Contoure 3-Burner Ceramic Cooktop Makes the Most of Kitchen Space

Just like at home, cooking a proper meal on a boat or RV requires more than one burner. To simultaneously heat up soup, an entrée and a vegetable, Contoure International offers  the Contoure 3-Burner Ceramic Cooktop makes the most of tight kitchen spaces.

According to Contoure International, the scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean, black glass surface, streamlined cooktop comes in two elegant styles, the Designer Beveled Edge and the Classic rounded Pencil Edge.

When not in use, it adds valuable counter space. The three burners feature HiLight quick heat to jump-start meal preparation. With 1,200 watts per burner, radiant heat elements ensure constant and even heat distribution.

For safety, the Contoure Cooktop features a 30- or 15-amp breaker, thermal limiters, push-and-turn controls and a residual heat indicator light. Available in 120 or 240V

Source: Contoure International
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