Jul 29, 2015

Thor Motor Coach Continues to Impress with 2016 Class A Motorhomes

Thor Motor Coach (TMC) continues to impress customers across North America with new features available in 2016 A.C.E., Hurricane and Windsport Class A motorhomes. TMC builds a variety of unique styles, sizes and floor plans that feel custom-made – at a truly competitive price.

The highly sought-after A.C.E. continues to evolve this year. Along with the distinctive front brow which eliminates distracting sunlight and heat, a new automotive-style front cap and integrated LED driving lights add to the long list of driving benefits. TMC still features the Bird’s Eye™ window, located near the passenger’s feet so you can see if someone is on your left side while driving. You can also use your turn signals and utilize the side view camera system that makes changing lanes easier and safer.

Inside the cockpit of the A.C.E., comfort is the main focus. Leatherette captain’s chairs make driving long distances more comfortable. New this year is the screen mirroring technology in the touchscreen dash radio that allows you to use your own GPS navigation from your tablet or smart phone. While you’re behind the wheel, the passenger can write about your travels or use their laptop on the fold-out dash workstation that has 12-volt and 110-volt outlets nearby.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, the living space is phenomenal, no matter what floor plan you choose. With the expectation that an RV looks more like a home, all A.C.E. motorhomes feature Better Homes and Gardens® RV Fabric Collection. It’s the perfect fit of world class recognition and accessible style. Besides looking great, it feels great. The leatherette sofa is stylish and comfortable and provides a relaxing spot to unwind. The comfort continues into the bedroom with a Denver Mattress® bed underneath a designer headboard and topped with an elegant bedspread.

Not only is the A.C.E. comfortable and inviting, it’s overwhelmingly functional. The kitchen allows your inner chef to shine. The counter space provides more than enough room to prepare your meals while the gas cooktop, oven and microwave make it easy to cook. Once your meal is ready, you have plenty of options to sit and eat. You can choose to sit restaurant style in the cozy dinette, swivel the captain’s chairs around and place the stow-away coffee table in between, or even head outside underneath the patio awning. Storing all your food and supplies is not a problem in the A.C.E. with the ample amount of drawers and cabinets throughout the coach. From the pantry to the linen closet to the Motorhome Mudroom™ compartment in the entry steps, there’s a storage area everywhere you turn.

Hurricane and Windsport brands have new standard upgrades adding extra convenience for customers. TMC knows how important your four-legged friends are and want to keep them safe and close. That’s why they placed the Pet-Link™ Multi-Purpose Tie-Down in all Hurricane and Windsport motorhomes. It has always received rave reviews from A.C.E. owners and TMC wanted to expand their pet-friendly philosophy to more brands. The Pet-Link™ allows you to keep your pets within plain view while you’re relaxing outside. You can also use it to lock down your bike while you’re away for the day.

Also new this model year is the blank tank flush system aimed at taking the stink out of dumping the holding tanks by rinsing the black tank clean. In select models, TMC now features an 11-cu. ft. residential refrigerator with an ice maker and inverter, allowing you to run off battery power versus the generator while driving or dry-camping.

Convenience is definitely important while RVing, but so is your overall well-being. Cleaning time is cut short due to the low maintenance and durability of the residential vinyl flooring, leatherette furniture and solid surface kitchen countertops. You won’t have to worry about where to put your clothes and living essentials with the vast amount of storage areas located throughout the motorhome. There’s even a storage bin underneath the booth dinette that’s great for pots and pans.

A good night’s sleep is essential for a great next day and it’s definitely not a problem in any model you choose. All floor plans have a master bedroom featuring a premium Denver Mattress® bed and a new Cotton Cloud™ mattress in the hide-away overhead bunk. Using the overhead bunk barely takes a minute to set up. Just pull the safety pins, push a button to lower, climb up the bunk ladder and roll right in for the best sleep ever.

Let’s not forget the main reason for RVing – bonding with family and friends. All Hurricane and Windsport motorhomes present a variety of areas to socialize whether it’s meals at the dinette or movie night on the sofa. Over half of the floor plans offer an exterior kitchen standard which makes outside entertaining more enjoyable. You can grill chicken and hamburgers, wash your hands, store dry groceries and keep your drinks cold all within the exterior kitchen. You can even go a step further when you opt for the exterior 32-inch TV.

“Consumers’ demands for more amenities continue to grow and this drove our 2016 model designs,” said Chris Carter, Class A Gas Product Manager at Thor Motor Coach. “We know our customers want the biggest and newest technology so we increased the TV size throughout all Class A motorhomes. We also feature LED puck ceiling lights this year. Not only does the LED lighting provide better light distribution but it costs less money in the end because of the low wattage. The changes that we implement into our coaches might seem small but it makes a big difference for customers,” noted Carter. 
To find a 2016 motorhome made to fit your lifestyle, visit ThorMotorCoach.com.

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Jul 20, 2015

The All-New Leisure Lounge Plus

Triple E Recreational Vehicles, celebrating its 50th year in business in 2015, is excited to release the 2016 U24MB Unity Murphy Bed featuring the patent pending Leisure Lounge Plus.

Winkler, Manitoba, July 10, 2015 - Triple E RV, a leading Canadian Recreational Vehicle (RV) manufacturer, today announced the launch of a redesigned interior seating plan to the 2016 Leisure Travel Vans Unity U24MB. The all-new patent pending Leisure Lounge Plus, designed by Italian designer Angelo Natuzzi, combines functionality with true residential comfort and quality.

The Unity U24MB Leisure Lounge Plus boasts dual oversized Ultraleather™ swivel chairs with power recliners for multiple seating configurations. Integrated head and footrests, and pop-up armrests allow additional customization, creating a comfortable area for relaxing, lounging and dining. The Leisure Lounge Plus also features a 68” x 74” residential-size murphy bed, an innovative drop-down dining room table, integrated USB plugs, and an impressive 39” pop up LED TV with secondary drop-down glass viewing area.

Leisure Travel Vans has a strong focus on innovation, continually looking to bring an increased level of comfort and functionality to its products. “We are excited about the launch of this next generation Unity Murphy Bed. We spent a great deal of time refining the design for extreme comfort and ease of use,” said Ryan Elias, General Manager of Triple E RV.

Also new for 2016 is the optional Matte Glamour interior d├ęcor package. The new interior package features Italian-designed, Matte finish upper cabinet doors with soft close technology. Its scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial surface combines clever design with functionality. The white Corian® countertops, indirect LED lighting and a choice of three solid-wood cabinet options, brings European style and modern luxury to the open road.

The redesigned 2016 Unity is available in three exterior colours—Euro Sport, White Suede and Silver. All Unity models are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 dual rear-wheel chassis powered by the fuel-efficient 3.0L V6 BlueTEC Turbo Diesel with 188 HP and 325 ft-lb of torque. From steep mountain passes to tight city streets, the Unity has the power and agility to take drivers anywhere they want to go. With an estimated 16-19 MPG, the Unity packs plenty of punch without sacrificing fuel economy.

The Unity Murphy Bed starts at $127,465 USD plus $2,600 for the Leisure Lounge Plus option. Delivery to dealers will commence in July. RVers can view and experience the redesigned Unity U24MB at the upcoming Hershey RV Show in Hershey, PA, taking place September 16-20, 2015, and at the California RV show in Pomona, CA, from October 9-18.

For more information, please visit www.leisurevans.com/leisureloungeplus.
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Jul 15, 2015

Winnebago Takes Top Spot in Class B Van Sales For the Year

Winnebago Industries, Inc. (NYSE:WGO), a leading United States (U.S.) recreation vehicle manufacturer, has surged to become the top manufacturer in Class B van retail sales for the year, according to information released by Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI).

Through April 2015 year-to-date results released by SSI, Winnebago’s Class B touring coaches are the leaders in the category with a 30.6 percent market share. “We are extremely pleased to be the leading manufacturer in this category of recreation vehicles,” said Winnebago Product Manager Russ Garfin. “Winnebago’s line of Class B Touring Coaches offer versatility and style in an agile ride that is perfect for anyone from outdoor enthusiasts to weekend travelers.”

Winnebago’s line of Class B touring coaches features the Travato™ and Era®.  The Travato is a recreation support vehicle, ideal for biking, kayaking and all outdoor activities.  Built on the fuel-
efficient and highly maneuverable Ram ProMaster® chassis, the Travato makes the most of every square inch of space with convenient storage, and features Bluetooth™ connected entertainment systems that are integrated into precision-manufactured cabinetry and contemporary finishes.

Available features include bike and kayak racks, an exterior sound system and a screen door. The Travato offers two floor plans, the 59G and 59K. More information about the Travato can be found at http://winnebagoind.com/products/class-b/2016/travato/overview.

The Era is the most affordable Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van camper among the leading brands in North America. Designed for ease and practicality, the Era embodies what the avid traveler desires:  impressive fuel economy, cutting edge technology like the Rand McNally RV GPS system, fully equipped galley with Corian® countertops and innovative sleeping – all in a compact, 24-foot package.

The Era offers three floorplans, the 70A, 70C and 70X. Additional information about the Era and its floorplans can be found at http://winnebagoind.com/products/class-b/2015/era/overview
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Jul 14, 2015

Pleasure-Way Celebrates 30 Years

Pleasure-Way Industries is pleased to announce that the 2016 model year will commemorate their 30th Anniversary. “Being one of the few remaining family owned and operated RV manufacturers, 30 years in the RV business is a milestone we are all very proud of,” states Dean Rumpel CEO, “with 2016 coaches landing on dealers’ lots now, we have incorporated some new and impressive standard and optional features into our product line to mark our 30th anniversary”.

One of our most exciting innovations is the introduction of Pleasure-Way’s own Eco-Ion coach battery system which is a new standard feature in all 2016 coaches. This new lithium ion (LiFePO4) battery system provides 200 amp hours of power that greatly enhances energy storage while extending boon docking capabilities. Additional new 2016 standard equipment features include:

  • Multiple USB charging ports
  • Winegard Rayzar fully automatic digital HDTV antenna
  • MCD roller shades
  • Girard instant water heater
  • Atwood next generation furnace
  • Corian counter extension
  • Progressive Dynamics lithium battery charger
  • LP BBQ tee

New 2016 Optional equipment
  • Go Power 95 watt solar package with digital solar controller
  • Go Power 190 watt solar package with digital solar controller
  • Go Power 285 watt solar package with digital solar controller
  • Enhanced exterior painted body moldings

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Jul 6, 2015

3 Easy Hacks to Improve Your RV's Gas Mileage

Buying an RV is far more than just a commitment to hit America's highways once every so often; it's an entirely new way of life. Unfortunately, this new lifestyle doesn't often come with a how to guide, and beginners will often make mistakes that can negatively affect their trips or even cost them money. A few of these mistakes can reduce the RV's gas mileage, which will turn into an ongoing expense. Luckily, the following tips can help you hack your way to better gas mileage.

1. Adjust Your Driving Style

When you buy an RV, you will learn quickly that your driving style can have a huge effect on your miles per gallon ratio. Fortunately, it's easy to change these habits and changing just one can increase fuel economy by up to 7 percent.
The first rule of driving an RV is to not accelerate too quickly from a dead stop. "Flooring it" can greatly reduce fuel economy, so a gradual buildup of speed is best. Similarly, going too fast can expend more gas. Every 5 miles per hour over 50, for instance, can end up costing an additional $0.17 per gallon.
Using cruise control will also be beneficial since it prevents variable speeds, which can use up more gas. And finally, avoid idling for too long. Shutting off the engine while waiting for trains or drawbridges is often more economical than idling for long periods of time.

2. Check Tire Pressure

Maintaining an appropriate tire pressure is one of the easiest, yet most overlooked, methods of increasing an RV's gas mileage. In fact, properly inflated tires can increase an RV's mileage by up to 3 percent. To ensure you get an accurate reading, tires should be checked before traveling for more than a mile.
In addition to improved fuel economy, proper tire pressure can also reduce wear and tear on RV wheels. This means they'll need to be replaced less often, and it will also reduce the likelihood of a blowout or tire failure. For those who simply can't remember to do this, having a tire monitoring system installed will be just as effective.

3. Ensure Appropriate Maintenance

Performing periodic service on an RV is also essential to improving fuel mileage. Replacing a dirty air filter, for instance, can increase an RV's mileage by up to 10 percent. It's also important to ensure that synthetic oil is used when getting an oil change, which can increase fuel economy by more than 2 percent.
The two biggest fuel expenditures you face as an RV owner are an improperly tuned motor home and faulty oxygen sensors.  A tune up can literally increase fuel economy by up to 20 percent, and a faulty oxygen sensor can reduce mileage by up to 40 percent. Proper and routine maintenance can ensure you catch these issues before they ruin your gas mileage.
There are a variety of ways you can save money while enjoying your new hobby; increasing fuel economy is just one of these money-saving methods. For more money-saving tips and other helpful RV guides, sign up for our newsletter to have helpful hints delivered straight to your inbox.
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Jul 2, 2015

RVTrader.com Launches Innovative Website Design

RV dealers can jumpstart their business following today’s launch of the newly redesigned RVTrader.com website. The new design focuses on a simplified user interface and aims to increase leads for RV dealers. RV Trader is a division of Dominion Enterprises.
Consumer buying habits and expectations have changed, and RV Trader has taken a proactive approach to meet and exceed these expectations. In today’s digital world, mobile and tablet ads have become a critical success factor for RV dealerships. Research shows that buyers utilize their desktop, mobile and tablet devices when researching a product. Nearly 50% of RV Trader’s website visits come from mobile and tablet devices.
One of the key benefits of the new website is its responsive design, which creates a streamlined user experience on all devices. Whether buyers are looking for their dream RV on their desktop, tablet or phone, they can expect the same quality experience. This responsive design will also create a nice boost in SEO rankings, resulting in even more visitors to RVTrader.com.
To learn more about how this new design can help your dealership, contact RV Trader at (866) 871-6644 or talk to your sales rep now.
About Dominion Enterprises RV Trader is a division of Dominion Enterprises, a leading marketing services and publishing company serving the automotive, recreational and commercial vehicle, real estate, apartment rental, parenting, and travel industries. Headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, with 3,300 employees in the United States, Canada, England, Spain and Italy, the company provides a comprehensive suite of technology-based marketing solutions, and more than 45 market leading websites. Millions of For Rent® and HotelCoupons.com® publications are distributed across the U.S. each year. For more information, visit DominionEnterprises.com.
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