Aug 31, 2009

Towable RVs Help RV Industry Make Comeback

As the economy show signs of recovery, the RV industry appears to be making a modest comeback.

The Southbend Tribune reports on RV manufacturers expanding production and how startup RV companies are offering new models. RV industry workers hope to find new opportunities with the rebound.

According to story, the RVIA reports RV shipments for June were the highest since August 2008 with shipments for 2010 predicted to increase as high as 24 percent.

The recovery of RV sales seems to be strongest for manufacturers of towable RVs. One example is Evergreen Recreational Vehicles, a company that offers environment-friendly towable RVs.
Photo Courtesy of Evergreen RV

Source: The Southbend Tribune
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Aug 21, 2009

"Glamping" Brings Easy Living and Technology to the Camping Experience

Photo Credit: RVIA

Camping has traditionally meant getting away from modern comforts to get closer to nature. Some campers do not want to part with their cellphones, MP3 players, and other luxuries and are bringing them along for the ride to the woods.

They are bringing their tech-gear out to the woods and seeking out a more comfy outdoor experience. The Washington Post reports on the trend of "glamping", a term used by camping purists who prefer unplugged trips to the wilderness.

According to the Washington Post story, park owners are making living outdoors easier for their guests by offering ready-to-go tents, Wi-Fi, and satellite TV connections. Outdoor equipment manufacturers are following the glamping trend by offering gear with built in alarm clocks and MP3 players.

Source: The Washington Post
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Aug 14, 2009

RVs Create A Community Of Airline Employees At Los Angeles International Airport

RV communities are found all over the United States, many near slow-paced scenic areas or quiet vacation spots. One unique RV community is located in one of the busiest places in the country, and it is anything but quiet.

The Los Angeles Times reports on the community of airline employees using RVs and trailers at Los Angeles International Airport.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the RVs are used by airline employees ranging from mechanics to pilots and offer inexpensive accommodations when working far from home.

The RV community is located in Lot B of LAX, an area set aside by the airport and features its own security and management, including its own mayor.

A photo/audio presentation by Mel Melcon of the Los Angeles Times shows the unique pace of life in the Lot B community.

Source: The Los Angeles Times
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Aug 11, 2009

The Paiute from Evergreen Off Road Campers Uses Durable WeatherMax Fabric

Designed primarily for ATV towing, the Paiute from Evergreen Off Road Campers provides comfort without boundaries. This all-season, impact-resistant camper employs durable WeatherMax fabric from Safety Components.

Photo Credit: Evergreen Off Road Campers

"We chose WeatherMax due to its strength, weight, abrasion resistance and breathability," said Nick Spence, executive manager of Evergreen Off Road Campers, LLC. "The fabric has been tested in extreme rain, snow and sun with very admirable results." "It's also mildew-resistant, making it a good fit for hunters and fishermen since many times an outdoorsman will break camp during inclement weather. The camper needs to stay in good shape for the next trip," Spence said. "This fabric provides all the quality required by the most discriminating outdoor enthusiasts."

Photo Credit: Evergreen Off Road Campers

Whether storing, hauling or towing, the Paiute is dimensioned to fit anywhere a standard ATV will. The camper's independent torsion suspension delivers a tall ground clearance. It also features over 6' of head room and two large beds. Below the cabin is the ISS (Integrated Storage System), where fuel, water or a toolbox can be safely transported.

Evergreen Off Road Campers offers many accessories to augment the camper in various environments, including a zip-on Weather Skirt to enclose the entire underside of the cabin and a 10' x 12' attachable wall tent. "Many of our accessories also utilize WeatherMax materials due to the quality and properties of the fabric," said Spence. WeatherMax fabric from Safety Components offers twice the strength and six times the abrasion resistance of acrylic. Made from solution-dyed SaturaMax yarns with a revolutionary HydroMax finish, the fabric is highly water-resistant yet breathable, eliminating the growth of mildew.

Source: Evergreen Off Road Campers
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