The Murphy Bed Advantage

The murphy bed floorplan found in the Unity U24MB (by Leisure Travel Vans) and Regency GT24MB (by Triple E RV) allows for a very unique layout, offering features not typically found in a compact 24’ Class B+ motorhome. These benefits include a walk-around murphy bed up to 60” x 80” and a grand and spacious three-piece bathroom including a large, enclosed stand-up shower.

During the day, the Unity offers either a comfortable u-lounge dinette or reclining theatre seats where the murphy bed folds down in the slide. The GT24MB comes standard with the u-lounge. Setting up the murphy bed is a breeze, and can be accomplished in a matter of seconds, even allowing you to leave your bedding in place for quicker setup and takedown.

The functional design of the murphy bed floorplan offers the user the best of both worlds. By freeing up the rear of the coach, where typically the bed would be found, the Unity/GT offers an incredibly spacious bathroom with ample storage. All of these innovative features make for a very livable RV, which functions much more like a larger coach than it does a compact, easy-to-drive 24’ Class B+.

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