2013 Year-end Statistics Show EverGreen Recreational Vehicles, LLC the Fastest Growing Company Among the Top 15 Towable RV Manufacturers

Middlebury, Ind. - EverGreenRecreational Vehicles and its LifestyleLuxury RV division announced today that the year-end numbers from the independent StatisticalSurveys, Inc. of Grand Rapids, Michigan show that EverGreen is the fastest growing company of the top 15 manufacturers in the towable RV segment for 2013. The company showed the highest growth statistics for both unit growth, at 85.5 percent and market share growth at 60.4 percent, among the top 15 towable RV manufacturers. The momentum for EverGreen was significant as the firm’s top position in the towable segment moved from 74.7 percent of unit growth with market share growth of 52.2 in September to the current numbers—an increase of over 10 percent in the fourth quarter alone. 

“We’ve shown significant momentum throughout 2013 and it continues in 2014,” stated EverGreen President and COO Mark Boessler. “We attribute our leading position to attracting and partnering with the best dealers in the business. Our entire manufacturing and sales team must also be commended, as we now have 10 unique brands to choose from. Our dealers are profiting from both our innovative designs and the variety of price points we are hitting.”

Boessler also noted that EverGreen’s policy of providing its dealers with true protected trade territories and rejecting the industry norm of selling similar brands in the same marketplace is also key to dealer success. 

“We understand that our dealers have a dramatically higher rate of success and capture far more market share in their territories, without having to deal with cloned products being sold right across town,” Boessler added. “We encourage dealers interested in our way of doing business, or those who are looking to replace a current line, to give us a call.” 

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