Feb 25, 2016

RVB/RV Trader Survey Gauges Dealer Outlooks

 In an effort to gauge North American RV dealer sentiment on a range of relevant topics,RVBusiness and RV Trader, a leading online classifieds site for buying and selling RVs, are e-mailing a short annual dealer survey on Wednesday (Feb. 24) to hundreds of North American RV retailers.
Results of the non-intrusive, non-scientific “2016 RVB/RV Trader Dealer Survey,” designed to generate a summary look back at 2015 and a speculative glance forward into retailers’ outlooks for 2016, will appear on RVBUSINESS.com, RVTrader.com and in the March/April issue of RVBusiness magazine.
gI_115442_RVTrader_green_Logo_hirez“This is the second consecutive year in which we’re assembling an annualized snapshot of the market from dealers’ perspectives,” said RVB Publisher Sherman Goldenberg. “It’s designed to give retailers an opportunity to pause for just a moment – there’s only 21 questions – and reflect on the year in which they’ve just closed the books. At the same time, it gives them a chance to speculate on their outlooks for 2016 based on everything they’re seeing out there in the marketplace and in the general economy.
“We greatly appreciate the participation and well placed advice this year of RV Trader and the Norfolk, Va., firm’s director of strategic initiatives, Tim Custer,” added Goldenberg, who, with Custer, is looking to have survey responses back in hand by the end of business on Mar. 1.
Dealers who don’t receive the emailed survey can access them through the related banners on both RVBUSINESS.com and RVTrader.com as well as through this link.
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Feb 17, 2016

SylvanSport Partners with Winnebago Outdoor

SylvanSport Go-Easy trailer
SylvanSport GO-Easy trailer
SylvanSport continues to respond to growing consumer demand with the announcement of its new partnership with Winnebago Outdoor, the brand that celebrates the heritage of the Winnebago RV lifestyle with apparel, gifts and gear.
According to a press release, SylvanSport’s GO-Easy, an “adventure” utility trailer, is now available at the Winnebago Outdoor store in Forest City, Iowa, and online at http://www.winnebagooutdoor.com/.
This recent development is part of SylvanSport’s aggressive expansion plan. In response to the high demand for the company’s durable, lightweight Mobile Adventure Gear trailers, SylvanSport has added eight new dealers nationwide since December.
“Partnerships with incredible outdoor recreation brands like Winnebago allow us to continue growing while pushing the limits of engineering and performance in outdoor travel equipment,” said Tom Dempsey, founder and CEO of SylvanSport. “The GO-Easy trailer is a perfect fit for all Class B Winnebago owners and this pairing is incredibly beneficial for all outdoor travelers.”
SylvanSport was founded with the goal of creating gear to match the evolving desire of outdoor adventure. As the company has grown, so too has its technology. The GO-Easy trailer focuses on efficiency with the capability of carrying up to six bikes, or four kayaks, while being pulled by a vehicle as small as a motorcycle.
“Our Class B Winnebago Touring Coach products, Travato and Era, are designed for adventure,” said Winnebago Director of Marketing Chad Reece. “SylvanSport’s Go-Easy adventure-utility trailer pairs naturally with these products and further enhances exploration on the trail, lake or river.”
SylvanSport will continue to expand its dealership network, making its revolutionary gear available to all outdoor adventure seekers.
This article originally appeared on RVBusiness.com.
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Feb 11, 2016

3 Tips to Optimize Your RV Dealership SEO and SEM

Whether you're a first time owner of a RV dealership or an experienced leader of a regional chain, good search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) can boost your bottom line; however, the algorithms used by Google and other major search engines are constantly changing, and that means today's SEO playbook has little in common with the SEO habits of earlier years.

Here's what you need to know about how to make an impact and sell RVs online.

1. Understand Your Market

Your market is your most important guide when crafting your SEO. For RV dealerships, the most important question is whether you're a purely local establishment or a regional presence. If the customers who typically buy a RV from your store are all in-town, there's no sense wasting effort trying to market to other areas (unless you want to expand), but if your customer base is regional, you should make sure to factor that into your keyword and content choices. Make sure keywords related to your market's towns and notable locations are mentioned on your site.

2. Don't "Keyword Stuff," But Choose Strong Content

In the early days of internet search engines, keywords were the only way to increase your search rankings. In response, webmasters began overusing keywords, even going so far as to include streams of invisible keyword text at the bottom of every page. Since then, search engines have implemented a variety of means for detecting and punishing pages that exhibit "keyword stuffing."
To avoid getting flagged as a keywordstuffer, never go out of your way to pepper your site with keywords. The best way to get your page noticed is to provide compelling content that encourages visitors to read it and share it with their friends and family. If your site is about RVs and written by and for RV fans, then the search engines will notice, no stuffing required. If you think your RV listings and other product information can't meet this need by themselves, don't hesitate to start a store blog. A blog that's written by somebody with expert knowledge of RVs--and is noticed and shared by your customers because of it--can be a great way to drive high quality traffic to your site, and your search rankings will improve accordingly.

3. Connect With Customers and Highlight Customer-Generated Content

The current name of the game in SEO is high value links, and search engine algorithms put the highest value on direct grass roots referrals. For your purposes, that means social media and word-of-mouth engagement with your customers. A visitor who navigated to your site by clicking on a direct link from their social media feed is the current gold standard for search rankings. You should also use your customer's content whenever possible to meet your SEO needs. Reviews are a great example, especially if you highlight your favorites on the product page. That text is now considered an integral part of the page by search engines, and since it's written by a real person expressing real opinions, the search engine algorithm is likely to consider it high value content.

Visit RVTrader.com today for more helpful tips about selling RVs online.
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Feb 9, 2016

Check Out These February Events!

Show Dates Website

Arkansas RV Show Feb 12-14 http://dgattractions.com/DG_Attractions.html
Coastal Bend Boat & RV Expo Feb 12-14  http://www.coastalbendboatandrvexpo.com/   
West Palm Beach RV Show Feb 12-15 http://events.frvta.org/west-palm-beach-rv-show/
Northeast RV Show, NY Feb 12-15 http://www.rocklandexpo.com/northeast-rv-show-exposition.htm
Austin RV Expo Feb 18-21 http://www.austinrvexpo.com/
Vermont State RV & Camping Feb 19-20 http://www.eastcoastshows.com/rv-vermontstate.html
Nashville Super Show Feb 19-21 http://www.bkproductions.biz/nashvillervsupershow
Maryland RV Show Feb 19-28 http://www.mdrv.com/RV-show-RVs-dealer-Maryland-MD-trailer-camper-motorhome.php
Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show Feb 19-28 http://indianapolisboatsportandtravelshow.com/#
Hot Springs Feb 26-28 http://dgattractions.com/DG_Attractions.html
Birmingham RV Super Show Feb 26-28 http://www.bkproductions.biz/birminghamrvsupershow
Fredericksburg RV Show Feb 26-28 http://www.fredericksburgrvshow.com/
Oregon State Salem RV Show (spring) Feb 11-14 http://www.salemspringrvshow.com/
CNY RV & Camping Show March 3-6 http://www.cnyrvshow.com/cny-rv-show.html
Eugene RV Show March 4-6 http://www.eugenervshow.com/
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A Full Timer’s Fifth Wheel

There’s no doubt full-time RVing has come a long way in the past several years.  RVs have gotten bigger, technology has improved, and more people are coming to grips that they can give up that 3000 sq. ft. house for a 430 sq. ft. RV. 

For Terry and Evada “Lady E” Cooper, full-time RVing isn’t just a lifestyle – it’s a profession.  Terry is a RVDA/RVIA Master Certified Technician and professional RV instructor.  He also happens to be President of the National RV Inspectors Association.  Lady E is a gourmet chef who has made RV cooking her passion – writing cookbooks and maintaining a blog dedicated to full-time RV living.

For several years, the Coopers have teamed up with Redwood Luxury Fifth Wheels to help design and develop Redwood’s line of full-time fifth wheels.  Terry provides the production team at Redwood with valuable insight on the design and construction of their fifth wheels, and every Redwood kitchen gets Lady E’s stamp of approval.  Redwood’s partnership with the Coopers has produced a unique symbiosis that normally isn’t found in the RV manufacturing world.  Having full-timers help in shaping the design and direction of Redwood’s fifth wheels has made it stand out among its competitive crowd, and has earned it the reputation of “a full-timer’s fifth wheel”. 
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2017 Crossroads Cruiser

Let’s face it – most fifth wheels today are cookie-cutter.  Most of them have the same colors (brown, light brown, and a slightly darker shade of brown), floor plans, appliances, etc. and SOMEHOW every single one of them is the best.  Now that’s hard to believe.   

The Crossroads Cruiser doesn’t claim to be the best fifth wheel ever made, but you sure wouldn’t know that if you talked to the folks that owned them.  For many of these people, their fifth wheel is their chance to make memories with their most cherished loved ones, and they’ve trusted us to help make those memories happen for them.  We never take for granted how personal it is to build someone’s dream.  Every nail, every weld, and every piece of wood is a promise from us to you that we hold this honor in the highest regard.

In the end, it’s not the fifth wheel that makes those starry August nights around the campfire so memorable, or the rainy days in May when you thought you could plan the perfect weekend...and it still turned out to be a perfect weekend – just wetter.  It’s not the fifth wheel that makes those memories, but ask around and you’ll find that it sure doesn’t hurt. 

You won’t hear us going on and on about all the things you would expect in a fifth wheel, but we would be honored to tell you about some of the things you wouldn’t.  Give us a try – it’ll be worth it.

Find the Crossroads Cruiser at your local Crossroads dealer, or learn more at CrossroadsRV.com  
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Feb 3, 2016

WinnebaGo Life Celebrates Second Anniversary

Winnebago Industries, Inc., a leading United States recreational vehicle manufacturer celebrates the second anniversary of its lifestyle blog, WinnebaGoLife (http://winnebagolife.com/). GoLife offers original stories, photos and video of lifestyle, travel, gear and Winnebago products.

“GoLife has made incredible strides in its first two years by setting very high editorial standards, and that has led to impressive year over year growth in visitors,” said Editor-in-Chief Don Cohen. “With a strong lineup of expert contributors, and new content being added nearly every day, we see a very bright future for GoLife.”

“We are very pleased with GoLife’s growth in readership,” said Winnebago’s Director of Marketing Chad Reece. “With a growing audience and a strong list of contributors, GoLife will continue to be the place to find high-quality RV lifestyle content.”

Contributors include: Cohen, Adam and Jenn Norrell, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Brad Herzog, Damon Bungard, Heath and Alyssa Padgett, James and Stef Adinaro, and Peter and Kathy Holcombe. Each GoLife contributor brings their own unique personal perspective, ranging from the fishing and hunting expeditions of Bungard, to the National Park travel adventures of the Holcombes.

“We have assembled an extraordinary team of talent who actually travel, camp and live in Winnebago products.” said Cohen. “We’re telling authentic, entertaining, and inspiring stories that everyone, from experienced RVers, to people considering buying their first RV, will enjoy. In the past two years we’ve posted 250 articles, 1,500 photos, and 45 videos -- all of which have been custom created for GoLife.”

In addition to the site, RV owners and enthusiasts can also follow WinnebagoLife on Flipboard, Facebook and Twitter.  There is also a monthly GoLife Newsletter featuring the latest stories, ideas and company news. Readers can sign up at http://winnebagolife.com/signup.

About Winnebago Industries

Winnebago Industries, Inc., "The Most Recognized Name in Motorhomes®”, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of recreation vehicles, which are used primarily in leisure travel and outdoor recreation activities.  The Company builds quality motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheel products.  Winnebago Industries has received the Quality Circle Award from the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association every year since 1996.  The Company's common stock is listed on the New York and Chicago Stock Exchanges and traded under the symbol WGO. Options for the Company's common stock are traded on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. For access to Winnebago Industries' investor relations material or to add your name to an automatic email list for Company news releases, visit http://investor.wgo.net
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5 Easy Tips for Cooking On The Open Road

The convenience of RV travel can't be beat, and a traveling kitchen is the cherry on top. Whether you own an RV or are a prospective buyer perusing RVTrader.com, knowing how to make the most of your kitchen and eat well on the road is essential. Below is a rundown of the basics.

1. Make a List and Check It Twice

Make a meal plan and shop ahead of time. Even if you don't typically meal plan at home, the limits of the road may sideline your dinner plans. If your travels take you to remote sites where your only neighbors are moose, chances are you aren't going to find a store to pop into to grab what you're missing for fajitas.

2. Organize and Lock It Up

Organize the cabinets before you take off. With limited counter space, it's extra important to prep your supplies before you're famished. Make friends with bungee cords for things left out, and get ready to be creative with your storage. Potholes and hairpins curves don't mix with fruit left on the counter. You've been warned!

3. Reinforcements from Home

Bring things that will make your life easier in your traveling kitchen, but make sure you only bring these essentials. You won't have room for all of your gadgets and tools, so be sure to pack a good skillet, a chef's knife and a small cutting board.

4. Just Add Spice

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to perk up your cooking is to make friends with fresh herbs and dried spices. They are a great way to infuse flavor and depth into your cooking without adding fat. They won't take up too much room and you'll use them every day while on the road. Don't forget other cooking basics, too, such as good-quality olive oil, kosher salt and a black pepper grinder.

5. Go Local

Save room in your plans for nights off! After all, travel is perfect for expanding your food repertoire. Almost every destination has something unique to offer up in the food realm. Dinner choices run the gamut, from famous restaurants to state fairs to roadside farm stands. Go where the day takes you, and if you need help, grab the ear of a local. Most folks are happy to share their hidden culinary favorites and old standbys.

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