Dec 13, 2010

Yet another First Five!

Here is another First Five!  

Be one of the first five to answer the following question correctly and you will win a set of travel speakers! RVers often have jargon difficult for others to understand so this question will most likely be answered correctly by a true Rver. 
Here's the question!

What term or name is used to describe a form of RVing that involves singles, couples or families that work full or part time?

Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter then email us the correct answer, your name and shipping address to  

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Dec 6, 2010

Congratulations to our First Five Winners!

Congratulations to our First Five WInners!

The questions was: 

When talking about his RV on The Ellen Show which famous actor said, "There's nothing not to like about it.  The freedom of being able to pull up, stop, power up anywhere you want - beach or whatever. Set up and have your front yard different every single day.  Whatever you want it to be, and to see the country that way - it's awesome!

Kenneth S. from Holland, MI, Lisa C. from Saint Petersburg, FL, Shanna D. from Raleigh, NC, Karen E. from Greensboro, AL and Danny T from Winter Park, FL are our First Five Winners responding first with the answer: Matthew McConaughey. These five winners will receive a free set of travel speakers. Visit the RV Trader blog, Facebook, and Twitter regularly for our next random First Five contest!

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Nov 22, 2010

Yellowstone RV to Debut RidgeLine Fifth Wheel at Louisville

Yellowstone RV proudly announces the debut of the RidgeLine full profile fifth wheel at this year’s RVIA show in Louisville, KY. 

“This new product is loaded with value added features for the retail customer,” states Mark Lucas of Yellowstone RV. “Not only do we have residential sized real hardwood cabinetry, walk-around king and queen size beds, radius interior walls, and other items you expect at this price point, but we also offer full hydraulic front landing gear and slide mechanisms, six sided aluminum construction, 6’6” interior bed room height, and our patent pending “Grand Canyon Chassis Storage System”, adds Lucas.

The main front storage trunk measures an astounding 44” tall by 65” wide and is completely unobstructed from side to side. Mark Dunithan, Yellowstone RV Director of Engineering and former head of engineering for Heartland’s toy hauler line up, exclaims “this storage is unbelievable and we are confident it is the largest exterior storage offered in any towable at this price point. In fact, we believe it may be the largest storage of any towable product except for a toy hauler.” Dunithan employed engineering normally found only on a motorized chassis with a “fully boxed, raised rail” system, rather than the basic dropped I-beam design.

This massive storage can be used in multiple ways including golf cart or scooter transport, placement of animal crates, storage for mobile office equipment and files, transport of folding tables and full size gas grills or just to take those unsightly step ladders off of the rear cap.

Other unique RidgeLine features include bonded, frameless windows, 42” LCD TV’s in all main living areas, 26” LCD TV’s and built in AM/FM/CD/DVD players in all master bedrooms. Full fiberglass showers, porcelain toilets and “back saver” solid surface vanity tops are all standard equipment. Interior slide heights are 6’8” and main slides are featured in a decorative grasscloth. “We also offer a built in workshop under the main awning, complete with fold down workbench and tool storage for the handyman or craft enthusiast”, adds Dunithan.

Initially offered in 5 floorplans with both triple and quad slides available, the RidgeLine dry weights will start below 12,000 lbs., and unlike many competitors, this weight includes all forced option packages. MSRP’s will start at $52,000.

The RidgeLine products will be on display in booth 3000A in the north wing of the KFEC from Nov. 30 through Dec. 2. or for more information on Yellowstone RV, Ridgeline or Canyon Trail products, please call 800.811.0302, visit us on the web at or e-mail
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Nov 9, 2010

Another First Five!

Here is another First Five!  

Be one of the first five to answer the following question correctly and you will win a set of travel speakers!
Here's the question!

When talking about his RV on The Ellen Show which famous actor said, "There's nothing not to like about it.  The freedom of being able to pull up, stop, power up anywhere you want - beach or whatever. Set up and have your front yard different every single day.  Whatever you want it to be, and to see the country that way - it's awesome!

Email us the correct answer, your name and shipping address to

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Oct 29, 2010

Congratulations to our First Five Winners!

The question was:
Which type or class of RV is sometimes referred to as a mini-motorhome, provides the conveniences of a larger motorhome in a scaled-down version and at a lower price? This RV is built on an automotive manufactured van frame with an attached cab section

Nikki G. from Casper, WY, Michael B. from Pasco, WA, Ed H. from Conroe, TX, Smokey K. from Yuma, AZ, and Kelly G. from Tracy, CA are our FIrst Five Winners responding first with the answer: Class C.  These five winners will receive a free set of travel speakers

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Oct 20, 2010

First Five!

Be one of the first five to answer the following question correctly and you will win a set of travel speakers!

Here is the question!

Which type of class of RV is sometimes referred to as a mini-motorhome, provides the conveniences of a larger motorhome in a scaled-down version and at a lower price? This RV is built on an automotive manufactured van frame with an attached cab section.

Email us the correct answer, your name and shipping address to
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Sep 21, 2010

How Well do you Know RV Trivia? Answer an RV Trivia Question on RV Trader's Facebook Page - You can Win a Set of iPod Speakers!

Photo Credit: RVIA

RV Trader wants to test your RV trivia! How much do you know about RV history?

Find out by taking our trivia challenge! Each week for the next three weeks we will post a question on the official RV Trader Facebook page about RVing. Lucky winners get a free pair of iPod speakers!

Here's how it works.
  1. Each week on the RV Trader Facebook page there will be a question about RV trivia.
  2. Be one of the first five to answer it correctly and you win the speakers!
  3. Send us an email with your name and address to so we can send you the speakers.
You can keep watch for the trivia questions when you "Like" the RV Trader Facebook page

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Aug 30, 2010

The Airstream 2011 Interstate 3500 Class B Motorhome Created by Partnership Between Airstream and Mercedes-Benz

Photo Credit: Airstream

Airstream has announced the debut of its 2011 Interstate 3500 Class B motorhome, a touring coach built through the partnership between Airstream and Mercedes-Benz.

Airstream has outfitted the Class-B Interstate 3500 with seating for eight, a kitchen, bathroom, and a convertible lounge area that at night becomes a bed for two. Bucket seats in the cockpit swivel to face a removable table that seats four at mealtime, and a 19” flat panel HD LCD/DVD provides on-board entertainment.
Photo Credit: Airstream

A 3.1-cubic-foot refrigerator is cooled by an AC/DC compressor that uses 90 percent less power than conventional RV models. Additional energy efficiency is obtained by using interior LED lighting. Although the Interstate is less than 23 feet long and 80 inches wide, people up to 6 feet 2 inches can stand comfortably inside the cabin.

For worry-free backing-up, the Interstate also features an optional 5.5-inch LCD screen mounted in the driver’s compartment to display the area behind the van whenever it is in reverse.

Photo Credit: Airstream

The 2011 Airstream Interstate is powered by a 3.0-liter Blue Efficiency V6 diesel engine that produces 188 horsepower and 325 lb.-ft. of torque from 1,200 to 2,400 rpm. Most importantly, the engine gets 30 percent better fuel economy than a comparable gasoline engine.

Source: Airstream
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Aug 23, 2010

How Did You Get Hooked On RVing?

Photo Credit: RVIA

When did you make the decision to buy an RV? Was it something new you wanted to try or were you inspired by RV trips from your childhood?

Travel Columnist Jill Schensul of arrived at her decision to buy an RV after her forth trip in a rental. She describes the journey in a recent story.

During her ten day RV trip, Shensul met fellow RVers at the gathering of RV enthusiasts known simply as "The Rally" and makes a trip to RV Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, Indiana.

Did you have a memorable trip that hooked you on RVing? Leave us a comment and tell us about it.

Source: North
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Aug 12, 2010

Tips for Bringing the Kids Along for an RV Road Trip

Photo Credit: RVIA

A road trip with the kids has been a tradition dating back to the first automobile. Even in the age of iPods and video games, children still love traveling and camping.

An RV makes taking a trip even easier. The blog features a story about one RVer’s weeklong journey through Southwestern Colorado and offers tips on RV travel with kids.

The advantages RVs offer to family travelers range from activities in the outdoors to saving money on travel. According to the story, a family of four on an RV trip can save 21 to 67 per cent on travel costs.

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Aug 10, 2010

Jack Russell Terrier Digs an RV Out of the Sand

RV camping in the desert can be tricky due to the risk of getting stuck in loose sand.  If you do find yourself in an unwanted desert parking space, make sure you've brought along a Jack Russell terrier to help get you out.

In this YouTube video by photographer Wil Fernandez, this little RVer does his best to get the RV moving again.

Source: YouTube/Wil Fernandez
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Aug 6, 2010

Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating Systems Featured on Entegra Coach Motorhomes

Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating Systems reports that Entegra Coach Motorhomes is offering Aqua-Hot systems on its Anthem, Aspire and Cornerstone models.

Photo Credit: Entegra The diesel-powered Aqua-Hot 450-D is standard equipment on the class-leading Cornerstone and optional on the stylish Anthem (pictured above), while the compact propane-powered Aqua-Hot 375-LP is optional on the Aspire.

Heating water only as needed, the self-contained units generate an unlimited supply of hot water, eliminating the need for a storage tank. They also deliver uniform cabin heat by circulating hot water through subtle heat exchangers.

"Aqua-Hot provides our customers with a great solution for interior heat and hot water," said Entegra national sales manager Tadd Jenkins. "They produce a superior system that adds value to our line."

Source: Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating Systems
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Jul 27, 2010

Fleetwood RV Launches 2011 Storm Crossover Motor Home

Fleetwood RV, Inc. has launched the 2011 Storm, described as a “crossover” motor home that features the sleeping capacity and value of a Class C motor home along with the roominess and storage capacity of a Class A motor home.
Photo Credit: Fleetwood

“The 2011 Storm is a special motor home because it includes the best aspects of both a Class A and a Class C motor home,” said John Draheim, CEO of Fleetwood RV, Inc. “Storm is loaded with standard features and provides a great value at price that appeals to a wide range of RVers.”

Photo Credit: Fleetwood

According to Fleetwood, the 2011 Storm is available in three floor plans: a 28-foot single-slide, rear bedroom floor plan with walk-around queen bed and oversized wrap-around booth dinette (28MS); a 31-foot dual-slide, side-aisle floor plan with opposing dinette/sofa in the living room (30SA); and a 31-foot dual-slide floor plan with standard traditional bunk beds or the optional “Bunk Bed-n-Breakfast” space-saving two-person dinette with convertible bunk beds (32BH). The innovative “Hide-a-Loft” feature, a queen-sized, electronic drop-down bed with air mattress located above the driver/passenger captain’s chairs, is also an available option on all floor plans.

Source: Fleetwood
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Jul 21, 2010

Congratulations to Randall Schroeder and his Camping Critters

Congratulations to Randall Schroeder and his Camping Critters; Leucine (Luci), Tryptophan (Trip) and Polynomial (Polly). Randall says he got his first RV in 2000. Being a science teacher he eventually decorated his RV with "space stuff" and became a full timer from the get go!
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Jul 14, 2010

The T@B Travel Trailer Attracts Devoted Fans

Photo Credit: Thor Industries

The Cape Cod Times features a story on the culture the T@B trailer, a teardrop trailer that has attracted a devoted group of fans known as T@Bbers. T@Bbers recently held rally in Cape Cod, dressing in bright colors similar to their trailers.

The T@B’s small size and happy colors have made it favorite for RVers looking for an easy to tow trailer with a unique style. What the T@B lacks in luxury and space is made up for by its cuteness and maneuverability.

T@Bbers at the Cape Cod rally shared stories of their travels and compared modifications to their trailers. T@B owners make the most of their trailers by adding luxuries like TVs and Microwaves.

Source: Cape Cod Times

BROWSE: T@B Trailers on RV Trader
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Jul 13, 2010

Memories of a Teardrop Camper

Little Guy Teardrop Campers shared with us this video from comedian Mike Williams on YouTube about his memories of RVing with his dad and a teardrop camper.

Over the years, Mike and his dad would travel in bigger RVs, but the first teardrop always held a special place in his memory.

Source: Mike Williams and Little Guy Campers
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Jul 12, 2010

Livin Lite Introduces Camplite All-Aluminum, Ultra-Lightweight, Hard-Sided Truck Camper Designed For Small Trucks

Photo Credit: Livin Lite

Livin Lite Recreational Vehicles has added an all-aluminum, hard-sided truck camper to their Camplite product lineup.  The new Camplite Truck Camper is specially designed for the smaller, more fuel-efficient trucks.

Photo Credit: Livin Lite

Weighing a feathery 950 lbs., the Camplite Truck Camper features “aluminum everything” according to Rick Barna, Livin Lite’s VP of Sales.  “This unique truck camper is built from the ground up using aluminum, including aluminum flooring; aluminum cabinetry, aluminum walls and roof structure,” shares Barna.   “Just like our increasingly popular Camplite travel trailers, the Camplite Truck Campers do not have even a splinter of wood in them! They are perfect for the smaller trucks on the market that until now, have had to be satisfied with ‘pop-up’ truck campers.

Photo Credit: Livin Lite

“This first model of Camplite Truck Camper is approx. 10’ in length with a full queen bed; dinette, kitchen area with optional refrigerator and optional roof A/C.  This is a back-to-the-basics truck camper, designed for the masses,” said Barna, ‘It is a true entry level camper, very well built and it will stand the test of time with its all aluminum construction."

Source: Livin Lite
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Jul 5, 2010

Camping Critters Voting

Thank you for submitting your Camping Critters photos. It has been an extremely tough decision but the judges have narrowed it down to three. Now it is your turn to vote for the winner. Vote Now.

Voting will end July 9th at 5:00pm EST.
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Jun 29, 2010

Park Model Trailers Give RVing Families Extra Room at Campgrounds

 Photo Credit: KOA

When families hit the road in their RV, the kids, grandkids, and grandparents are often along for the ride. While RVs are roomier than ever, even the most spacious class-A can seem tiny when trying to find the sleeping space for every member of an extended family.

MSNBC reports that Kampgrounds of America and other RV parks offer park model trailers or “Kamping Lodges” as KOA calls them. Park model trailers are built by RV manufacturers and feature electricity, plumbing, and decks.

Photo Credit: KOA

According to the story, park model trailers offer extra sleeping space for traveling families during family reunions and other group events. If you want to try a park model trailer on you next RV trip, you better book one soon. The story reports they are in high demand.

Source: MSNBC

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Jun 23, 2010

The 7700 Pro by Cobra Electronics Guides You to RV Friendly Roads

The 7700 Pro from Cobra has been rated the highest in route quality and reliability, based on the results of a certified quality test conducted by Tele Atlas.

Photo Credit: Cobra Electronics

The 7700 Pro provides multi-route trip planning options, including shortest time or distance and critical driver information useful for eliminating unwanted stops. A multi-point route optimization feature provides the best routing for multiple destinations, saving fuel costs.

This system even enables owners to enter the custom size of their rig and will only provide directions on streets and roads that can legally and safely accommodate the RV. The 7700 Pro has a 7", 16:9 wide screen for incredibly easy viewing and provides the convenience of touch screen control. It includes over 12 million points of interest, such as routable travel center locations with detailed amenity information, restaurants, WiFi access and repair shops.

Source: Cobra Electronics
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Jun 17, 2010

Winnebago Reports First Operating Profit Since 2008

Photo Credit: Winnebago

Winnebago Industries, Inc. has reported the company made it first operating profit since 2008.

“We are extremely pleased to report our results for the third quarter of fiscal 2010 which show profitability at the operating level for the first time since our second quarter of 2008,” said Winnebago Industries' Chairman, CEO and President Bob Olson. "We are also encouraged by continued sequential improvement in revenues and gross profit. The main driver for this improvement was increased motor home shipments which increased 120.3 percent over the third quarter of fiscal 2009 and 23.2 percent sequentially over the second quarter ended February 27, 2010. The increased volume resulted in greater efficiencies and higher utilization of our manufacturing facilities."

Source: Winnebago

Winnebago RVs For Sale On RV Trader
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Jun 15, 2010

Celebration in Elkhart marks first 100 years of RVs

The RVIA site reports on the celebration held at the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, Indiana, on Monday, June 7 to mark the 100th anniversary of the RV industry at RVIA's RV Centennial Celebration.

Photo Credit: RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum
The RVIA says the rousing event offered attendees a fun-filled festival, reception and barbecue, an entertaining one-hour program saluting the industry's history and its workers, and a stirring fireworks display to cap the evening.

"This was a fantastic way to honor the history of the industry and look forward to the future of RVing," added Joe Hosinski, marketing director at Dutchmen Manufacturing.

An especially inspiring highlight of the RV Centennial Celebration was RVIA's "Salute to Workers" during the one hour RV Centennial Program. RVIA President Richard introduced a specially produced video segment that featured RV workers explaining why they enjoyed working in the industry and RV industry executives expressing their gratitude for the service of the workers.

Photo Credit: RV/MH Hall of Fame & Library

"As we come together for this joyous occasion, we must honor those who are the heart and soul of our industry's success, the RV workers," said Coon. "The hard-working men and women who provide the elbow grease, craftsman who take special pride in their work, and the generations of families who work in this industry, all of them committed to building the best product they can."

Source: RVIA
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Jun 10, 2010

Heavy Demand For Airstream Trailers at New Dealer in Oregon

Photo Credit: Airstream

How popular are the Airstream brand of trailers? Airstream is one of the top five selling RVs in an area that did not have an authorized seller till recently. reports on the opening of Airstream Adventures Northwest in Milwaukie, Oregon. According to the story, Oregon is one of the top five states for the sales of Airstream trailers, yet the new Milwaukie dealer is the first authorized one in that region.

The story also reports business has been brisk at the new dealership. Airstream chief executive Bob Wheeler visited and commented on the RV market. Wheeler remarked that there is pent-up demand for RVs, and that the slow economy only delayed RV purchases that buyers planned to make all along.


Browse Airstream Trailers on RV Trader
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Jun 8, 2010

Newmar Begins Production of its All New 2011 Ventana Diesel Motor Home

Photo Credit: Newmar

Newmar Corporation reports this week is the beginning of production of its all new 2011 Ventana diesel motor home. According to Newmar, this is the first generational change for Newmar’s entry level diesel product since the brand was introduced in the 2006 model year.

“We are very excited to launch the next generation of Ventana to our dealers and retail customers. The Ventana brand helped our company grow market share throughout the 2009 calendar year with an increase in share of 75% for the Ventana brand alone,” said John Sammut, Newmar’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With the breathtaking new look and the tremendous value the 2011 Ventana offers, we cannot help but think that this exciting product will continue to grow our company’s business.”

Photo Credit: Newmar

The 2011 Ventana will feature newly designed front and rear caps, dash and instrument panels, providing the operator with an ergonomically designed cockpit. Interior design changes include newly styled furniture, slide out fascias and window treatments, as well as a new contemporary headboard in the bedroom. The standard flooring offered in the 2011

Ventana features polished porcelain tile laid on a diagonal with small designer inserts throughout the front living area. The Ventana for 2011 is available in three interior decors, three exterior paint colors and two wood choices. The 2011 Ventana is being offered exclusively on the Freightliner XC-R series motor home chassis. The 34’ and 39’ models will be powered by a 350 horsepower Cummins ISB engine while the 43’ tag axle models feature a 360 horsepower Cummins ISC power plant. As with all Newmar diesel motor homes, the 2011 Ventana will be equipped standard with the Comfort Drive Steering System.

Photo Credit: Newmar

Floorplans include two 34’, three 39’ and three 43’ tag axle models. The 43’ offerings include a bath and a half floorplan, one side aisle model as well as a traditional rear bedroom quad slide layout. Full wall slides are offered in one 34’ and one 39’ model. One 39’ model even features a wardrobe with removable doors in the hallway that can be converted into two large bunk beds in a matter of seconds.

Source: Newmar
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Jun 2, 2010

Submit Your Photos To RV Trader's "Camping Critters" Contest. You Could Win a Flip Camcorder!

Do you have photos or even video of you and your pets enjoying the great outdoors? If so, send them to us for the RV Trader "Camping Critters" photo and video contest.

Three Finalists will be selected and then it's up to you to vote for the best "Camping Critter!" The winner will receive a Flip Camcorder courtesy of RV Trader.

How it works:
  • Submit your photos or videos by emailing to us at
  • Be sure to put "Camping Critters" in your email subject line.
  • Judges select three Finalists. RV Trader users (that's you!) vote for their favorite between July 5th – July 9th.
  • Winners will be announced on July 19, 2010. Keep up with the latest news about the contest, as well as new entries on Facebook! 

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Jun 1, 2010

The Rally Expected to Attract Thousands of RVs to Louisville, Kentucky This July

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the RV. To celebrate, this years RV rally held by the Good Sam club and other sponsors is expected to attract 4,500 RVs and 10,000 people from nearly every state.

According to, The Rally will be held July 22 – 25, 2010 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky. A video on YouTube has more details.

Trader Online Web Developer is now

RV Trader has announced that its online publication,, is now

RV Trader has been the industry’s leader in recreational vehicle classifieds for over two decades. In 1998 RV Trader began its online publication, Despite having the term RV Trader trademarked, was owned by a Canadian company. “The move to from is an exciting one for us. In the past consumers went to looking for the same company that publishes RV Trader magazine. Now they will find it!” said Tim Custer, RV Trader General Manager.

In order to provide the best consumer experience and results for its advertisers, the URL will redirect to for an interim period. In 1st quarter 2010 led the industry in average monthly site traffic with 193% more than its closest competitor. “Our advertisers already receive great results, and several have received honors such as the Top 50 Dealership Award. With the move to their businesses will be in front of even more qualified traffic that is already loyal to the RV Trader brand” stated Jerald Motil, RV Trader National Marketing Manager.

Recently RV Trader launched several online advertising and dealership management and analysis products. This includes RV clips, an online video advertising opportunity for RV dealers; Lead Manager, a lead response and management tool; and Business Intelligence Reports, providing analysis of dealers’ inventory in areas of pricing, make/model demand, and local market penetration. All of these products will be available at the new URL,

According to Omniture, in 2009 received over 7 million unique visitors, over 40 million individual RV ads were viewed, and it generated over 126 million pageviews. These results led the industry and even better results are expected with

Source: RV Trader
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May 18, 2010

Turbo/Maxx RV Fan Offers Maximum Ventilation

MaxxAir Vent Corporation's home page features details on the Turbo/Maxx, an RV fan that provides all the benefits of a vent cover and a fan, even when it rains.

Photo Credit: MaxxAir Vent Corporation

Removing musty air, smoke and cooking odors, while preventing heat build-up, the Turbo/Maxx offers maximum ventilation with its 12" diameter, 10-blade fan. The Turbo/Maxx features hinge-opening mounting brackets for easy access, cleaning and service. Simple to install, it attaches directly to an existing 14" x 14" standard roof vent, so there's no need to remove the existing vent.

Source: MaxxAir Vent Corporation
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May 14, 2010

The RV Trader Camping Critters Contest - Judging Starts May 31

We are still getting lots of great photos! Keep sending them!  You can check out the latest on our Flickr slide show.

Judging starts May 31, so send us your photos now at and win a Flip camcorder just in time for the camping season.
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May 11, 2010

Continental Tires Website Launches New RV Section

Continental Tire launched a new RV section on its commercial vehicle tire Web site at

“Recreational vehicle owners have raved to us for years about the low vibration, low maintenance and long durability of Continental tires. We decided to no longer keep our tires the ‘best kept secret’ in RVing – and to go ahead and put our product listings out on the Web for tire-savvy consumers,” said Clif Armstrong, director of marketing for commercial tires in the Americas.

The new RV section organizes Continental tire offerings for larger RVs by their application – either primarily on highway, or for mixed on/off highway use. The recently introduced HSL1 Coach tire, which includes fuel efficient compounding for primarily on-highway use, is showcased on the site. Other tires recommended on the site include Continental’s HSR1 and HDR.

Source: Continental Tire
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May 5, 2010

RV Trader Announces Launch of New Mobile Site

RV Trader has released a mobile site that puts more than 60,000 new and used RVs at shoppers’ fingertips. The new RV Trader mobile site is located at

The new RV Trader mobile site allows shoppers to quickly find nearby RVs for sale and RV dealerships. The search tool allows users to search for RVs by type, manufacturer, year, price and keyword. Users can also search for RV dealers and have the option to include a manufacturer in their search which will only return dealers who carry RVs made by that manufacturer. All searches are based on the user’s zip code.

“We are so excited to provide consumers with an additional way to search the largest database of RVs for sale. RV Trader’s iPhone application already received over 5,500 downloads, a product we just launched a few months ago, but with our new mobile site everyone will have over 60,000 RVs at their fingertips,” stated Tim Custer, General Manager of RV Trader.

Once an RV search is completed on the RV Trader mobile site users can then view a detailed description, photos of the RVs for sale, and email the seller or call immediately from their phone. When searching for dealerships users can choose to sort results by distance or by dealership name. The RV Trader mobile site also offers dealership contact options and links to view dealerships’ websites. A map function allows users to locate RVs for sale and RV dealerships on Google maps with access to driving directions. The new RV

Trader mobile site is located at

Source: RV Trader Online
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May 4, 2010

See The Latest Entries In RV Trader's Camping Critters Contest

We know you love your Camping Critters, and we have the photos to prove it. We’ve received several great photos. You can see the latest entries on Flickr or in the slideshow above.
Judging starts May 31, so send us your photos now at and win a Flip camcorder just in time for the camping season.
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Apr 27, 2010

Survey Shows Interest in RV travel Remains Strong

The RVIA homepage reports a new survey shows that interest in RV travel remains strong, with nearly half of RV owners planning to spend more time on the road this spring and summer than a year ago.

The latest Campfire Canvass, a biannual survey of RV owners by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), 45.4 percent of RV owners expect to travel more this summer than they did last year; 41.9 percent say they’ll travel the same amount.

More than 8.2 million U.S. households own an RV. RV travel is as popular today as it was in 1910 when the first mass-produced RVs were built.

“For a century, Americans have enjoyed exploring what’s over the next hill and around the bend,” says Richard Coon, president of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. “That pioneering spirit is still alive and well today.”

Source: RVIA
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Apr 20, 2010

Finding the Best Wi-Fi Signal On The Road

Having a Wi-Fi enabled laptop in your RV can keep you connected to the world while you travel on the road, but finding a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot can be as tricky as parallel parking a Class A RV. blog features a story on finding the best Wi-Fi connection when you camp. Many parks offer Wi-Fi service to please their increasing numbers of tech savvy RVers, but your connection can be affected by factors such as distance or another RV blocking your signal.

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Evergreen Recreational Vehicles Eco-Friendly Composite Trailers

The Evergreen Recreational Vehicles homepage features a YouTube video on Evergreen's eco-friendly RVs from WTS Outdoor Adventure and an interview with President Douglas Lantz.

Photo Courtesy of Evergreen RV
EverGreen Recreation Vehicles LLC has already revolutionized the industry with innovative, eco-friendly Ever-Lite travel trailers. The trailers are the first all composite-construction, lightweight, formaldehyde-free, recyclable travel trailers ever produced.

Source: EverGreen Recreation Vehicles
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Apr 14, 2010

David Woodworth Travels On Historic RV Journey

This year is the 100th anniversary of RVing, marking a century that has seen the industry change from early camping trucks to futuristic vacation machines equipped with GPS and Wi-Fi.

Photo Credit:RVIA

MSNBC features a story on David Woodworth and his Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA)sponsored RV journey from Elkhart, Indiana to New York, then on to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

According to the story, Woodworth is traveling in with two RVs that represent both the past and present of RV travel. One is a 2010 Fleetwood Discovery. The other is 1916 Model T outfitted with sleeping and storage compartment called a Telescope Apartment.

You can learn more about the RV centennial at the official homepage set up by the RVIA.

Source: MSNBC and RVIA
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Apr 12, 2010

Jeep Shows Off New RV Campers From Livin Lite

Here are photos of the two different versions of automotive campers that Jeep introduced to the public this week in Moab, UT during the 2010 Moab Jeep Safari. These campers are made exclusively for Jeep by Livin Lite Recreational Vehicles, located in Wakarusa, IN.

One is an extreme off-road edition (the orange one) which features large 37” Jeep rims and tires; a steel skid plate with hidden axle; articulating pintel hitch for maximum flexibility when off-road trailering; Jeep tail lights with cages; Jeep latches; sprayed on liner on roof (like a rhino lining) with the Mopar logo in it; heavy duty support legs; custom painted exterior to match the consumer’s Jeep; tent and sofa with Jeep branding on it; and more.

The other version is the “Street” version which features the actual Jeep rear bumper with matching fender flairs; Jeep tail lights; Jeep latches; Jeep Rubicon tires and wheels; Jeep branding on the tent and sofa and more.

These vehicles are part of Jeep’s product offerings to their dealers and were introduced at MOAB, along with their other new Jeep products.

Pictured here is the media day event where Jeep executives showed off their new products to the media by letting them drive the new vehicles – including pulling the Jeep trailer on the famous trails of Moab.

Jeep has approx. 3,000 dealers nationwide who will be selling these new campers and are excited to offer a product that fits in so well with the “lifestyle” they promote with their off-roading vehicles. Jeep dealers can order the campers in exact colors to match new vehicles being sold, including matching interiors, rims and tires.

Scott Tuttle, “I don’t know if I can adequately convey how blessed we are at Livin Lite to be able to work on this project with Chrysler/Jeep to design a unique camper that is going to bring the RV lifestyle to a truly mainstream audience.” Tuttle reported that Chrysler/Jeep was attracted to Livin Lite’s unique all-aluminum lightweight design and the fact that the campers offer a nice sized living space in such a compact size.

“I have been beating the drum of affordable, lightweight automotive campers years now and I couldn’t be more excited that the number one brand name for off-roading and number one in vehicle retention has chosen our campers to offer to their valued customers,” states Tuttle, “Recent reports show that for every 1 family that will purchase a traditional, self-contained RV this year, there are 175 more families who are camping in tents out of their cars.

Livin Lite campers are designed to appeal to this massive demographic to help get them off of the ground – whether it’s a Jeep camper or a Quicksilver camper – we are excited to help them take their first step in the RVing lifestyle.

Source: Livin Lite
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