Internet for RV's - Your Options for Staying Connected

We live in a time when staying connected to the online world is a staple for the majority of people. We all seem to have our 'breaking point' of how long we can go without needing to check our e-mail, log on to Facebook, or conduct some work online. Your RV is largely an extension of your home and, as such, you want to be able to enjoy the same online activities there that you do when you are in your home, or even staying in a hotel. And the good news is that you can!

Increasingly, travelers want Internet access within the comfort of their RV. And plenty of people are ready to give it to them! If you are looking for access to the Internet while in your RV, here are your options:

RV Parks. Years ago, RV parks were hit or miss on whether they offered Internet access. When they did, it was often a slow dial-up connection, possibly with only one line - and that was in the office! Happily, times have changed. Most RV parks have gone high tech. They offer WiFi, and many have increased their power and range. You should not have any trouble finding an RV park that offers good WiFi. Then all you need to do is bring your own laptop, netbook, or iPad.

Hot spots. There are literally thousands of "hot spots" where you can pick up WiFi across the country. Some of the places you can pick up wireless Internet include Travel Centers of America, Panera Bread, McDonald's, and Bob Evans. If you are not someone who relies on it for work, just for quick check-ins, this may be the best option for you. Often, you don't even need to go inside, as you can sometimes pick up the connection right from the parking lot. Again, you will need your own device for getting onto the Internet.

Satellite connection. If you are serious about always having your own connection without having to worry about finding WiFi, this is the option for you. An RV satellite will give you the connection you need, and you can use it pretty much anywhere. However, this is the most expensive option. The satellite system itself could cost up to $5,000 or more, and there is a monthly connection fee, which could amount to $100 or more per month.

Cell phones. Today, many cell phones and "smart phones" have the ability to provide Internet access. With their small screen and keyboard size, they may not be ideal for conducting the work you need to complete, but they provide a handy way to check e-mail and handle other such tasks.

In the current digital revolution, you don't need to lose your connection to the Internet world just because you are in an RV. Just decide which option for staying connected works best for you, and then go for it! Today, it is easier than ever to keep on surfing, updating your Facebook status with photos, and to keep friends and family up-to-date on where you are and what you're up to. 

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  1. i have the opportunity to purchace a 2008 31ft raptor toy hauler with a slide but it has a salvage title. The Seller states the only damage is to the skirt on the door side and the steps into the trailer. the interior is immaculate, i just find it hard to beleive that this trailer would have a salvage title for the amount of obvious damage. I would appreciate some objective comments from some of you seasond trailer owners

  2. I had a car that had a Salvage title on it but it was because it was returned as a lemon. GM repaired the problems and resold it at a much lower rate. Never had any problems with it. It was a great buy. I doubt that the toy hauler would have a salvage title for minor damage. It sounds like something else is going on that they are not telling you.


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