Jan 29, 2010

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RV Trader Launches New Locator Feature

Can't find the RV you are looking for on RV Trader? Try the RV Trader Locator feature.

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Jan 28, 2010

RV Trader Attends 2010 RV Supershow in Tampa, Florida

RV Trader recently visited the 2010 RV Supershow held January 12 to 17 at the Tampa Florida State Fairgrounds. This was RVTraders' 8th year exhibiting at the show and this was one of the best ever.

Attendees visited the RV Trader booth and downloaded the RV Trader iPhone App registered to win an Apple iTouch. Over 7000 National RV Trader Magazines were given away According to the show's organizers, attendance at the Florida RV SuperShow increased 12% over last year, despite questionable weather on the last day of the show’s five-day run.

”The show was very, very upbeat,” said Lance Wilson, executive director of the sponsoring Florida Recreation Vehicle Trade Association (FRVTA). ”The weather was iffy on Sunday, but the dealers we talked to all said the same thing — that they didn’t hear any negative talk at all. People weren’t complaining about the economy or gas prices. They were just happy to be there.” Some 50,753 people passed through the gates of the Florida State Fairgrounds Wednesday (Jan. 13) through Sunday.

”We had a nice increase (in sales) from last year,” said Ken Stumpe, Florida Show sales manager for Lazydays RV SuperCenter in nearby Seffner, Fla., ”There was a lot more traffic than last year. It was a totally different atmosphere. A lot of people said they were tired of waiting.” Camping World RV Sales, which had a dozen displays at the show, sold 179 units, 37 of them Damon and Four Winds motorized RVs, according to President Marcus Lemonis.

Increased attendance at the Florida Show generally mirrored that of other early 2010 shows in Denver, Cleveland, the Washington, D.C., area and Greensboro, N.C. “Seeing all the aisles full and the dealers not being able to handle all the customers is great,” said Tom Gaither, senior vice president of Affinity Group Inc.’s Affinity Events division.

Source: RV Trader and the 2010 RV Supershow
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Jan 25, 2010

RVIA Reports Strong Consumer Attendance at RV Shows

The RVIA reports a spike in attendance at RV shows around the country could be yet another indicator that the RV industry is on its way to recovery in 2010.

According to the RIVA, more than 50,000 consumers attended the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa this month, up 12 percent over last year’s strong attendance. Attendance at the Grand Rapids (MI) RV Show doubled over last year’s number with more than 20,000 consumers attending. And at the Ohio RV Super Show, 33 percent more consumers showed up this year than last year.

The large crowds at these shows have pleasantly surprised organizers and dealers, who say that, in addition to stronger attendance, sales are also much improved over last year. “Sales were awesome — just like the old days,” said Bob Sanders, sales manager for Dusty’s RV, about the highly successful Florida show. “We wrote 170 deals at the show, compared with 58 last year.” Sanders added that sales were across the board and included 40 motorhomes.

“We are seeing a two year pent up demand for RVs finally opening up,” said FRVTA Executive Director Lance Wilson. “Americans will only wait so long for things that they really want, and it appears they want RVs right now.”

Source: RVIA
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Jan 12, 2010

Knot-A-Bag from Davis Instruments is a Handy Plastic Bag Dispenser

For boaters, RVers, home owners and outdoor enthusiasts who need a convenient, portable supply of plastic bags, Knot-A-Bag from Davis Instruments is the perfect solution. This handy bag dispenser enables users to make plastic bags in any length for different needs.

Photo Credit: Davis Instruments

Knot-a-Bag is ideal to stash wet swimsuits, trash, diapers, recyclables and food while camping, traveling, boating or on the go. Holding 32.5' of tightly wound polyethylene film, the versatile Knot-A-Bag is simple to use. Just pull the plastic bag material from the center of the dispenser, cut the length required with the built-in safety cutter and tie a knot in the end.

Completely waterproof when tied, the bags have a circumference of 24". Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, compact Knot-A-Bag easily clips to belts, backpacks, dog leashes or wherever it's needed. Measuring just 4" H and weighing only 3 oz., it comes with an extra roll of plastic film. With a thickness of 0.36 mil., the blend of high- and low-density polyethylene provides unmatched strength.

Source: Davis Instruments
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