Feb 23, 2009

RV Industry Optimistic Economic Stimulus Plans Will Help Industry Rebound

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) has expressed optimism that the federal economic credit and stimulus packages, which include provisions to stimulate RV lending and friendly tax treatment for new motorhome purchases, will help promote sales and aid in the industry’s economic recovery.

Like many of the nation’s manufacturing sectors, the RV industry has experienced a sharp decline in sales. As a result, plants have closed and workers have been laid off. The industry anticipates that the stimulus package may help to restore consumer confidence by staunching job losses.

“We’re hopeful that the stimulus will work as planned,” says RVIA President Richard Coon. “It contains favorable elements that we hope will help improve the economic environment for our industry and stimulate RV sales.”One provision in the stimulus bill provides a deduction for sales or excise taxes on the first $49,500 of a new motorhome purchase. “This is the kind of consumer incentive that will stimulate demand in what is already an RV buyer’s market with great bargains for consumers,” says Coon.

In addition, the inclusion of RV consumer loans and dealer floor plan loans in the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) could ease credit and stimulate RV lending. “Getting RV consumer and dealer business loans added to the TALF program is a big step forward for the industry,” says Coon. “TALF will help qualified dealers to purchase RVs from manufacturers, and consumers to borrow money to buy RVs. As credit frees up, RV sales will increase and the industry will rebound.

“Pent-up demand for RVs is building,” says Coon. “Attendance at RV retail shows throughout the country has exceeded expectations, but even buyers with strong credit histories have not been getting approved for loans. In addition, RV dealers haven’t been able to secure business loans to buy inventory.”Reports from RV retail shows indicate that shoppers are impressed with new RV products that are smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient than previous models.

“RVing is a tremendously popular lifestyle that will endure despite these tough economic times because it’s the most cost-effective way for families to have a great vacation,” says Coon. “Solid traffic at RV shows and the innovation going on within our industry are signs that the long-term outlook remains positive. All of these factors point to more American jobs in our made-in-America industry.”

Source and Photo Credit: RVIA
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Feb 20, 2009

Fleetwood RV Will Celebrate Its 60th Anniversary During the Fleetwood MotorHome Association National Rally This June

Fleetwood Enterprises' RV Group recently announced that it will commemorate its 60th anniversary during the Fleetwood MotorHome Association's (FMA) "Wind Your Way to Wyoming" first national rally in Gillette, Wyo. June 27-30, 2009.
According to Fleetwood, the exclusive motor home event will be held at the CAM-PLEX in Gillette, Wyoming. Featuring over 1,700 campsites with full RV hook ups and a 177,000-sq.-ft. convention center, CAMP-LEX is located near several U.S. tourist attractions such as Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower and a variety of state parks.
Recently added to the event agenda are a motor home driving seminar and behind-the-wheel training sessions taught by Gary Lewis, owner of RV Basic Training, LLC.

The seminar "10 Things You Need to Know to Drive Like a Pro" will be offered to all rally attendees at no charge. The "Behind the Wheel" driving school, which teaches motor home owners how to safely drive their coaches, is available to all rally attendees for $65. Special "ladies only" classes are also available.

Other event highlights in the latest motor home innovations and floor plans on display, feedback sessions with Fleetwood's product development and design teams, and vendor and supplier displays.

Source: Fleetwood
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Feb 17, 2009

Winnebago Recognized As Top-Selling Motorhome Manufacturer For Eighth Consecutive Year

Winnebago Industries, Inc. has announced recognition for the eighth consecutive year as the nation's top-selling motor home manufacturer according to Statistical Surveys, Inc., a retail reporting service in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Winnebago Industries' dealers retailed more Class A and Class C motor homes combined than any other manufacturer's dealer group in calendar 2008, achieving 18.5 percent market share.

"We are extremely pleased with the recognition of Winnebago Industries as the top-selling motor home manufacturer in calendar 2008," said Winnebago Industries Vice President of Sales and Marketing Roger Martin. "We believe this honor is a direct reflection of the strength of our dealer partners, our employees and our strong product offerings."

Winnebago Industries also strongly led the Class A Gas market segment with 23.3 percent market share and the Class C market segment with 23.1 percent market share in calendar 2008.The Winnebago brand also achieved the number one selling brand honors in Class A and Class C markets combined with 13.0 percent market share. The Itasca brand was in third place with 5.5 percent market share.

"We're very proud of the respect our brands command," said Martin. "We believe RV consumers are drawn to quality, well-established brands, particularly during a challenging economic environment such as we have today. We have worked extremely hard to distinguish our product from the competition through stringent quality control programs, innovative product design and unmatched service after the sale. Through these efforts, Winnebago Industries has also been recognized as a Quality Circle Award recipient by the Recreation Vehicle Dealers' Association for each of the last 13 years."

Source and Photo Credit : Winnebago
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Feb 10, 2009

Contoure 3-Burner Ceramic Cooktop Makes the Most of Kitchen Space

Just like at home, cooking a proper meal on a boat or RV requires more than one burner. To simultaneously heat up soup, an entrĂ©e and a vegetable, Contoure International offers  the Contoure 3-Burner Ceramic Cooktop makes the most of tight kitchen spaces.

According to Contoure International, the scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean, black glass surface, streamlined cooktop comes in two elegant styles, the Designer Beveled Edge and the Classic rounded Pencil Edge.

When not in use, it adds valuable counter space. The three burners feature HiLight quick heat to jump-start meal preparation. With 1,200 watts per burner, radiant heat elements ensure constant and even heat distribution.

For safety, the Contoure Cooktop features a 30- or 15-amp breaker, thermal limiters, push-and-turn controls and a residual heat indicator light. Available in 120 or 240V

Source: Contoure International
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Feb 2, 2009

Jayco Offers The Jay Flight Bungalow Park Trailer For 2009

Jayco’s homepage features details on the Jay Flight Bungalow park trailer. According to Jayco, the Jay Flight Bungalow park trailer allows you to take your home with you to your favorite vacation spot. The Bungalow’s spacious and comfortable living space is ideal for a long-term spring or summer getaway at the lake or in the mountains.
The Bungalow park trailer is more permanent and home-like than a traditional RV but less expensive than on-site building. The Bungalow is also easy to transport from a summer in the mountains to a winter by the sea. With its open 40-foot floorplan designs and ample living and storage space, you’ll feel right at home. The Bungalow comes packed with standard features, including a 60-inch patio door, Northridge Maple cabinetry, washer/dryer prep for stackable units, Big Easy entrance step with 10-inch deep treads, and extra large picture dinette window.

To complement the standard equipment on the Jay Flight Bungalow, the Customer Value Package comes with 15,000-BTU central air conditioning with wall thermostat and louvered-directional ceiling vents, ABS garden tub surround, bathroom power vent, double 30-pound propane bottles with regulator, home theater system, and Multi-Media Premium Sound System.

The Jay Flight Bungalow is available with optional equipment choices, including an insulated, heated and enclosed underbelly, 20-gallon electric water heater, portable outside gas grill, stabilizer jacks, RV satellite kit and a queen bed option for the rear bedroom in the 40 BHS floorplan. An option for a second glider recliner chair by the patio door is also available on the 40FER model.

Source: Jayco
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