Newmar To Hold Klub Rally Locally To Support Economy

Newmar Corporation reports it has decided to hold its 24th Annual International Kountry Klub Rally close to home.

The annual rally, originally scheduled for Perry, Georgia, has been moved and will be held August 3-8, 2009 at the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds.

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“Newmar’s decision to move the rally made sense given the current economic state the county is in,” said Barney Barnett, Newmar International Kountry Klub Director. “Newmar is located in Elkhart County and we wanted to do something to help support local business and drive traffic to the county.”
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The Klub has over 360 confirmed reservations and expects to end up with between 500 and 600 total units at the fairgrounds participating in the rally. “Surprisingly reservations are coming in ahead of where we have been in years past,” said Barnett. “We are hoping this is a good sign and that our expectations will be exceeded.”
Photo Credit: Newmar

“Newmar is looking forward to this year’s rally,” said Matthew Miller, Newmar President and Chairman of the Klub’s Board of Directors. “We are confident the RV industry will turn around and we wanted to get together with our Klub members close to home for a week of fellowship and to show our loyal owners that Newmar and Elkhart County are open for business.”

Source: Newmar Corporation


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  1. Our Newmar Country Star was purchased new just over 3 years ago. From the very first we had problems with vibrations in the rear end of the coach and slides that would not function properly. We repeatedly took the unit to the Newmar dealer from whom we purchased, as well as one trip to the Newmar plant in Indiana. The slides were rewired on more than one occasion and now work approximately 90% of the time. We were repeatedly assured that nothing was wrong with the rear end of the coach. However, as we were driving down the interstate on the outskirts of Chicago, we heard and felt a terrific banging and clattering in the rear of the coach. We pulled over to the side of the interestate and discovered that the universal joint had come loose and had caused considerable damage to the rear end of the coach. After being towed into a truck repair facility, at a cost in excess of $1000, we discovered that the inside of the rear end had sustained extensive damage and had apparently been unstable for much longer than at the moment of the incident we experienced. With less than 25000 miles on the rear end, it had to be replaced. Our total repair bill is in excess of $18,000. Newmar denied all responsibility because the area Newmar dealer who has since gone out of business did not inform Newmar that we had reported rear end problems, although we have the paperwork to prove that we indeed made such reports to the dealer. We cannot receive relief from the area dealer because they are bankrupt. Our warranty for the entire drive train which includes the rear end was for 50,000 miles or 3 years. Something is grossly missing here in terms of reliability and manufacturer responsibility.


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