GO Mobile Adventure Gear By Sylvan Sport Named The Coolest Camper Ever

Photo Credit: Sylvan Sport

National Geographic Adventure named SylvanSport’s “GO Mobile Adventure Gear,” the “Best of Adventure Gear 2008,” calling this multi-mode trailer “the coolest camper ever.”

According to SylvanSport, this precision-engineered “backpack on wheels” enables you to haul all your gear and indulge in every adventure without compromising what gets left behind.

Photo Credit: Sylvan Sport

‘GO’ easily morphs from a low-profile high-capacity trailer, to a rugged hefty-toy-hauler, to a comfortable camper that can be pulled behind almost any vehicle. This super spacious camper, with its Hyper-Engineered aluminum frame, weighs only 700 lbs. and can haul up to 800 lbs. of gear.

Featuring 24 cubic feet of waterproof gear storage (9 cubic feet lockable), ‘GO’ cruises with kayaks and canoes stowed securely, plus racking systems for bikes, boards and other fun gear.

Photo Credit: Sylvan Sport

With its huge capacity, ‘GO’ frees up space inside and on the roof of your tow vehicle. Its enhanced torsion suspension provides smooth load control to help protect your stuff during the journey.

Photo Credit: Sylvan Sport

‘GO’ easily deploys its Kelty tenting system with all components already on-board—no extra tools, no PhD in physics required. And you choose from multiple sleeping configurations—all of which feature spaciousness and all-weather protection.

Source: Sylvan Sport
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