Park Model Trailers Give RVing Families Extra Room at Campgrounds

 Photo Credit: KOA

When families hit the road in their RV, the kids, grandkids, and grandparents are often along for the ride. While RVs are roomier than ever, even the most spacious class-A can seem tiny when trying to find the sleeping space for every member of an extended family.

MSNBC reports that Kampgrounds of America and other RV parks offer park model trailers or “Kamping Lodges” as KOA calls them. Park model trailers are built by RV manufacturers and feature electricity, plumbing, and decks.

Photo Credit: KOA

According to the story, park model trailers offer extra sleeping space for traveling families during family reunions and other group events. If you want to try a park model trailer on you next RV trip, you better book one soon. The story reports they are in high demand.

Source: MSNBC

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  1. WOW, I'm just learning, but it sounds like Park Home RVs are the way to go for the most home-like environment. I will DEFINITELY be coming back to this site for ideas of the type of things RVers are interested in. Thank you.
    Lisa Starr www.skaggsrv.blogspot.com

  2. Are there rv parks or campgrounds that have furnished rv's - not park models - for rent that are already moved to their site, as I don't have a truck to pull one?


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