RVTraderOnline.com is now RVTrader.com

RV Trader has announced that its online publication, RVTraderOnline.com, is now RVTrader.com.

RV Trader has been the industry’s leader in recreational vehicle classifieds for over two decades. In 1998 RV Trader began its online publication, RVTraderOnline.com. Despite having the term RV Trader trademarked, RVTrader.com was owned by a Canadian company. “The move to RVTrader.com from RVTraderOnline.com is an exciting one for us. In the past consumers went to RVTrader.com looking for the same company that publishes RV Trader magazine. Now they will find it!” said Tim Custer, RV Trader General Manager.

In order to provide the best consumer experience and results for its advertisers, the RVTrader.com URL will redirect to RVTraderOnline.com for an interim period. In 1st quarter 2010 RVTraderOnline.com led the industry in average monthly site traffic with 193% more than its closest competitor. “Our advertisers already receive great results, and several have received honors such as the Top 50 Dealership Award. With the move to RVTrader.com their businesses will be in front of even more qualified traffic that is already loyal to the RV Trader brand” stated Jerald Motil, RV Trader National Marketing Manager.

Recently RV Trader launched several online advertising and dealership management and analysis products. This includes RV clips, an online video advertising opportunity for RV dealers; Lead Manager, a lead response and management tool; and Business Intelligence Reports, providing analysis of dealers’ inventory in areas of pricing, make/model demand, and local market penetration. All of these products will be available at the new URL, RVTrader.com.

According to Omniture, in 2009 RVTraderOnline.com received over 7 million unique visitors, over 40 million individual RV ads were viewed, and it generated over 126 million pageviews. These results led the industry and even better results are expected with RVTrader.com.

Source: RV Trader
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