The next best thing to being there

You can browse through photos, study floorplans or even take a video tour.  But as experienced RV shoppers know, there’s nothing like actually walking through an RV to truly understand how it feels to be right there inside.

Until now, anyway.

With the recent launch of WinnVision, Winnebago has introduced a virtual reality experience that lets you seamlessly “walk through“ an RV so you can see it from all perspectives.

And while WinnVision goes far beyond a 360-degree view shot from one position, the technology can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones, with no special software required.

“It’s truly a game changer,” noted Scott Degnan, Winnebago’s Vice President of Sales and Product Management.  “Not only is this a first for our industry, but Winnebago is one of the first major consumer brands in the world to put this extraordinary technology to use.”

To experience WinnVision for yourself, see the Grand Tour gallery here or check out the growing library of WinnVision “experiences” for Winnebago models at
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