Powerful Pumping System Makes Emptying Tanks A Breeze

Messy, leaky hoses, spills and odors are no longer part of emptying a holding tank. Making the unpleasant task more sanitary and uncomplicated, Thetford Corporation offers Sani-Con, a holding tank emptying system with a macerating pump. Once connected to a RV's dump valve and 20-amp power source, this system makes the process extremely simple, even easier than pumping gas.

Providing more power, flexibility and convenience than any other product on the market, Sani-Con can pump holding tank waste as far as 150' away and 20' uphill. Its heavy-duty, space-saving hose is 21' long and retracts to just 7'. Due to its high-performing motor, Sani-Con needs a hose that is only 1" in diameter.

A convenient nozzle has a stairstepped and threaded design to fit and lock into virtually any sewer receptacle, eliminating the need for adapters. The nozzle's easy-grip handle helps prevent the hose from dropping into the soiled area near the dump port, further keeping the entire operation sanitary. Its threaded cap keeps the user and RV compartment clean during transport and storage.

Source and Photo Credit: Thetford
Trader Online Web Developer


  1. It would have been nice to know the cost of this item.

  2. I assume this item is free. Great idea. Can you send me one, please. Thanks


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