods found anywhere in the redwood belt. Throughout the route there are parking areas and picnic sites for taking it all in - and a nearby river makes for a fun pitstop.

Moving down the state - head toward Vallecito, which is home to the largest cave in California, known as Moaning Cavern. This cavern is so big, it could fit the entire Statue of Liberty inside - and, to get into the cave, you can walk down a huge spiral staircase that was installed in the 1900s.

There is time for one more stop before Pomona and that is Ojai. The town itself has a lot to offer - with boutique hotels and shops, a local farmer's market, and great access to hiking that leads you to beautiful waterfalls and hot springs on Matilija Creek.

And finally - on to the main event - the 65th Annual California RV Show. When you arrive in Pomona, you will be greeted by the ferris wheel- which makes the fairgrounds easy to find and is free to ride during the show. Once you get on the fairgrounds - there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied for all 11 days of the show,


This is a star-studded event. To start, Mario Lopez and Jennie Garth will be on site to meet-and-greet their fans and there will be several bands making appearances throughout the event to keep you entertained while you browse. Bands include:
  • Honey Country Band
  • Deja U Too
  • James Resnick Band

The show will have over 60 educational sessions on a number of different topics, including:
  • RV Buying Seminar
  • Campground Desserts 
  • Trailer Driving & Towing
  • RV Maintenance
  • Traveling with Pets
Just to name a few.

… And, of course, RVs - and RV related products - everywhere.

This show has more RVs than you could image - over 1,400 to be exact, including ones from over 25
Southern California dealers - so no matter what type or class you are looking for, you can check it out in person at the event. Often, dealers will have show specials going on to make it worth your while - so make sure to come with that in mind. You may be able to get exactly what you want, for even less than you expected.

If you already have an RV you’re happy with - representatives from the various manufacturers will be on hand to answer any questions you have about your unit - and there are tons of vendors on site selling all kinds of cool RV related products to truly make your RVing experience.

Make sure to get your tickets here as soon as possible and get ready for the RV show of the season. You won’t be sorry.
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Sep 19, 2017

It’s a win-win!

You can protect wildlife and win an RV

Boy - do we have a deal for you.

RV Trader has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation, Keystone RV, and Jellystone Park to bring you a feel good giveaway that’s super easy to enter. All you have to do is visit before October 16th and pledge to camp. It’s that easy.

And - by making a pledge to go camping - you will be entered to win a 2018 Bullet COLT RV AND help us reach our goal of having 150,000 pledges. If we hit our pledge goal - the National Wildlife Federation will donate 5,000 regionally-specific native trees, helping to build a habitat for the wildlife we love so much.

And you thought camping couldn’t get any better!

And the fall is such a great time to get outdoors and camp. You can enjoy quality time unplugged with your family, while snuggled under cozy blankets enjoying s’mores around the campfire. To make sure you’re always camping responsibly - don’t forget to:
  • Always leave your campsite the way you found it. Responsible camping now means our favorite campsites can be enjoyed by generations to come. 
  • Walk on established trails and cook on a campfire stoves because it really does make a big difference. 
  • Stay in a designated RV camper area, if you are traveling in an RV.
There’s still time left to join the Great American Campout and be entered to win your very own 2018 Bullet COLT RV. 

YOGI BEAR and all related characters and elements © & TM Hanna-Barbera. (s17)
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Aug 11, 2017

5 Totally Unexpected Benefits of RVing

By Kimberly Travaglino 
Fulltime Families Co-Founder

Image result for fulltime families logo

You’ve seen the brochures of RVs parked along the banks of picturesque lakes, and wide smiling faces sticky with fire roasted s’mores. You probably know that RVing is a great way to explore national treasures while still enjoying all the comforts of home. See America mile-by-mile by day and sleep in your own bed each night! Stock up the fridge before you leave and you’ll have all your favorite nibbles wherever you roam.

You’re probably already familiar with these great benefits of RVing, so we asked 5 families who are “RVing experts” exactly how RVing has benefited their families in unexpected ways...benefits that might be missed during a walk through a dealership.

A note about these experts: they are all part of an organization called Fulltime Families, dedicated to young, working, full-time RVers. These experts have sold their homes and hit the road in search of a stronger bond with their children, a slower lifestyle... and, ultimately, the adventure of a lifetime.

Unexpected Benefit #1: Less is more!

Let’s face it, whether you’re heading out for the weekend, or launching on a summer-long cross country trip, there’s only so much stuff you can bring along in your limited space. Somewhere in the midst of enjoying an evening campfire or an early morning pancake breakfast, you realize you actually have everything you truly need in your RV. You may start questioning why you even have all that “extra” stuff back home!

Jessica Jeffrey reminds us, “Having less stuff and less to take care of means I get to spend more quality time with my husband and kids.”

Unexpected Benefit #2: Learning alongside your kids truly is the best way to learn.

Summer vacation usually means that education is put on hold, but when you go RVing as a family, learning opportunities abound around every corner. How can you not talk Civil War history while picnicking at Gettysburg? How can you not discuss the wonders of creation while unearthing anemones in the tide pools along the Pacific? How can you resist pointing out the constellations while your eyes are raised to the heavens on those incomparably beautiful evenings?

Kimberly Travaglino, co-host of Roadschool Moms, a weekly podcast for homeschoolers on the road, remind us:

“You only need to think back to your own childhood to know the best lessons can be taught in pajamas, under a starry sky”.

Unexpected Benefit #3: Leave your stress behind.

Did you know there’s no room for anxiety in a hammock? How about that a campfire can melt your worries away? RVing is the antidote to the “busy” so many of us find ourselves stuck in. Instead of spending your weekend at your local home improvement store, drive your RV to your local soul improvement area (i.e., your favorite campground)and spend some time unwinding.

“Simplifying our life and living a simple life (TV’s have been replaced with board games, puzzles, music at meals, etc) as a family created a noticeable and surprising peace and calm for all of us,” says Eric Benson of

Unexpected Benefit #4: Have you tried to cook in a hotel room?

Seriously - have you tried to fit a gallon of milk in that tiny fridge? When you RV, not only do you bring along all the comforts of home, but you get to bring your favorite foods, too. With a refrigerator, microwave, and oven in your RV galley, you can make your family’s favorite meals on-the-go. On a special diet? RVing makes it easy to stick to the foods that fuel your fun! Wanna keep it simple? The @JamesGang suggests: “Why not cook some of your meals over a campfire? You’ll be making cherished memories as dinner becomes an adventure of it’s own.”

Unexpected Benefit #5: Three cheers for new friends!

If you’ve never gone RVing, then you may know the most important, most vital and most priceless unexpected benefit you’ll likely encounter are new friends! Remember that 1950s community your grandparents always tell stories about? Well, here’s a secret: it’s alive and well, recaptured in campgrounds across America. You’ll find lots of friendly folks enjoying the simple life as you stroll around the campground. Don’t be surprised if you’re invited to random campfires or if your children strike up friendships at the playground. It’s common for campers to connect and make plans for future RVing adventures down the road!

So, there you have it - the top 5 most unexpected benefits of RVing. 

We hope you find many more unexpected benefits as you and your family launch your own RV adventures!

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RV Safety Resources You Need to Know About

Isn’t it interesting that you need a specific license to drive a bus and certain kinds of trucks, but you can drive RVs right off the lot of the dealership? Isn’t it curious that the biggest RV fires can be caused by the improper maintenance of the tiniest wire?

RV emergency preparedness and overall safety can be a little overwhelming and downright confusing at times. But with the proper resources, it is possible for you to feel like you have it all together... After all, the more prepared you are for incidents before they occur and the more trained you are to deal with potential issues, the less likely you are to be sidelined by mishaps on your vacation.

Check out this list of some of our top-ranked resources, and your friends and family will call you the RV safety guru in no time.

Escapees RV Club

Image: TripSavvy

Full access to safety and education resources, including weight and load management, driving tips, towing safety, tire and accessory resources, and more. They also provide updates on recent RV model recalls, and give you access to a collection of valuable safety websites.

Image: FEMA Life Safety 

It’s been said that the hardest part about operating a fire extinguisher, for many people, is knowing how to maneuver it the first time you use it. But did you know there are 8 different types of extinguishers, all with specific, targeted purposes and functions? Don’t be left wondering if you bought the right one… you don’t want to find out when it’s too late. Use this guide to choose the right one, or even buy more than one to further prepare yourself for worst case scenarios before they appear.

Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance

Image: Gold Dust West 

There’s a reason why so many RVers (and automobile drivers in general) use Good Sam’s services. Their Roadside Assistance program is ranked #1 on, and the way they combine affordability with a thorough provision of resources is honestly incomparable. With towing and tire services, family and vehicle coverage, and on-staff techs available for dispatch, they’ve got everything you need to ensure you’re always taken care of during an emergency. And you won’t believe the price until you see it… talk about a great deal. Find out more about this top-ranked program now.

DIY RV’s RV Technician Finder

Image: DIY RV 

Trouble figuring out where to look for the best technician for your RV? No problem. In this handy guide, DIY RV walks you through the best way to find a trusted and successful technician, no matter where in the country you are or what kind of issue you’re having.

Roadtrip America’s RV Fire Safety Questionnaire

In this insightful article, you’ll find a list of some of the top questions to ask yourself if you really want to know whether your RV is truly ‘fire safe’ while on the road. They also provide you with an interesting guide to the most common causes of fires for different types of RVs - some of which may be surprising.

Motorhome Magazine’s Open Roads Forum

There will come a point in time where, just like with everything else in life, you will have a question that websites and resources just don’t seem to have the answer for. Why not ask the larger community of RVers instead? On Motorhome Mag’s Open Roads forum, you can ask any question you’d like, broken out into tons of different categories. You’ll get honest answers from a caring and thoughtful community of RV owners, and will likely get the answers you need in no time.

Recreation Vehicle Safety and Education Federation

Image: Larry and Lu's Travels 

The purpose of RVSEF is to provide the RV community with professional advice and training resources so that RVers can enjoy their experience to the fullest. The group is endorsed by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), with emphasis on “its unbiased focus solely on safety advocacy.” Countless resources can be found on the RVSEF website, but a few of our favorites are their printable list of emergency numbers, Driving Safety program (available both online and at some rallies), and their RV Weight and Tire Glossary.

RV Education 101 - RV University

If you’re looking for the full package when it comes to RV safety training and preparation, look no further than RV Education 101. Just as their name claims, they are all about one thing: teaching RVers like you exactly what you need to know before you hit the road. The big winner here: they provide a full program called “RV University,” where educational videos, books, and more will give you all the information you’d ever need to RV safely. One of our top picks when it comes to their resources would be the “Learning RVs the Easy Way” program, which comes in both eBook and DVD format. It’s simple, to-the-point, and will still give you all the info you need to become a pro RVer in no time.
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RV Golf Getaways: 7 of the Best RV-Friendly Resorts for Golfers

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy countless outdoor activities, but we’ve found one pastime in particular has become hugely popular among RVers. No matter their age or gender, people who love to golf have been known to revolve entire vacations around places where they can head out onto the course for a game with family or friends. 

And there’s no catch - many of these “golfing RV resorts” actually have countless other traditional amenities as well - but simply center around challenging course setups with one-of-a-kind scenery. Bringing together the recommendations of numerous bloggers, golf magazines, and golfing RVers themselves, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the best destinations to plan an RV golf getaway as the summer winds down. 

Which one will you escape to?

Viewpoint RV 
Mesa, Arizona
Image: RoverPass

RV sites: 330+

Courses: 9-hole exec., 18-hole championship

Part of the Encore family of resorts, this location boasts a championship course over 6,000 yards in size. Complete with an on-site ‘ProShop’ carrying countless name brand items, you can rest assured you’ll never be without the necessary clubs or equipment for a great day out on the course. The resort also provides its guests with access to other sports facilities as well, including tennis, basketball, volleyball, pickleball, and shuffleboard. 

Emerald Desert
Palm Desert, California

Image: TripAdvisor

RV sites: 250+

Courses: 9-hole exec.

Describing themselves as “the jewel of Palm Desert,” this destination truly is a gem hidden in the middle of the desert! With numerous luxury amenities (including a lagoon-style pool and putting course), there are several championship greens located just nearby the resort, making it a popular pick for golfers looking to try their hand at courses of various styles and challenges.

Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort
Casa Grande, Arizona

Image: TripAdvisor

RV sites: 24

Courses: 27-hole championship

A 55+ community, this resort’s website explains that they “pair world-class amenities with a vibrant social network of active, friendly adults.” Their par-three course has garnered great ratings on a number of travel websites, and that’s not all there is to do. With over 160 activities hosted on-site every week, you’ll always have a day full of experiences surrounded by outgoing and fun-loving neighbors.

Gold Canyon RV and Golf Resort
Gold Canyon, Arizona

Image: Good Sam Club

RV sites: 24

Courses: 9-hole exec.

The resort has earned years of accolades from Good Sam Club for their well-kept facilities and always beautifully maintained greenery, and it may be one of the most well-manicured RV resort golf courses we’ve ever seen. You’ll never run out of things to do here, as the location hosts countless events throughout the year, including wine tastings, live music, and more.

The Springs at Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course
Borrego Springs, California

RV sites: 90

Course: 9-hole championship

While a number of things make this resort stand out among others, it’s the ‘island green’ color of the courses that really caught our eye. Well-kept and in sharp contrast to the rocky terrain of the surrounding mountains, the views may just take your breath away. If you’re up for a challenge, this is definitely the place for you - water traps and bunkers keep you striving for an accurate shot. Oh, and did we mention this is an extremely popular spot to go stargazing at night?

Mallard Creek Golf Course and RV Resort
Lebanon Oregon

Image: Mallard Creek

RV sites: 43

Courses: 18-hole championship

Nestled on the beautiful Hamilton Creek, this location’s 7,000 yard course gives pristine views of the Cascade Mountains, making for a picturesque tee time like no other. Rated by Good Sam as one of the top 50 RV Parks in the country for five years in a row, the destination even provides its visitors with the chance to try their hand (or foot, as we should say) at foot golf: a crossover between two beloved American pastimes. Check out the resort and consider an affordable Stay and Play package, one of the deals that makes this place a favorite for golfers all over the Pacific Northwest.

Deer Creek RV and Golf
Davenport, Florida

Image: Golf Advisor

RV sites: 160+

Course: 18-hole executive

Located just 20 minutes away from countless famed Orlando theme parks, this is a great place to visit whether you’re looking for a golf getaway or just a couple days at a course in this popular area. With activities ranging from line dancing to Texas Hold ‘Em card games and more, this is a great low-key environment for anyone looking for a laid-back escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. They even have a Tiki bar open during some times of the year, making for the ultimate Floridian RV golf getaway.

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These RVs Will Make You Say “Wait..what?”

RVs come in all different shapes and sizes - from big to small, square to curved - but no matter what shape RV you prefer...but none seem to compare to these strange and hilarious trailer setups we’ve found floating around the internet. You’ve honestly got to see them to believe them, so we’ve rounded up the top 16 motorhomes that have just made us say “...What is going on here?” 

Take a look! 

Image: RV 123

Well...that’s one way to tow a pull-behind.

Image: DIY RV

We don’t know if this started as a bus or a tank, but now it’s definitely something unique. 
Used for what, we couldn’t tell you.

Image: Pinterest

The tiny home craze is going viral these days, 
but this might be the most extreme version we’ve ever seen.

Image: Flickr

Apparently National Watermelon Day was last week… 
Looks like someone maybe got a little too carried away?

At first glance, we thought this was just a plane chopped in half without wings...
but alas, it’s a motorhome on the inside. Interesting idea...

Image: Co.Design

Well, if you’re afraid of heights, we apologize for showing you this. 

Image: Pinterest

Looks like someone wanted a Volkswagen, but definitely needed a lot more room...

Image: Pinterest
Now that is the definition of luxury...
this is honestly probably nicer inside than a lot of good-sized homes these days.

Image: UK Hippy
What do you think - the first ever RV?

Image: My RV Parks
There’s a cow on top of this motorhome. We’re not sure why, but there is one.

Image: DIY RV
“If maintenance wasn’t an issue…” DIY RV honestly described this perfectly.

Image: DIY RV
A tiny RV for your junior campers? We’ve honestly never seen anything like least one as realistic looking as this one. Would you buy it for your kids?

Image: The Meta Picture
We knew the Mystery Machine was real...

Image: RV 123
This is super cool and all, but we think this guy may have misinterpreted what their friends meant when they said “You’re an RVer? You should consider a houseboat too!”

Image: RV 123 least it’s cutting down on carbon emissions and gas expenses, are we right?

Image: Pinterest
The new definition of an “RV park?” We know this isn’t just one RV, but we couldn't’ help but share this restructured neighborhood of RVs. Between a mobile home apartment complex, a trailer jungle gym, 
and a surprisingly nice display of thrown-away units, this might be one of the coolest ‘trailer park’ setups we’ve seen in a long time.

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