Lightweight RVs Help RV Dealer Boost Sales

The Houston Chronicle features a story on Larry Troutt, an RV dealer in Houston, Texas and how his dealership is weathering a tough economy for RV sales.

According to the Houston Chronicle story, Troutt has dealt with rough economic times in the early 1980s at his father’s travel trailer business.

Troutt's RV dealership, Topper’s Camping Center, specializes in lightweight RVs. Lighter RVs have grown in popularity thanks to their fuel efficiency. Topper’s Camping Center achieved the highest volume in light-weight camper trailer sales out of 75 dealers in the state of Texas last year.

The Internet plays a key role in bringing customers to Topper's Camping Center's rural location. Customers use the Internet to find the RV they want before they arrive.

Source: The Houston Chronicle
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  1. a bad it will effect the RV Rentals business too and so does the RV Camping.

  2. well in my opinion, if someone is trying to reduce the rv camping expenditures than its good and motivated. As now more people can enjoy rv camping.

  3. I know that a lot of rv dealers have been having a tough time with the way the economy has been. People just don't have as much disposable income. It's great to hear about a success story though, thanks for sharing.


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