Apr 28, 2009

2010 Camp Lite Trailer By Livin' Lite is 98 Percent Recyclable

Livin' Lite Recreational Vehicles has come up with an RV that pushes the idea of a “green RV” to a new level. According to Livin' Lite, their new 2010 line of Camp Lite trailers aren’t just gas efficient (weighing in at a miniscule 1,500 lbs), the RV itself is 98% recyclable.

To make such a recyclable RV, Livin’ Lite has made the Camp Lite entirely out of aluminum and composites.

That means an aluminum frame; aluminum rims; aluminum flooring; aluminum sidewalls with aluminum interior and exterior skin; aluminum roof trusses laminated with aluminum interior and exterior skin; aluminum cabinetry with aluminum framing, and more.

Inside the Camp Lite is a 12’ bunkhouse floorplan with a dinette that converts to a bed, allowing it to sleep four comfortably, with an interior height of 6’-5”, a full compliment of base and overhead cabinets – made of all aluminum, and loads of storage space.

Other features include European-style, lightweight composite windows; fully laminated construction for extra strength; LED exterior lights; sleek diamond-plate accents – and which comes in multiple exterior colors – including camouflage for outdoorsman.

Source: Livin' Lite Recreational Vehicles
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Apr 20, 2009

First EverGreen Eco-Friendly Travel Trailer Delivered to Summit RV of Ashland, Kentucky

EverGreen Recreational Vehicles recently annouced the first of its Ever-Lite travel trailers was delivered to Summit RV of Ashland.
Photo Courtesy of Evergreen RVAccording to President of EverGreen, Doug Lantz and the company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Slater, traveled to Summit RV from their Middlebury, Indiana manufacturing headquarters, to present a special award signifying the first true eco-friendly recreational vehicle in the field on April 16, 2009.

A bright spot in the RV manufacturing world, the start up EverGreen Recreation Vehicles LLC is just 90 days old and has already revolutionized the industry with innovative, eco-friendly Ever-Lite travel trailers. The trailers are the first all composite-construction, lightweight, formaldehyde-free, recyclable travel trailers ever produced. Summit RV received the first EverGreen Ever-Lite travel trailer one week ago.

Photo Courtesy of Evergreen RVPresident of Summit RV, James Bradley, is excited about the new EverGreen environmentally friendly product line. “We’re really excited about Ever-Lite campers for several reasons. We like the idea of selling green and taking care of the environment. We’re also excited that the trailer is so lightweight it can be towed by a variety of vehicles. The concept of doing away with wood and eliminating any concerns of rot or decay and a longer lasting, more durable trailer is another benefit that drew us to this product,” said Bradley.

“Although we’re out on the cutting edge of green, sustainable innovation with our new Ever-Lite travel trailers, we’re still servicing our dealer partners with a traditional twist. We are so pleased that Summit RV, James Bradley and his team have taken on our Ever-Lite product line that we came down to mark this historic event for our company in person. These are exciting times. We’re proud to have Summit RV as a partner as we retool our industry with greener, lighter weight, more fuel-efficient products,” concluded Lantz.

Source: EverGreen Recreational Vehicles and RV Trade Digest
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Apr 16, 2009

The Wilson Thrasher Intake Manifold is Big News For RVers With 5.9L ’03–‘07 Cummins Turbo Diesels

If you use a 2003 to 2007 Dodge truck with the Cummins 5.9L engine to tow your RV, the Wilson Thrasher intake manifold is designed for you.
According to Wilson Manifolds, the Thrasher manifold improves EGTs (Exhaust gas temperatures), improves torque, and improves fuel mileage on the Cummins 5.9L engines.

Depending upon the state of tune, the Thrasher can generate in excess of 300 extra ft-lb of torque, or with lighter throttle use, the equivalent in fuel savings. In contrast with the OEM arrangement, this new induction system provides greater equality of air-fuel distribution, especially in the cruise zone of 2,000 to 2,100 rpm.

As a result, the Thrasher generates not only amazing gains in both torque and fuel economy but also improves horsepower output, lowers exhaust gas temperatures, reduces exhaust emissions, and improves drivability.

Check out the results from the strict disciplines of the dynamometer graphs below. One graph demonstrates the gains in both torque and horsepower of the Wilson Thrasher manifold when compared with the OEM manifold, both of which are tested with a standard ECU. In the other, both are tested with an aftermarket ECU.

What is more, the greater the power improvements made to this engine, the greater the performance or economy benefits of the Thrasher. In simple terms, the Thrasher requires less accelerator pedal action to pull, tow, or cruise; therefore, it uses less fuel

Source: Wilson Manifolds
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Apr 6, 2009

Newmar Corporation Doubles Class A Motorhome Market Share

In spite of the challenging conditions testing the U.S. economy and the RV industry, Newmar Corporation recently announced it has doubled its Class A motor home market share in January 2009 when compared to January 2008.

This, according to Statistical Surveys data recently released. According to the data compiled by the Grand Rapids, MI based company, Class A motor home retail registrations in January of this year showed a 61% decline vs. the numbers a year prior. In the face of these declining numbers, Newmar experienced an increase of its Class A motor home market share from 3.2% in January 2008 vs. 7.6% in January 2009. Newmar’s market share growth was 136.3%.
 “Although one month’s worth of data does not make it a trend, this is welcome news and a good sign for Newmar and its dealers,” said John Sammut, Newmar’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Newmar will continue to work hard through the 2009 calendar year, but this certainly is a strong start to the year for our company.”

Newmar‘s growth in market share came from both the gas and diesel motor home segments of its Class A motor home business. “The improvements made to the interior and exterior designs of Newmar’s 2009 motor home product line up appear to be having a positive impact even in a declining motor home market,” added Pat Terveer, Newmar’s Director of Sales. “Developing great looking product at a great value will continue to be our company’s focus.”

Source: Newmar Corporation
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