How to Get New Customers Into Your Dealership

You have a strong customer base, but you're not getting as many leads as you used to from traditional marketing methods. You sink more money into television advertisements, paid search ads, radio commercials and billboards, but your ROI isn't hitting the mark. It's time to consider inbound marketing strategies.

What is inbound marketing?

With traditional marketing, also called outbound marketing, you're sending out your message and hoping your audience responds. Inbound marketing takes the opposite approach by attracting customers to your marketing assets: Instead of using straightforward advertising messaging, inbound marketing focuses on creating value for the customer. Common forms of inbound marketing include blog posts, online videos, email newsletters, guides and infographics.

The benefits of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing's biggest benefit is drastically reducing the cost you pay per lead; Hubspot reports the typical company pays 61 percent less for inbound leads compared to its outbound costs. Customers also self-screen themselves with inbound marketing, since only interested people click through to view your marketing assets.

With inbound marketing you take the role as a trusted advisor for potential customers instead of someone trying to actively convince them to buy. While you spread marketing call to actions throughout your inbound marketing materials, you also know they're always relevant to the content; you can therefore build trust with your leads and give them a reason to return. Customers associate your dealership with a knowledgeable and authoritative business, so they come to you when they're ready to buy.

Inbound marketing ideas

You have many options for implementing inbound marketing strategies and bringing in new customers. The following ideas will get you started on attracting customers to your dealership, instead of sending your message out blindly.

             RV owner tips newsletter: Email newsletters provide you with a valuable way to connect with your customers. Your tips provide a helpful resource for new and experienced RV owners, and you can ask your email list to contribute their tips.
             Guide to the best places to drive: Create a local guide to scenic routes, and help your customers imagine doing these drives in one of your RVs.
             Video reviews of RV models: Put your leads right in the action with engaging video reviews of your favorite RV models.
             Twitter chats on RV topics: Social media channels let you engage directly with potential customers. Use a Twitter hashtag to coordinate a RV chat and catch your audience's interest.

Your dealership gains many benefits from adding inbound marketing to your existing marketing strategy. Bring your leads to you, and keep them around by offering exceptional value. Reach out to us at RV Trader for more assistance.
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