Mar 26, 2009

Using Solar Power or a Generator With Your RV

If you are parking your RV in the wilderness, far from any convenient power source, you can still get power from solar panels or a generator. But which is the better choice?

The RV Home Yet? blog features a story exploring the advantages and trade-offs of solar panels and generators.Solar panels are quiet and earth-friendly, but can be pricey. Generators are cheaper, but can disturb your peace and quiet.

The story also features a handy guide to generator courtesy, so generator users and non-users can enjoy the outdoors and co-exist peacefully.

Source: RV Home Yet?
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1 comment:

  1. As long as I don't have real heavy duty equipment that I'm planning to run then i would definitely go solar. Would like to learn more from the "RV Home Yet" post


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