Apr 6, 2015

Don't Miss Out On Mobile

Heidi Cohen, author of Actionable Marketing Guide, has put together a great guide to help us all embrace the new mobile generation. Her article, "55 US Mobile Facts Every Marketer Needs for 2015," will help you see this as the year your inventory goes past just being digital. It’s time to make it mobile!

From Cohen’s article, it’s clear to see that mobile is here to stay. It's time to unchain yourself from the desktop and start getting all of those mobile leads that you’ve been missing out on!
Here are a few exciting statistics that show how mobile advertising is taking over in 2015:  
  • $28.48 billion will be added to US mobile advertising budgets in 2015
  • 146 million consumers shopped on mobile devices in 2014
  • 81% of buyers research products on their mobile devices before purchasing
  • 40% of visits to RVTrader.com are on mobile devices

Go mobile and get ready to watch the leads roll in. Call 877-354-4068 or contact your RVTrader.com rep to start taking advantage of mobile advertising today.

To view the rest of the mobile facts from Cohen’s article, visit http://heidicohen.com/2015-mobile-marketing.
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