Fantastic 4: 2016 Journey

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We’re putting the finishing touches on the 2016 Journey/Meridian and want to spotlight four of our favs.
#1 & #2  It’s a cook’s kitchen
JR-Galley-16Don’t use the word galley for this one. Feature #1 in the 38P floorplan is a brilliant wraparound kitchen design that offers a countertop extension and behind the sink riser.  This is perfect for complex meal prep before, and serving later.  Feature #2 is the pot filler faucet behind the range.   Beyond the convenience, this luxury residential feature points how how easy it is for two people to be working at the same time.
#3 The best Infotainment System. . .period
JR-Dash-16At the heart of our dual screen Infotainment system is a 10.5” display – the largest in the industry.  This is approaching Tesla territory in terms of display size.  With multiple exterior camera display, AM/FM radio, Sirius XM, auxiliary input, and Rand McNally RV-specific GPS integration, this truly changes the driver’s experience in terms of visibility and control.
#4 Max storage with the Maxum Chassis
JR-Ext Storage Tray Out-16Another Winnebago exclusive is our Maxum Chassis.  By lowering the frame rails the handling characteristics of the motorhome improve, but when you hook up at your site the real magic unfolds with huge roll-out storage.  Not only can you have it all. . .you can take it with you.
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