Mar 12, 2009 Now Offers Dealers an RV Clips Advertising Option now offers RV dealers an “RV Clip” advertising option for each of their advertised RVs on

An RV Clip is an animated slide show accompanied by spoken text and music. Each clip features photographs of the RV for sale, panned over for a video-like effect. A voice-over describes the RV’s features, its location and selling price, all set to upbeat background music.

RV Clips are automatically generated on with no hassle to the dealer. RV dealers do have the option to let RV Trader’s data fields automatically create the spoken text or they can customize the spoken text themselves at no additional cost.

“We are always looking for new opportunities for dealers to advertise their RVs and to provide a better user experience for RV buyers. With the ‘RV Clips’ we are able to do both,” commented Tim Custer, RV Trader general manager.
Current RV dealers on receive a complimentary 30-day trial of RV Clips. Dealers can incorporate the clips along side the photo gallery already in place.

According to a study by the Online Publishers Association, after viewing video ads, 31 percent of consumers visit the company’s website, 52 percent of consumers take an action after viewing a video ad and 16 percent of consumers who view video ads make a purchase. Statistics such as these were key influences to the development of user generated video and RV Clips to

A sample RV Clip can be viewed at: at this link by clicking “Watch RV Clip”

Source: RV Trader Online
Trader Online Web Developer

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